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Xbox certification unacceptable for free-to-play, says World of Tanks dev

"One of the biggest challenges with Microsoft was the frequency of updates because the QA process and certification process takes an extremely long time. Totally unacceptable for a meaningful free-to-play." (Dev, Industry, Wargaming.net, World of Tanks, Xbox 360)

MariaHelFutura  +   806d ago
Ouch. He must be a Sony fanboy. :p

Hopefully Microsoft does another 180 for the developers, this time.
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ShugaCane  +   806d ago | Well said
His game was released on MS systems, not on PS3. Criticizing Microsoft doesn't systematically make you a Sony fanboy. Just as criticizing Sony doesn't mean you're a MS fanboy. He has arguments, it's not some random statement, so don't start something when there's no need to.
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fabod86  +   806d ago
Sarcasm... this unknown. ;)
b163o1  +   806d ago

That's just the sad truth about the game now days, if you love a Sony Exclusive your Sony Fanboy. If your game of choice happens to be a M$ Exclusive your a bona fide M$ fanboy. It's just the consequence you pay for admiring a developers work..... Sad lol
SilentNegotiator  +   806d ago
He's trolling with sarcasm.

Don't fall for obvious trolls. His avatar is Kaz, man.
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S2Killinit  +   806d ago
He is being sarcastic
M1chl  +   806d ago
I think more users on N4G should be like ShugaCane : )
Mounce  +   806d ago
I like The Last of Us.

abzdine  +   806d ago
then why release the game on 360 in first place? for the money? then why does he complain?
MWong  +   805d ago
You get paid enough money you'll probably release the game on any console. He's not a fanboy, he is just speaking his mind on his views of M$'s certification process. Both Sony & M$ have been criticized about their certification process. But I think so far this next-gen Sony has a smoother process. M$ will probably follow suit soon. Indie games come out A LOT quicker than AAA/big studio releases.
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EDGEcator   806d ago | Personal attack | show
nukeitall  +   806d ago
I don't think he is a Sony fangirl, and he likely has a valid point.

That said, aren't you guys sick of constantly having to update your game. What happened to properly testing your game prior to release?

This is why there is certification process to ensure quality, and a cost to ensure lower frequency updates.

I hate being bothered with updates, especially if they are slow and why I love them on the Xbox 360. When you start a game, and an update is available, it just downloads and applies the update while the game is started and while the game is running, XBL logs me out and in. Bam I'm playing.

No game restarts necessary, no installing and very fast downloads.

In fact, other than prompting me for the update, it is no different than just starting the game!
Angeljuice  +   806d ago
If its that easy, why are you sick of the updates?

Are you truly sick of unnoticeable happenings going on seamlessly in the background, or are you blindly arguing in favour of a bad Microsoft policy?
nukeitall  +   806d ago

I just don't like the fact that games are shipped with the expectation that it is to be fixed later. That shouldn't be the norm.

"If its that easy, why are you sick of the updates?"

When I game on PC and PS3 the updates get extremely annoying.

That is why I play on my Xbox 360.

I take it you support buggy and unfinished games that comes with the expectation that it should be patched?

That should only be the case under extraordinary circumstances like during launch for obvious reasons.

It shouldn't be the norm and expected!
HammadTheBeast  +   806d ago
Do you not understand how the free-to-play model works?

As of now it's completely broken on XBL.
SilentNegotiator  +   806d ago
So you dislike frequent updates, but compared Xbox updating to simply starting the game? And the whole discussion here is on the topic of the Xbox port? You really need to stop trying to mix your fanboyisms with logic; it never works well.

If that's the case, you shouldn't have ANY issue with having frequent updates on the Xbox 360. But you were just digging for a way to praise the Xbox and attack ps3/PC.
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CBaoth  +   806d ago
This post pretty much proves why you can't believe people at face value on the internet if you are that misinformed.

"I just don't like the fact that games are shipped with the expectation that it is to be fixed later. That shouldn't be the norm."

