Ubisoft Publishes Battlefield 4 system requirements, EA Employee Says Not Genuine

According to Ubisoft Battlefield 4 is said to have similar requirements to that of Battlefield 3 as both games are built on a similar engine. This information comes as just recently Ubisoft accidentally published what looks to be like the official requirements for the game on their store.

However an EA employee who works on Origin which is EA's digital download service has dismissed the upload saying it's a tweaked placeholder.

What do you guys think, are they real?

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allformats1945d ago

Strange, why would Ubisoft publish the system requirements of an EA game?

nick3091945d ago

“We’re thrilled to be bringing EA titles to Uplay and Ubisoft titles to Origin – the more choice for consumers, the better in today’s gaming world,” said Michael Blank, Vice President of Production for Origin at EA. “Offering games like Dead Space 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted and more on Uplay is a great opportunity to reach even more PC gamers worldwide.”

They made a deal back in february.

Drummerdude411945d ago

Yet they can't just use steam...bf3 on origin is a mess!

Pandamobile1945d ago

BF3 on Origin is fine. It'd be nice to have it all on Steam in one place, but it's not the end of the world...

hiredhelp1945d ago

The Ui Interface of origin is fairly simplistic so im lost as to why its a mess.
or is this because its not on steam ?

Pandamobile1945d ago

In all honesty, the Origin client actually better than Steam right now. Valve have been adding so much (mostly useless) stuff to Steam in the last few years that it's becoming quite bogged down.

That's not to say I prefer Origin over Steam, though. I still buy most of my games on Steam and use the Steam Community as my primary source for internet socializing; Valve just needs to do another client overhaul and make everything faster and less cluttered.

Razputin1944d ago

Little known fact EA owns 25% of Ubisoft stock.

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3-4-51945d ago

Now that I have a better/new PC I could get BF4 for PC.

But now that console versions are going to be essentially the same ( # of players), not sure if I should wait or get PC.

I'm not getting a PS4 at launch but most likely early 2014.

Pandamobile1945d ago

If you have a computer that can play it, why wait for the PS4 version?

PeaSFor1945d ago

why would Ubisoftt talk about system requirement of a EA published game?

Pandamobile1945d ago

Because it's going to be on uPlay.

PeaSFor1945d ago


but but origin....

inf3cted11945d ago

Those are the BF3 specs if im not mistaken

teraflops1945d ago

Recommended for BF4
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Quad-core CPU
Memory: 4 GB
Hard Drive: 20 GB
Video Card: DirectX 11 compatible with 1024 MB RAM (NVIDIA
GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon 6950)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible

GTX 560 = 1075 GFLOPS + 2GB GDDR5

HD 6950 = 2253 GFLOPS + 2GB GDDR5

Xbox one = 1230 GFLOPS + 5GB DDR3 (allocated for games)
PS4 = 1840 GFLOPS + 7GB GDDR5 (allocated for games)

The HD 6950 looks like it should double the GTX 560 performance, but they are pretty close benchmark wise even
if it has twice the amount of GFLOPS. (Here's a link)

The recommended settings of BF4 on PC and the next gen consoles shows that console gamers will probably playing a version of BF4 at high, but not at ultra-graphics setting, nonetheless the game will look amazing on all platforms.

The major differences between console and PC this time will be resolution, since a minority of PC gamers has 1200p, 1440p and 1600p monitors. The average PC gamer will play the game at 1080p and at higher frame rates, since 1080p is the standard in PC gaming according to the "steam hardware survey" taken from its 54 million active users.

I have a feeling that these next gen consoles are vastly underestimated under the eyes of the PC gaming community.

dcj05241945d ago

you have to take into account optimization that consoles have and it doesn't have to go through windows (PS4 at least ) wgich bogs down performamce. If a pc game could run a game DIRECTLY from the hardware it would perform much better.

teraflops1945d ago

"On metal programming" and heavy optimization were 2 things that made Xbox 360 and PS3 games look amazing even on 7 to 8 year old hardware. In this new generation, we now have direct CPUGPU communication because of these APU's (No need for PCIE and it's latency) and shared memory pools to simplify the hardware.

Stsonic1945d ago

I understand why uplay and origin have there own client but what is the logic in not putting all there games on steam?

starf1sh1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

It is a bit silly isn't it, they never think of what the gamers want.

The only reasons I can think of is 1. EA does not want to pay any royalties to Valve and 2. they want more hits on the Origin store so less of the middle man is used in the digital distribution of their games thus equaling more profit.

If you think about it, putting the game on Steam would probably amount to literally almost nobody buying the game from Origin.

aliengmr1945d ago

That and EA wanted to cut Valve out on the DLC.

EA wanted to offer it in game rather than through Steam. They couldn't come to an agreement so...

Reality is, most likely EA did it to push Origin, which launched at the same time.

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