Game Programmer Quits Job To Sell Street Food, Doubles Salary

On the streets of China, street vendors sell a delicious flatbread called "shaobing". This wonder of creation is incredibly cheap and incredibly filling—they come in all sizes and shapes as well as a with a variety of fillings. These little flatbreads have also helped change the life of one Chinese game programer.

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RDF1793d ago

I wonder what it tastes like. Is it like sweet bread?... Now I want some coffee and sweet bread. >.<

GribbleGrunger1793d ago

Surely he wasn't THAT bad at programming?

Dagobert1793d ago

Well it's a different country and different economy. Programming over there is actually pretty common so it's not like there's a huge demand over there where the pay would be a lot like it might be in some other countries.

jc485731793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

there are two ladies who graduated out of UCLA with MA in architecture I believe. One of them worked at Disney as a project manager, got laid off after a year or so. She and her friend bought a truck and redesigned into an ice cream truck. Yep, they are now making a living selling ice creams named after famous architects (Frank Berry). They are pretty famous in LA I heard. When designers can't make a good living, they find creative ways for other jobs.