FIFA 14: Cross-Generation Save Compatibility May Happen

Previous rumors about FIFA 14 game saves being able to transfer from current-gen platforms to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have been now addressed by EA Sports

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RFornillos41824d ago

i can't imagine using this feature, unless i want to buy FIFA 14 on PS3, then buy another FIFA 14 on PS4 and use my "save" to continue my game. but why would i buy 2 versions of FIFA 14? if you've bought FIFA 14 on your current console, would you really buy another FIFA 14 for your next-gen console?

i'm not sure if it's common also to share your save files for a FIFA game to your friends.

thepluggy1824d ago

Well some people wont get a ps4 on launch and will wait to get one after Christmas,in the mean time they will buy it on ps3 trade the ps3 version for a ps4 version when they eventually do buy the ps4,many diehard fifa fans will do that id say,it is a good feature when ya think about it.

RFornillos41824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

i agree it is a good feature. i'm just not sure it'd be common for someone to buy two versions of the same game. maybe it's just me, but if it were me, i'd either wait for the PS4 version, or get the PS3 one, and when PS4 comes out wait for FIFA 15; coz it's pretty obvious there's gonna be '15, with enhanced graphics, physics, etc.

ok, i didn't see your "trade" in the PS3 for a PS4 version -- however, it's still not a practical choice, since it'd cost you more as compared to just wait out for the PS4 version.

ok, if you're a diehard FIFA fan, i guess being "practical" is the least of your concerns -- given that you're practically buying the same game (with little or so updates) every year.

dc7861824d ago

Lets hope EA or Sony/Microsoft offer some kind of discount for those who would buy the second Fifa 14 for any other platform. -_- atleast we can dream about it :D

AFCCannonieri1824d ago

I don't see the point in doing this as you are going to have to pay £40 for a ps3 version you will only play for 2 months and then spend another £40 to get it on the ps4, may aswell wait its not really worth it. if it was a longer time period then maybe but because it is potentially very close to the release of the new console its a bit wasted.