9 things you’ll be taking for granted on PS4 – the tech you’ll barely notice this time next year

OPM: As technology progresses things that used to amaze become commonplace. With that in mind we line up some of the PS4 tech that will change gaming while you barely notice it.

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n4rc1854d ago

Huge online battles and complex physics are going to change gaming huh? Social connectivity too!!!

OK.... Just leaving this one alone.. Lol

snipab8t1854d ago

Dude complex physics systems is one of the reasons why battlefield is so much better than static old cod.

malokevi1854d ago

"Huge online battles and complex physics are going to change gaming huh? Social connectivity too!!! "

yes. they are.

pompombrum1854d ago

It will change gaming more than integrated television.

n4rc1854d ago

The point was.. Everything listed is just some ambiguous term that applies to both current and next gen systems.

Nothing specific to Sony. As the article would have you believe.. But as others pointed out, I didn't notice the source so its not unexpected

Smoovekid1854d ago

That is not at all what you said.

n4rc1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

OK.. Please explain to me what I said.. Considering its 3" above this..

I'll wait..

Even tho I know what's coming.. Judging by all the disagrees for simply stating a fact that isn't an attack on your precious ps4.. But you took it that way anyways, didn't you?

levian1854d ago

What sort of bugs me is how all these people keep saying everything is run "on engine" as if it's something to brag about. In reality, they are showing us a video scene that may be in a game. That doesn't impress me.

If you look at ANYTHING Square Soft/Square Enix has done in a Final Fantasy game since FF8 (and arguably FF7) they have never had a problem making ultra realistic, gorgeous video scenes.

What they need to show to impress people is what their game can do in GAMEPLAY. Show us in game graphics, an example of physics, lighting, enemy AI, anything your game does well that showcases what these new consoles are capable of! Don't go showing me a video scene, they've always looked good, but its the gameplay that matters.

Sorry if I'm ranting, it needed to be said.

TheGrimReaper1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

I kind of agree with you but you are ranting about "in engine" footage and your example is FF???

You know the difference between "in engine" and pre-rendered CG videos, don't you?

levian1854d ago

From what it looks like, they are just showing us a video scene. We already have great looking video scenes in games, and the actual gameplay looks completely different.

While I understand the difference between pre-rendered CG videos and in engine footage, what I don't know is which games use pre-rendered vs in game. Actually, I don't particularly care. So what if they can make video scenes in engine at the same level as pre-rendered CG?

Yes, it is a great accomplishment, but if that doesn't reflect what the gameplay will look like, it doesn't really affect us as gamers.

HammadTheBeast1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

I'm sorry, I missed the 2000 player simultaneous game eith air, land, and infantry physics, amazing graphics, and a persistant world (no clowd needed) that was coming to Xbox One.

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mkotechno1854d ago

You know what really grind my gears?

Webpages with multipage lists to get cheap impressions.

Stoppokingme1854d ago

The talking dog is right. Down with multipages!

ANIALATOR1361854d ago

Page 5 about MGSV-
"Having that level of detail in a huge open world is only possible on a machine as powerful as PS4"
yet Kojima said the E3 trailer was running on current gen systems

christrules00411854d ago

He never said it was running on current gen consoles.

It was built on a PC using the current generation as a guideline. Here is a link to the article:

Cmk01211854d ago

all listed above will be on both ps4 and xbox one, this again is one of those write ups that give a particular console more love and leave people in the dark on the other. bias headline

Gamingisfornerds1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Don't worry, I'm sure they'll upload the same article again tomorrow, but with a quick 'search: PS4 -> replace by: Xbone' edit.

Minimal work, double hits. Gotta love 'journalism' these days.

christrules00411854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

It's the official PlayStation magazine writing this article. What do you expect? They didn't put down the Xbox One but you gotta have realized by now how many times Microsoft has said this is only possible with the cloud. It is just part of marketing.

Gamingisfornerds1854d ago

Oh, didn't notice it was PS magazine. Then no, they probably won't make the same article for Xbone... :D

rustyspoon801854d ago

It's just because its from the official playstation magazine. They cant really write about the xbox.

TheGrimReaper1854d ago

Maybe this article was meant for PS3 gamers who will buy a PS4.
It wasn't meant to downplay X1 but tried to show what next-gen consoles (in this case they use PS4 as an example; regarding their target audience the right thing to do) will do better than current gen consoles.

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