Being Sam Fisher is "like being a new James Bond"

GR-UK writes: During a recent trip to Toronto to see Splinter Cell: Blacklist we were able to grab five minutes with Eric Johnson, the actor faced with unenviable task of walking in the footsteps on Michael Ironside and playing Splinter Cell's protagonist, Sam Fisher.

He says the the analogy he uses it's "being like a new James Bond".

"Every ten to fifteen years you get a new James Bond. And there are certain things that are congruent to James Bond all through everything he's been in, but each person, each actor has brought a unique spin to it." Johnson also talks about working alongside Michael Ironside, and asking the audience to invest in the character for the length of the game.

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o-Sunny-o1827d ago

And sometimes you like one James Bond over the new one...

SnakeCQC1827d ago

now they're just insulting bond

GameCents1827d ago

Someone does not understand what an analogy is.

Mr_Nuts1827d ago

Still should of had Ironside, there was no reason for him to go

I think Ubisoft are just cheap

Stoppokingme1827d ago

I'm gonna miss Michael Ironside.

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