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Gamers petition to add bot support to MAG

Gamers are petitioning to add bot support to MAG, so far with 2 supporters. (MAG, PS3)

SeanScythe  +   524d ago
This game was a huge let down (for me) and I bought in day 1 thinking it was going to be awesome. Controls sucked, animations sucked, graphics decent, gameplay sucked, constant updates that made thing worse sucked. The game had promise but lacked the resources it needed from the developers. Zipper made awesome SOCOM's on PS2 but this game was horrible.

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ricochetmg  +   524d ago
I doubt you played this game and it's been changed since launch .
Hatsune-Miku  +   524d ago
I would like an upgraded version of m.a.g on ps4 with better graphics,animations and 60frames per second
SeanScythe  +   524d ago
You doubt I played this game? I even tried going back to it when they added move support(shutters) that was a waste of time.

Oh and just to put it in ur little face here is my trophy list for M.A.G. http://psnprofiles.com/Sean... So go suck on that.
CanadianTurtle  +   524d ago
Way to look smart by telling someone that they haven't played the game when you clearly don't know for sure
himdeel  +   524d ago
While I didn't get to play MAG I still like to play Socom 4 coop and hate that I wont be able to enjoy that game anymore.
MysticStrummer  +   524d ago
I have to disagree strongly. MAG was my favorite online FPS experience ever. At it's worst it was about like Call of Duty, just mindless run and gun, but at it's best there was nothing else like it.

I do think Zipper handled it badly though. Instead of DLC with new modes, they should have added maps to the existing modes and they should have done it for much cheaper, if not for free.

Sadly this petition has little hope no matter how many signatures it gets. Zipper is no more and Sony isn't likely to put a team together to make bots happen.
Hellsvacancy  +   524d ago
It took me a little while to get into it, and although I do agree with "some" of SeanScythes comment, after spending a decent amount of time with MAG I came to really like it and disregarded the things I didn't like

Once I had found some other players to play with (my buddies weren't interested) the game really opened up

Played it for best part of a year
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Crazay  +   524d ago
I agree with you. It was near impossible to get any real cohesion with so many people to come together as one team.
Caffo01  +   524d ago
MAG was awesome, but the majority of players wasn't ready for such a tactical game.
SeanScythe  +   524d ago
Yeah maybe you are right, everyone when I played just ran off on their own. No one worked together, people would go all COD. It just needed more Development time, the game felt rushed even in the Beta when the game came out it felt like they didn't upgrade much from the beta to final release.
Ulf  +   524d ago
13% trophies? I wouldn't call that playing it much, personally. I got 30% within a few days.

I think you probably didn't try it much past the first week, when people were still too inexperienced to really put some serious tactics into play.

Also, kinda looks like you like to snipe. I think sniper, as a role, is really only fun in a couple maps in MAG. If that's your gripe with it, then.. I suppose.

The whole game wasn't really about getting kills, though. Actual snipers play much more of a harassment and deterrent role in RL, and hence shouldn't have a large impact in MAG-like settings.
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SeanScythe  +   524d ago
Wow really you are nit-picking my player choice and the amount of trophies I have for the game? 3 of my friends had the game we played the crap out of the game. The same month this game came out so did the GOW collection, followed by Bad Company 2. I dropped the game pretty quick since it didn't keep my interest. Again I did try going back to the game but it still never held me long with the Load times and poor controls.
Ulf  +   524d ago
I didn't pick at your selection of play style, I merely stated that, if you are a dedicated sniper, then yeah, that was probably the sole role that wasn't very fun. And yeah, 13% is weak.. again, sorry, but that's the truth.

CoD is for snipers. Sorry, but its true. As far as I'm concerned, sniper was the one boring role in MAG. The field was littered with cover, and getting headshots in those huge battlefields was fairly hard when you had 32-128 enemy scopes looking in your direction constantly. If you don't get any fun out of any other kind of shooter role, then I think I can understand why you didn't like it.
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ForgottenProphecy  +   524d ago
Thank you, Pixelenemy for supporting my petition!
Fishermenofwar  +   524d ago
Is this game still alive online? I started it but just never got into it...

