Xbox One proves itself at Comic-Con

Microsoft has a lot to prove with its new console. After announcing controversial decisions such as making the Xbox One always online and not allowing it to play used games (the company later backpedaled on those plans), as well as a steep price ($499 versus the PS4’s $399) and a confusing name (it’s not the first Xbox), fans need something to convince them to get excited for Microsoft’s next generation.

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iamnsuperman1487d ago

"The console is a bit smaller than the Xbox 360, but just as sleek."

I thought it was bigger. Everyone else says it is bigger

Snookies121487d ago

It does kinda look bigger from what I can tell. Though I haven't seen it in person, so I honestly can't say for sure...

abzdine1487d ago

Yes it is much bigger, even bigger than original xbox and PS3 Fat. Now tell me about smaller than 360.
This writer smells BS miles away.

Foxgod1487d ago

IMHO its wider then the 360, but thinner, because of this it may feel smaller to some.

Ausbo1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

xbox is bigger than the original ps3, but it isn't thicker.

crxss1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

saw it at e3 and sdcc, it's bigger

minimur121487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I just have a feeling that they are future proofing themselves money wise, so they can release like4/5 iterations of slim versions

mewhy321487d ago

I'm not sure how a QTE game and 1980's VCR styling helps the xbone to "prove itself".

JokesOnYou1487d ago

@iamnsuperman, guessing he meant a bit "thinner" than the 360.

@Freedomland, Actually its not bigger than the ps3 as your link/pic suggests.

Its actually smaller in total area than the original ps3. Funny the size didn't seem to be a big deal then.

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cl19831487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Its smaller then the orig and elite, but just slightly larger then the slim. We're talking centimeters and millimeters.

imt5581487d ago

No, XO is not smaller than 360. Don't be so naive. Who is author of this article, anyway?

Look the size of this :

iamnsuperman1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )


More importantly who is the idiot is taking a picture of the One with a macbook in that picture.

TechnicianTed1487d ago

That's not just any macbook superman. That particular macbook has the soul of the departed friend of the guy holding it, which was infused into the macbook at a voodoo ceremony in Haiti last year.

The poor guy was a keen gamer, and the guy holding him is just showing him the new Xbox. Which was a rare treat for a guy who now lives in a macbook.

imt5581487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

OK, i see some disagree votes! Why, u don't believe that XO is so big? Look the size of that thing:


C'mon, more disagree votes!!!:)

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ThanatosDMC1487d ago

Wow, it's bigger than my fatty PS3. That's big. The fatty was bigger than the old 360.

TechnicianTed1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

It's not bigger than the fatty though, based on that image the Xbox One area works out to be a total of 274.4cm while the ps3 fatty works out to have an area of 318.5cm.

abzdine1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

they managed to make it bigger than Xbox original. i understand better where the aweful name Xbox One comes from.

I remember the original one being dead on arrival in Japan because it was too big for the japanese houses, now it's getting much worse and they just prove that they haven't learnt anything these past years.

Cerny said that the bigger the console the more it heats. Now given the RROD disaster i can feel the story will repeat itself

EDIT: xbox fanboy butt hurt and disagreeing? oh well...

from the beach1487d ago

Seems unlikely it would be bigger than the original PS3.

Need official dimensions.

Ausbo1487d ago


Cerny is god isn't he.

Did he also tell you everything was gonna be ok when he gave it to you in the butt?

abzdine1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )


Cerny is a console architect and when an architect says that the bigger the box is because of the heating it should be true and history shows that.

Now if you have counter example to this with good arguments bring it on, otherwise keep your mouth shut when you have nothing to say next time :)

mwjw6961487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )


You're an idiot, the smaller the box the less air flow, it has nothing to do with the size of the box itself. The xbox is using a very large fan type cooling. Lots of vents also.

The PS4 on the other hand has not been seen from the inside (far as I know) but it should be using the same cooling system as last time.

So no the "box size" has nothing to do with the heat generated. It is the internal components, and more space is better.

abzdine1487d ago


So you are more knowledgable than the PS4 lead architect if i get it correct?
I dont understand why you spend your time on this website with all the idiots you dont belong here i'm telling you.

corvusmd1487d ago

The XB1 is a decent size, not too big not too small really...thanks for that comparison pic, it helped a lot. I am actually more surprised at how small the PS4 is...with all the next gen hardware inside both consoles...isn't the PS4 worried about overheating? XB1 has a TON of vents, but I barely see any on PS4 and it's tight packed....maybe they have a ton of really powerful fans in there

minimur121487d ago

I only just realised how small the slim PS2 was, boy they did a good job on compacting it.

Makes me wonder what the PS4 slim'll look like

MWong1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Wow, I didn't think the XBone was that big. I mean I new it was bigger than the PS4, but not by that much. I heard the XBone has 1 large fan in it maybe that is why it's such a big console. But we have to also remember it has that large power brick.

@ corvusmd

Well usually new tech makes the packaging smaller. It's probably only 4-5 major components inside; Blu-ray drive, HDD, motherboard (contains CPU, GPU & memory), power source and fan.

Perfect gaming console example, PS2 to the PS2 Slim. Same hardware just compacted in a smaller box.

@ minimur12

I don't know how the PS4 could get any slimmer.

avengers19781487d ago

The XB1 is even bigger than I thought...
Does half of it literally house the cloud, but serious question is there a large external power brick with XB1 like the 360's?

strifeblade1486d ago


You are being naive. So you are telling me that the fan in the xbox one which takes up 40% of the system is adding heat to the system? so if they put an even bigger fan which makes the box even bigger will end up adding more... heat? See how stupid you sound? So you are telling me the laws of heat do not apply because mark cerny says so?

So lets compare. when the x1 was built bigger this inturn spread the parts= when the parts are spread heat is also spread and thus less wear and tear on the system because the heat is no longer focused in a concentrated area. The x1 has a power brick which means the heat from that is allocated to the outside of the system. the large fan is better than ps4 small fan- you know why? ; large fan runs quieter, spins slower and cools a larger area more efficiently.

Now the ps4 is smaller and has its power brick inside the system. This inturn adds a lot more heat to a smaller and concentrated area. The ps4 has a better graphics card than x1 and as a result will run hotter. The ps4 has a small fan which means it will need to spin much faster to cool the system. As a result will be more noisier. The big thing here is that the psu is crammed inside the system where x1 has the power brick. This adds unnecessary heat and wear and tear on the ps4 components making it a less durable system than the x1. Dont get me wrong im sure it is durable but defently not as durable as the x1. x1 went above and beyond what is required to keep the system cool in order to make sure never to experience another rrod fiasco.

x1 may be bigger but it is in fact more durable because the psu is outside the system, internal parts are spread and houses large cooling system.

Ps4 may be smaller but it compromised the longevity of its parts by putting the psu inside, parts are crammed into a tigher area and thus increases the heat- and the cooling systen is smaller and will run louder as a result.

Please abzdine try to be more intelligent with your comment. If you have something better to say than because "mark cerny says so" then be my guest.

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Tatsuya 1487d ago

I smell BS article, it's definitely supremely bigger. As proven below:

JackStraw1487d ago

that shows that it's taller. not necessarily "bigger", as it's clearly thinner than the 360.

Urusernamesucks1487d ago

I cant Believe you guys made an entire thread of Comments arguing about the size. This is dumb cmon guys