Dead Rising 3: An Instant Classic in the making

Dead Rising 3 looks incredible and fans are eager to finally get their hands on the game to commit mass zombicide. When Microsoft showcased the game at E3, many were left dumbfounded by the sheer number of undead on screen and how effortlessly the game handled the mayhem that unfolded during the gameplay reveal.

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MariaHelFutura1640d ago

I'm a huge Dead Rising fan. I'm glad the series is finally getting some recognition.

jimbobwahey1639d ago

I'm just shocked that Capcom is still intent on killing off every single one of their franchises by westernizing them to the point where they're nearly unrecognizable.

Devil May Cry was the last game to suffer that fate and flop as a result, and now it looks like Capcom is going to butcher the Dead Rising franchise with this.

trafalger1639d ago

what wasn't western about the first one? the main character was frank west, hardly a japanese name. it took place in colorado as well.

this looks to be every bit as fun as the original and then some.

Maldread1639d ago

I don`t know about DR3 being an instant classic, but it does look like a fun game :)

If it comes out on PS4 i`ll consider picking it up if the reviews are good and people seem to like it.

gtxgamer21639d ago

I'm glad to see the developers enjoying it so much

Einhert1639d ago

It looks pretty interesting, shame it is under Microsoft's banner

Bennibop1639d ago

If the previous installments are anything to go by I think not, as they were OK games but nothing special! The fact that Microsoft are publishing it shows that even Capcom are not 100% confident it will sell. The Last of Us has set the bar high for survival horror games.

golding891639d ago

lol stop comparing this game to last of us. 2 completely different game dude. just shut up ok?

DonFreezer1637d ago

Shut your freaking mouth.The Last OF Us is as survival horror as Resident Evil 6 was.

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