I still have the physical disk...Should I log back in and check it out?
ForgottenProphecy  +   524d ago
It's alive, but it takes a bit to get into a game.
Fishermenofwar  +   524d ago
Thanks for the info...
N2NOther  +   524d ago
It's only alive for another 6 months. Sony is shutting down the servers.
kraideral  +   524d ago
Sony will shut their servers down so, yeah....
ricochetmg  +   524d ago
Underrated game I loved it.
Fishy Fingers  +   524d ago
Oh I'm sure 10 minutes of someone's lunch break could pool the resources to actively control potentially hundreds of independant AI combatants.
Psychotica  +   524d ago
Exactly why all these game types should have bot support. Eventually the servers do get shutdown.
rbluetank  +   524d ago
I love MAG. where and when do we sign up for the petition? this was the best game "I played on the PS3".
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ForgottenProphecy  +   524d ago
A link to the petition is in the article
JUDALATION  +   524d ago
The sad thing is that when you were playing 128 vs 128 huge battles, TRYING to take down a com was the most fun in any shooter, including BF and COD.
younglj01  +   524d ago
savemag.org is an petition about saving the servers.Sign now or send this to Sony/Playstation twitter #SAVEMAG or #MAG2
Mikefizzled  +   524d ago
I'm getting a little bored of these entitled petitions. MMO's in general have an expiry date. When the interest has dried up, the servers are shutting down and the developer shut already demanding a full AI system doesn't seem short of ridiculous.
RavageX  +   524d ago
The game was fun for a while, and it was one of the few FPS that I truly enjoyed. More maps and content could have made it great.

Sadly I haven't played the game in a long time, last time I tried it was impossible to get into a large game, and I don't really like sabotage so I lost interest.
TheUndertaker85  +   524d ago
Look, not to burst your bubble or anything but bot support is pointless. Bots for Suppression and Sabotage could MAYBE work but bots for larger matches like Acquisition and Domination? No way it'd work. Besides, what's the fun if you can't even play with some friends?

Changes to keep the game running should've happened a long, long time ago. Those suggestions and warnings went unheard and frankly, this is what you get. The simple addition of a system that'd allow games to start after X amount of time if remotely balanced teams were waiting would've saved a lot. I'd be willing to bet many moved on simply because the larger matches don't start then when they do it takes forever to finally get to that point.

If you really want to support MAG you'll play it now while you can then keep pushing for a MAG 2 to happen. All of these petitions are turning into short thought out attempts to keep a dying game going and frankly, it's not going to happen.

The dedicated servers will be shut down. Things like split screen support and bots aren't happening. Support for MAG ended long ago, even as crappy as it was. You can thank Zipper and many MAG "loyalists" for that. For the future, a little hindsight isn't a bad thing, particularly when it comes to games like MAG.
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SeanScythe  +   524d ago
I agree the wait time to get into a game, OMG! It was just stupid long, the main reason was they made 3 fractions they should have made just two. You wouldn't have enough players for X team and it was just waiting.
WeAreLegion  +   524d ago
Yes, please!
Smoovekid  +   524d ago
Yes, and a Sequel!
Adolph Fitler  +   524d ago
Yep, EVERY FPS should be made from the getgo with bots. Bots that start off in your match & are ripped out when a real player joins, as this is just the way that all online competitive shooters SHOULD HAVE ALL BEEN ever since it was first introduced by whoever the legendary developers were that were genius enough to think of it.
Dropout bots would also ensure that even if the online community does dwindle, or servers shut down, then the game lives on.
Not only this, but I thought they could have dedicated & player servers, so the community could run the games themselves, once the developers servers were shut down.....Doesn't Warhawk have this system in place, where Sony are running a bunch of servers, & then there are games set up & ran by players? I'm not sure if that's how it works, as I'm not really a technical pc person (just a console gamer), so could somebody explain if what I'm talking about is correct, as if so, then every developer should be doing it in online shooters, this as well as the drop-in, drop-out bots.
I mean, it pisses me off that the technology is there, but lazy, non-forward thinking developers don't use it....and scumbuckets like Hacktivision have no excuse not to have ALL these features in there billion dollar money scams called COD.

Pisses me off that MAG & Socom"Confrontation are Frisbees or coasters after 6months.
Ulf  +   524d ago
MAG will never have bots, because the bots would need to be made within an engine that is no longer "owned" by a dev team. It would cost millions to add such support to the game, without that knowledge.

There should be a petition to introduce a PS+ requirement instead, and make the game free to all PS+, to keep the servers alive.

If you wanted to petition something for these games that would be affordable, you would need to petition something simple, like revamping SOCOM 4s weapon behavior scripts to include stuff like recoil, remove horizontal spray, etc. (which is in the game -- they demo'ed it at the E3 before).

Adding bots is NOT an easy task, and actually INCREASES the cost of running the servers to Sony, the cost of which is undoubtably the reason they are being shut down. They are NEVER going to buy off on that.
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Shadowgate  +   524d ago
Almost as bad as HAZE

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