Edge- Deus Ex: The Fall Review

Edge:What makes a Deus Ex game? Gang hangouts and grimy, techno-playing bars? Conspiracy theories and moody visual themes? Emails and ebooks left in hotel rooms? Or is it air vents and open environments? Rooftops and basements? Multiple approaches to the same task? Because The Fall offers plenty from the first list, and just about enough from the second. The Fall might not be a port of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but astonishingly it feels like it could be. So much has been retained – the visual style, the combat mechanics, the upgrades – that The Fall can comfortably claim to be one of the most assured iOS translations of what was originally envisioned as a console or PC experience we’ve ever played. And, yes, we know that’s faint praise.

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SilentNegotiator1821d ago

An iOS game trying to be a console experience is kinda "meh"

Go figure.