I'd totally agree with you if you paid money for the product. But you didn't. It's a F2P game so this is an apples to oranges comparison. If you're going to effuse praise on any company for releasing a relatively bug free game, then the line starts AFTER Nintendo.

"When I game on PC and PS3 the updates get extremely annoying. That is why I play on my Xbox 360."

I have been primarily a PC gamer for the last 3 years and that is probably the most absurd misconception I've read from a N4G poster in quite a while. Other than Witcher 2, which I bought retail since its DRM free, I can't remember ever waiting on a patch to play a game. They auto update whether it's Steam, Origin, or any other other multitude of content delivery services. You worried about data caps so you set the application to NOT update? Blame your ISP, not these services. Just wow.
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I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   806d ago
Nuke how in the 8 pound 6 ounce new born baby Jesus do you have 5 bubbles still. You're comments provide absolutely nothing to the gaming community and you're creating a face palm induced acne breakout throughout this entire website. You are the definition of a shill as well as the definition of a absolutely corrupted biased little fan boy.

Before you start calling sony fanboy you should understand If ms had half the intelligence of Sony they'd have learnt from their arrogant decisions by now and fixed the problems with the Xbox one, but sadly they don't so you 're always going to get the shit ms spews thrown in you're face. No corporation is perfect but one learns from their mistakes and one doesn't just care about Teh USA .i support quality and logic ms have neither so it's that simple why I support Sony. Brand loyalty shouldn't exist. If ms does something right I have no problem supporting them original xbox, windows xp and windows 7 are my examples of that; however windows vista windows 8. Xbox 360 and Xbox one can just die in a well for all I care.
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seedaripper1973  +   806d ago
I stopped reading after 'Sony fangirl' what a prick.
gtarhro7  +   806d ago
@nukeitall I don't even notice the updates on my PC games, you must have a really slow internet or a PC from the 90s.
lex-1020  +   806d ago
I don't know what you're talking about. Steam updates all my games without me having to do anything.
T2  +   806d ago
Nukeitall is a prime troll ... Needs to go to one bubble fast ... He doesnt even know how auto updates work yet somehow describes xbox having no patches ... LOL
kreate  +   806d ago
'When I game on PC and PS3 the updates get extremely annoying'

What's ur psn gt so I can add u on ps3.

Btw u havnt added me on xbox live.

Also idk what kind of xbox360 u've been playing on but the x360 I play on kicks me out of the game to this downloading screen that saids 'downloading' and after the game updates the game restarts itself, than I am able to play the game and log back into xbox live.

At least the ps3 has a 'automatic download' option where the ps3 will update everything for u while ur sleeping. Firmware, game updates, trophies, etc.

Edit: any ps3 gamer wants to know how things work on the xbox hit me up and ill tell/show u how xbox works.

Cuz I literally play on xbox live everyday.

Edit2: just for verification, I popped in gears of war2 into my xbox just right now, and the game stopped and took me to the downloading screen when I accepted the download update prompt
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The_KELRaTH  +   806d ago
World of Tanks is a great game but, just like so many other free to play games on the PC, it's ever evolving with lots of update patches for new features, new content, test ideas, and fixes.
Delaying for MS Q&A is ridiculous as the gamers are the Q&A and the devs create the patches.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   806d ago
Wow debubble this nukeitall guys asap do something mods what he said was craaaazy
levian  +   806d ago
This is a game I will probably never even look in to, but I have to say I have respect for these people.

This guy has the balls to openly talk about the problems and issues you have with a company you are exclusively partnered with on console (on console, not talking about pc at all) when most other devs wouldn't dream of speaking bad of them, and refuse to comment when asked.
cyguration  +   806d ago
Do you see how much World of Tanks makes on PC?

It's only to the benefit of Microsoft that Wargaming is extending itself to consoles. Technically, they really don't need to port at all but I imagine MS paid them a good lump sum for exclusivity.
mewhy32  +   806d ago
F2P is awesome. I've been playing DC Universe Online for months now and it's great. Oh and don't forget Dust 514. DC Universe Online will also be coming to PS4.
Major_Glitch  +   806d ago
Same here. Love DCUO and Dust 514 on the PS3. The PS4 is getting DCUO and Planetside 2 plus some other good mmos. That's one of the reasons I'm getting the PS4 at launch.
GraveLord  +   806d ago
World of Tanks is coming exclusively to 360 so not a Sony fanboy at all.

