Gail Simone To Lead Tomb Raider Comics

Square Enix has announced yesterday that popular and famous Gail Simone, comic book scribe, will be taking the lead on the new, monthly release, Tomb Raider Comics, published in partnership with Dark Horse. For those not to familiar with her (or those who need a refresher) Gail Simone has worked with many popular comics such as Deadpool and Wonderwoman, though best known for her work on Birds of Prey from issue #56 to #108.
From what is known it is obvious Simone has some plans worth looking forward to for the co

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CustardTrout1738d ago

Crazy Quilt in Tomb Raider?

TenSteps1738d ago

Though I liked her work with Secret Six none of what she's recently done boosts confidence that I would like this title.

InTheLab1737d ago

You clearly missed Batgirl #20-#22

Her Batgirl run has been phenomenal and her Birds run was legendary...

TenSteps1737d ago

I've read it actually, still didn't find it as interesting or as good as her works pre-New 52.

InTheLab1737d ago

really? Even after the conversation between Batman and Gordon? Or that whole thing with the new and improved Ventriloquist?

Ah well.

CaptainYesterday1737d ago

I will most likely pick it up when it comes out especially if it's a sequel to the reboot curious of what happens next to Lara :)

BABY-JEDI1737d ago

TR reboot was excellent, really enjoyed it. Hopefully, a sequel is well on the way.

InTheLab1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Gale is an every timer. Whatever Gale Simone and Scott Snyder write, I'm on it.

Picking up this, Batgirl, and Red Sonja.