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Xbox One mistakes Spider-Man for Spawn at Comic-Con, posts on official Facebook page

Another mistake from Microsoft... (Culture, Microsoft, SDCC 2013, Xbox One)

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iamnsuperman  +   709d ago
I am not sure how they made this mistake. Isn't Spiderman (even black spidey) more recognisable than Spawn
CustardTrout  +   709d ago
The whole red cape thing is a bit of a give away...
abzdine  +   709d ago
what a herd of amateurs -_-
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minimur12  +   709d ago
I've never heard of Spawn before..... and on google images i was directed to this photo


Son of a bitch needs a game.
4Sh0w  +   709d ago
@iamnsuperman really? Its just their Facebook page and you can't see how they can make what is essentially a inconsequential mistake? I sometimes type a mistake on facebook getting a name wrong for one of my relatives after recently talking to another. Maybe whoever did this was just discussing seeing Spawn at Comic Con with another employee or a thousand other reasons people make mistakes.
Urusernamesucks  +   708d ago
@Minimur12 That's deadpool sily /s
user5575708  +   708d ago

idk man i know people make mistakes but the comic book crowd is so easily pissed off by stuff like this

like i have a friend who loves batman and i bust his balls all the time like "hey batman has no superpowers he isn't really a superhero" and he knows im joking yet rages every time.

but anyway not the kind of mistake you wanna make at a comic convention
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MariaHelFutura  +   709d ago
You're not sure how they made this mistake? Consider MS has been better at making mistakes, than talking about their console consistently this gen. It's not surprising at all.
Electric-flamingo  +   709d ago
Go away.
ASTAROTH  +   709d ago
Well... unfortunately she is right. The worst thing is that Xbox fans keep defenfing all MS desitions. They defend the high price, the policies and the hardware power to death. The same people who called doom on the PS3 when Sony anounced the price back then are now up in arms. The same people who said the 360 dont needed exclusives because multiplatform games were better are now gloathin in every article about xbone exclusives being more and better than PS4. A subjective matter if you ask me. Thanks to these people the Ones soldout in preorders, they dont care about anything, just their blinded fanatism to Xbox.
abzdine  +   709d ago
"The same people who called doom on the PS3 when Sony anounced the price back then are now up in arms"
Were they even born at that time?
4Sh0w  +   709d ago
So what? Its a silly Facebook post and you try to lump it in with bad decisions. Also how come if you say drm with the proposed features suited you the individual better than the current used game situation then you are only defending micro? Is it not possible that this particular direction was better for many like me who hardly ever sells used games is always online and wanted all my disc games to be installed, playable on multiple consoles anywhere without the disc, sharable with friends without giving my account info?

Oh no its impossible for anyone to prefer that vs being able to sell a game to gamestop for a lously few bucks, thinking for yourself is just defending micro according to you.
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B-radical  +   709d ago
Lol yeah atleast its a funny mistake and stocks aren't skyrocketing down
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onyoursistersback  +   709d ago
No, that's Iron-Man shooting web out his suit....
.....wait, that's not web you say?!
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nirwanda  +   709d ago
You would have thought they would have sent someone who knew about comic books to comic con it's just common sense.
Gildarts  +   709d ago
Oh my god this is terrible how could they have made a mistake like this, Xbox One will surely not sell now, this is absolutely unacceptable, cancelling pre-order/Sarcasm

