Deadpool review | Thunderbolt

Richard Wakeling, Thunderbolt writes:
A delusional anti-hero with a love of casual misogyny, a serious case of ADD, multiple personalities and a constant habit of bulldozing straight through the forth wall. Deadpool is not exactly your typical run-of-the-mill Marvel superhero. You either love his brand of puerile, off-kilter humour and zany antics or loathe his annoying in-your-face demeanour; the Merc with a Mouth polarizes comic book fans quite like no other. Whichever side of the fence you fall on will dictate how much enjoyment you can glean from his first starring role in a videogame. His insanity and violent tendencies certainly lend themselves well to the medium but effective comedy is not something so easily accomplished. Fortunately, and somewhat surprisingly, Deadpool nails a lot of its comedic elements, and diehard fans will certainly appreciate High Moon Studios’ faithful rendition of the character and their reverence for the material. They just may not necessarily appreciate the way it plays.

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