Quake3 on iTouch (with multiplayer)

Quake3 on iTouch (with multiplayer).

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thewhoopimen3637d ago

I want that I want that I want that!

Skerj3637d ago

I must admit, I'm impressed I might have to get one of those down the line.

tweaker3637d ago

Just sold my iPhone. I'm gonna get another when the 3g version comes out. I need my internet fast at all times.

Can't wait to install all these goodies if it'll work on the new iPhone though.

IzKyD13313637d ago

i guess all the talk that the iPhone is the best portable gaming system is true

LinuxGuru3637d ago


Maybe Apple should just say SCREW IT and go full headlong into game support for the iPhone...

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The story is too old to be commented.