Ten JRPGs You Should Go Back and Play

Well, it’s been a while since Obstructed Views has written anything, so OV thought, why not do an article about something that OV really enjoys? The first game that ever caught our eye was Final Fantasy. Since then, OV has been completely addicted to those awesome JRPG games. Now, without further ado, obstructed views will give you a list of ten JRPGS you should go back and play. And if you have never played them, well, what the hell are you thinking?

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kalkano1605d ago

Kefka is an antagonist, not a protagonist.

ObstructedViewsNet1605d ago

I thought I corrected that thank you for letting me know I'll fix it immediately

Menech1605d ago

Is Disgaea really a JRPG? I have only played 3, and it definitely falls into the strategy games camp from my prospective.

Baka-akaB1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Yeah Disgaea is a SRPG/tactical rpg actually . So is fire Emblem . And if you're going to list some i'd go with Tactics Ogre or Final fantasy tactics over disgaea personally .

Decent enough list but i'd remove "traditional" titles such as Vesperia , Lost odyssey , Ni no Kuni or even Star ocean 3 ... for as good if not better experiences that are way more unique , such as any persona games , Shadow Hearts 1-2 , Shin megami tensei 3 Nocturne , Valkyrie Profile 1-2 or any main Suikoden (minus the horrible 4)

Menech1605d ago

Suikoden 2 is the best Suikoden game, the others aren't even close, although I did enjoy 5.

Most fans consider Star Ocean 2 the best in the series also, I count myself among them.

kalkano1605d ago


Some JRPGs are Strategy RPGs. See my avatar.

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Kamuymintar1605d ago

I want to add Valkyrie Profile to the list instead of recent games.

And I love these Japan-exclusive and unknown (even for the Japanese) masterpieces of JRPGs in 1990's:

- Tenshi No Uta II: Datenshi No Sentaku
- Illusion City
- Linda Cube (aka Linda Cube again)
- Ore No Shikabane o Koeteyuke

Crazay1605d ago

I'd put Lunar 1 and 2 in there as well as the original Suikoden.

khellendros11605d ago

So many people who started out with FF7 missed on what I think is the best Final fantasy in 6. Kefka is a lunatic, lol.

kalkano1605d ago

I played them both, and in order. It's hard for me to pick which one I like more. But, I usually do go for 7, by a hair.

ObstructedViewsNet1605d ago

They are both such great games it really is hard to decide between them.

zippycup1605d ago

FF6 is one of my top rpg's

dragon warrior also holds a place at the top

klecser1605d ago

Fire Emblem and Disgaea are not JRPGs. They're SRPGs.

Sheesh, its like anything that is made in Japan and has CHARACTERS in it gets labelled a JRPG.

kalkano1605d ago

JRPG and turn-based are not synonymous. JRPGs can be turn-based, strategy, or action. Now, I don't consider games like Dark Souls to be JRPGs. But, that's because they are trying to emulate WRPGs, and pretty much are WRPGs.

klecser1605d ago

The one thing you have right is that gamers disagree. I think you are in the minority with your definitions.

People that actually play strategy RPGs do not lump them in with JRPGs.

kalkano1602d ago

My avatar is from a JRPG, that is also a strategy RPG. Shining Force 3 is one of my favorite games, ever. So, I do play them. I don't know how anyone can not consider it a JRPG.

Hicken1605d ago

An SRPG can still be a JRPG.

Snookies121604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

If the game is an RPG that comes from Japan or has a decidedly Japanese style, it's a JRPG. Regardless of whether it's turn based, action, or strategy.

Misaka_x_Touma1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

JRPG = Japanese RPG that plays and has Anime Like Characters.

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