Makes you wonder why this isn't coming to PS3. Did Microsoft really pay them that much?
3-4-5  +   806d ago
no it's because it costs $40k to make a patch beyond the first one.

How many patches are there for STEAM games like 100 ?
glennco  +   806d ago
no it doesn't
marilyn11young   806d ago | Spam
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   806d ago
maria troll will disagree with you its a shame that me and you are some of a dying breed that speak sense.
oof46  +   806d ago
Another person who didn't read the article. There is NOTHING pro-this or that in the article. It's just a discussion on policy.
cynthia12fidler   806d ago | Spam
Psn800  +   806d ago
Free to play you'll end up paying a lot more wonga .
Cueil  +   806d ago
This will likely lead to a much better QA setup from Microsoft... probably one of the reason's that the guys over there decided to do it was to initiate this change in Microsoft and they seem to be willing to take the brunt of the growing pains for the future...
Roper316  +   806d ago
or maybe like they do with their customers MS promised the world and delivered a pebble instead.
minimur12  +   806d ago
LOL and at E3, he was so happy and certain about how Xbox was the only place to play this game on a console
nukeitall  +   806d ago
Well this is how it usually work, as you bring in a experienced developer to show you what they need, and not while they are figuring it out.
dennett316  +   806d ago
I think the bigger obstacle to this Free to Play game is that it's not actually Free to Play on 360 - you have to have a Gold subscription to be able to play it. Yet another service stuck behind the paywall of Xbox Live when it shouldn't be (Netflix).
Wonder if that'll change on Xbox One? Sony have already said that the Free to Play games on PS4 will work fine online even if you don't pay for Playstation Plus...same with Netflix (just like with the PS3). Microsoft need to stop being so greedy and allow certain games and services to be accessed by EVERYONE.
EDGEcator   806d ago | Trolling | show
Death  +   806d ago
I love this term "Paywall". So you are ok with a hardcore gaming machine not placing Netflix and Free to Play games behind the paywall, but are cool with online gaming which seems kind of hardcore, being the only thing behind it? All the free stuff is for the casuals, but the hardcore component is behind the paywall on Playstation. Doesn't that just punish the core audience?

On Xbox, the entire online experience is "behind the paywall". On Playstation everything is free except online multiplayer which is now behind the paywall. Sounds like the "more robust online experience" is free and paid for by the people wanting to play online.
lemondish  +   806d ago
Its about value. Xbox Live is a really solid and respected network. Sure, it goes down sometimes, but not to the extent and as often as the PSN. On the other hand, the PSN isn't anywhere near as bad as people like to claim, but there is a noticeable difference. Using funds through a subscription like Live or Plus to support a real modern gaming network is desirable for everybody. When invested back properly, this has the added benefit of enhancing games.

At no point does a subscription to Xbox Live enhance my subscription to Netflix. In fact, there's no real interaction between the two services except at login.
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DigitalRaptor  +   806d ago
So what you did there was conveniently dodge his points by making no kind of valid rebuttal. Typical.

Netflix on Xbox is a subscription behind a subscription. It's an insult - nothing less. Unless Microsoft become remotely reasonable/fair and adapt their policies, MMOs will be subscriptions behind subscriptions too. There is nothing about free-to-play games that should require a subscription if the developer doesn't want it. Just accept that Microsoft has some horrible policies which have been becoming more and more apparent and numerous over the years.

Ah the life of a Microsoft apologiser.
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Death  +   806d ago
All my tv's access Netflix without a seperate box. Netflix is available on just about any device. Live is a connected service, it doesn't turn on and off. When watching Netflix on an Xbox, your Live service is still running in the background and sending you notifications. It's an extention of the service. I'm not saying I agree with having it there, but that is where it is at. One of the perks of being a Live subscriber is having access to your friends list at all times. It is what it is.

