The Unquantifiable Benefits Of Playstation Plus

What do the developers and publishers really get out of being a part of Playstation Plus? HUGG Investigates.

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iamnsuperman1825d ago

PSN+ is a bit of a win win for both user and developer. The user gets a full game which they might have passed up (got overshadowed by a big release) or couldn't afford at the time. The publishers get their game out there which becomes very good with getting people to buy sequels.

For me getting infamous 1 actually made me buy infamous 2. Now it can put people off purchasing a sequel but it could equally bring in revenue with DLC. PSN+ was the best thing I have done with my PS3 and it has become invaluable with the Vita

fardan851825d ago

I agree with you & the author.
May I add one more thing, in some occasions I get games which I already bought from retail, what I do is sell the physical copy and invest the cash in a new game.

black0o1825d ago

and Borderlands .. thx to plus two of my friends loved B1 so they got B2 as soon as it release

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1825d ago

psn+ especially with the vita atm is awesome.

jessupj1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

If any PS3 owners have a solid internet connection and don't have PSN plus yet, stop waiting and get it.

I've been a member for roughly 1.5 years now and even though I would normally pay $70 a year because I'm Australian I would always buy it when there's a deal. I've payed $100 so far and that expires in 6 months. But for that $100 I can't even comprehend the value I have received, but it would be well above $2000.

I have a 500 GB HDD and it's completely full. 118 games in total and these include many full AAA retail games.

I know I sound like a Sony PR, but I want gamers to know about this because you're doing your self a diservice if you don't have it. There's a reason PSN Plus has a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

Cmk01211825d ago

Im a HUGE xbox gamer but own ps3 as well. With that said the perks of ps plus are amazing. and with seemingly every press release MS makes on xbox one sony trumps them im not sure how the future is looking for MS. obv both consoles will sell well and all but it just seems like sony wins on pricepoint, graphical power on paper even if doesnt show immensely, features are on par or better IE can record last 15 minutes while xbox can record last 5, ps plus perks (semi offset by xbox live stability but that's debatable really), indie support, policies that entice game devs moreso on ps4, i imagine if MS announces release date Sony will drop a week earlier, the DRM stance initially gave Sony a leg up even though its now been reversed. I like the xbox 360 and what they did with it, it just seems right now unless MS has a giant ace in the hole theres not a whole lot xbox one offers over ps4...

HurtfulTimez1825d ago

Agreed. I actually think that if you have a ps3 but do not have ps+ you are really losing out! regardless of the price it is sooo worth it.
it is the only subscribtion i have that i feel happy to pay for! it really is that good

ShAkKa1825d ago

I was one of those who bought Darksiders 2 because I got to play the first one via PS+ and loved it.

Sad the franchise is practically dead now.

T21825d ago

I would like to see them make a few improvements with download patches would be great if it did everything remotely.. I understand you have to accept the agreement but maybe it could complete the install and if you said no just uninstall the patch ?
Seriously tho plus rules

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