Edge- Pikmin 3 Review

Edge:With a sparse release schedule and thirdparty support on the wane, it’s once again down to firstparty games to revive a flagging Nintendo console. Pikmin 3 may not be a system seller akin to the two Mario games that kickstarted 3DS’s turnaround, but it does at least make convincing use of Wii U’s controller – eventually, anyway. Those familiar with the Wii re-releases of the first two Pikmin games will likely opt to play with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk at first, but Nintendo would clearly prefer that you use the GamePad.

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mii-gamer1821d ago

yep - reviews are tinkling in, most are in the 90's

mcmmaster1821d ago

So they criticise a game that defines its own gameplay experience, for very little changes done to the gameplay when compared to the original and second game in the series, and give it an 8/10. Yet EDGE gave Modern Warfare 3 a 9/10 despite it being the same copy paste crap year after year with nothing really being defining or original about the Call of Duty series.

I'm glad I never make my decision on purchasing a game from its review score, as Its more about the trailers and developer insight into the game that excites me and interests me in purchasing the game.

_QQ_1821d ago

Review sites are very condescending.

Elem1871821d ago

welcome to the bias that everyone has against Nintendo... If EA made Pikmin 3, they would be praising it 10/10.

Knushwood Butt1821d ago

Edge biased against Nintendo?

Haha, that's a good one. Tell me another.

Shok1821d ago

Coming from EDGE, this is a GREAT score lol.

Elem1871821d ago

8/10 from Edge is 9.5/10 at most places.

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