'Rack N Ruin' Preview: Former Blizzard Artist's New Creation | Analog Addiction

Analog Addiction writes, "It’s not often you get to be the bad guy, so it was intriguing to see the direction Lifespark Entertainment would take with their new title Rack N Ruin, under the guidance of former Blizzard artist Tyler Hunter. You play as Rack, a seed of destruction and a tiny demon lord who has destroyed countless worlds, rather than forcing the world to succumb to its knees. Ruin, the greatest of all demon lords, loathes Racks destructive nature as he leaves no worlds to enslave and rule. Ruin gives Rack one last chance to obey, with failure ending in being cast into the void for eternity. Editors Nathan Manning and Ryan Livingstone were given the chance to experience the early Alpha build of Rack N Ruin."

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