Another article to get hits.
MariaHelFutura   709d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
TemplarDante  +   709d ago
These guys are SO out of touch. MS, do suits update your FB also?
from the beach  +   709d ago
A mistake.. fortunately a completely inconsequential one.
CRAIG667  +   709d ago
You do all realize this mistake was made by an individual not the entire Microsoft corporation?
blanket14  +   709d ago
it shouldnt matter every employee at work represents the whole company. and in top of that you really think they didnt need someone to approve posting that pic? it wasnt just one persin who didnt do their job......
CRAIG667  +   709d ago
JackStraw  +   709d ago
when all else fails, correct typos and grammar!
minimur12  +   709d ago

prime example:


but in my opinion it was blown way out of propoortion, but hey, if you represent a multi-million dollar division of a company then you better get your sh*t together!
strifeblade  +   708d ago
dumb comment, stop trolling
TheEvilWithin  +   709d ago
Wow first them thinking they owned Donkey Kong through Rare now them not being able to point out Iconic character's at there own booth? Do Microsoft live under a rock or something?
Wizziokid  +   709d ago
I thought that was superman?
Sarobi  +   709d ago
chrissx  +   709d ago
The individual who made the mistake clearly knows nothing about superheroes and shudnt be on d job in d 1st place. That's practicaly the same story with all d people running m$. Suits and ties all of em. Casual people.what's happening?
Electric-flamingo  +   709d ago
Is this really news worthy? This is reaching at its best. People, real life and n4g life are to separate realities.
Bhuahahaha  +   709d ago
im pretty sure thats sponge bob
SatanSki  +   709d ago
omg, they didnt recognised Spiderman, the biggest pusy among comic heroes. The outrage!
Gildarts  +   709d ago
Spiderman > Superman
SatanSki  +   709d ago
Seriously? I mean, everytime he says something "cool" i want to kill him lol. Im long after my 10s though so maybe it this.
Cmk0121  +   709d ago
yeh i toats cant buy an xbox one now SAYS any botard being upset about this
nachokingp  +   709d ago
The post has since been removed from Xbox's Facebook page. Looks like they finally figured out how stupid they were, after only like 1500 people correcting them...
Einhert  +   709d ago
WOW look at that, a mistake. Never thought I would see one of those.....
Supermax  +   709d ago
This is news no This is Sparta! On a side note can't wait for 300 to come out.
streetbred8706  +   709d ago
so the guy made a mistake, big deal...like one of your fathers didn't make the mistake of having you LMAO go ahead Disagree
Cherchez La Ghost  +   709d ago
Went on the Xbox Facbook page. This pic post is not there. People make mistakes.
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JackStraw  +   709d ago
the thing about the xbox one is, it's not a bad console. it's really not lol. it's the company, not the console.
Inception  +   709d ago
Seriously, what the hell is happening with Xbox PR?
Spidey had four (five next year) live action movies and very succesfull. I doubt a single person in USA not recognized how Spidey looks, even with his symbiote costume.
SatanSki  +   709d ago
Well, not everyone knows and is interested in how this sucker looks in all his costumes. They should forbid him opening mouth so maybe then i would see another movie where he wears black outfit. God, he is so embarassing
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ironwolf   709d ago | Off topic | show
skydragoonity  +   709d ago
Its a publicity stunt people. That's jago
horndog  +   709d ago
So what?? What happens now?? Is there a fine to pay or did something come out of this, how is this news?
Bigkurz85  +   709d ago
Lol you guys are ridiculous. Try to venture outside your dork bubble every once in a while . Plenty of casual game/comic book fans might mix up the two. Calm down people.
RavageX  +   709d ago
Laugh it up people. This is serious business. Making a mistake like that could cost them in the long run.

They have their PR team working on clearing this up as quickly and smoothly as possible, so I'm sure we can expect a press conference on this in a day or so.

The last thing MS wants is for this to damage their rep. This is the kind of stuff that causes stock prices to drop dramatically.

I'd be worried if I were them.

PFFT  +   709d ago
kingdip90  +   709d ago
Normally this just would be a silly and laughable mistake.. but when your at comic con trying to sell your console to the comic book crowd thays like commiting suicide lol.

Even my 4 yesr old knows who spiderman is...
pyramidshead  +   708d ago
lol *sigh*
ALLWRONG  +   708d ago
The mistake was allowing this to be approved. LOL for a sec I forgot what site I was on.
Jazz4108  +   708d ago
Face book yawn
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