With Sony's new online policy you can do anything you want for free except play online. To me that seems like a backwards approach. People buy a game system to play games. Sony is punishing those that bought the system simply to play on and offline. Not much logic in that. The existing PSN makes sense. Online gaming is free, PS+ gives away enough content to make it a no brainer for just about anyone to subscribe. If people don't see the value in Plus today, how is it fair to those that didn't subscribe that they will have to pay simply to play online?
TheKayle1  +   806d ago
well they r fixing it ..so whats the point?
MasterCornholio  +   806d ago
What we don't know is how they will fix it.

I don't think it will be as flexible as Sony policies but we will have to wait and see what they come up with.

Motorola RAZR i
IcicleTrepan  +   806d ago
There's probably a middle ground somewhere. Between the MS certification speed and fixing your software properly in the first place.

I don't think this is an F2P problem either, this is more of a persistent world/online type of problem. In that sense there should probably be a different process games go through for patches etc than the same one for typical games.
sovietsoldier  +   806d ago
world of tanks blows just as hard on xbox as it does on pc, if you want really good tank gameplay just wait till war thunder releases tanks then you will see a great tank game on a free to play format.
buynit  +   806d ago
I can understand ms with the quality check, i would think things can get crazy behind the scene. if you wanted to update your game every other day while others have sch. Updates and nothing is checked i would assume things can go very bad f2p or not..
gamer2013  +   806d ago
Free 2 play games should be exactly that. MS should follow Sony in that respect. Should be the same for services like Netflix as well in my opinion.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   806d ago
who cares if netflix is behind a "paywall". i dont pay for xbl to watch netflix. i have a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, bluray player, and a hdtv that all can access my netflix account. stop bitchin cry babies
dudeOplenty  +   806d ago
Wasn't this the guy at the Xbox press conference that was basically like Ben Stiller from HeavyWeights?

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Einhert  +   806d ago
And this is why you stick to an open platform
kingPoS  +   806d ago
This isn't about exclusives so much as it's about why FTP need frequent updates.

Updates are FTP's lifeline. If they can't sell you a new item then there's a obvious conflict.
TheObserver  +   806d ago
Free to play model or any MMO for that matter just doesn't work well on XBL. MS insists that the player population be separated. IE, Xbox players cannot play with PC's or PS2/PS3/PS4 players. So, who is going to pay for that extra servers that the MMO developers have to set up for Xbox users only? The developers obviously. In addition to that, the player population is going to be low relative to the combined player base if it is Xbox players only on a server.

With multiplatform games, PSN and XBL should be able to play with each other online. However, MS refuses to do this. No idea why.

The only game I recall being an exception is FFXI online. That game had PS2/XB360/and PC players combined. That was when MS attempts to get on Japanese devs' and market good side until that failed miserably.

Still, MS keep flip flopping on their policies that people still scratch their heads on what to expect.

That begs the question: Is The World of Tanks for XB1 be isolated from the PC version? I think yes, otherwise M/KB player would destroy all controller players. For this game, it is logical to do so.
wannabe gamer  +   806d ago
While the dev is right he should of also known how screwed up MS QA and cert process is long before actually agreeing to put the game on 360. It has never been a secret how it works or how much of a bottleneck it is.
Thatlalala  +   806d ago
I've caught them all.
Farmed the cow level.
Defeated Nax, Illidan and The Liche King.
Survived countless zombie armageddons.
I've saved... Zelda. Peach. Elli. Alex. Cortona. Liara. Earth. The universe.
Shot a blue turtle shell.
Stole a car rode in it till it flipped lit on fire, then stole a different car.
Discovered I was Revan the whole time.
Used a hit stick.
Camped in cod then called out other people camping.
Used a gun with a chainsaw on it.
Killed Sepiroth.
Ripped a Greek gods head off.
Dropped bears with parachutes on in combat.
And many many more examples that are to long to list.
My point is, most of you have shared in most or all the same experiences I have and instead of bashing we should be exchanging tips and stories because we all have one thing in common. We all love games. Not systems.

Hate the game, not the console.
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