Insomniac Writer: I’m Leaving Insomniac… Sort of

In a suitably late night blog post, the writer announced his departure from the developer, where he has served for seven years on nine games.

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ShugaCane1799d ago

Well that's sad to hear. He did an awesome job with the R&C clank series. The writing and dialogues are so funny. I hope the movie is going to deliver, but since he's working on it I keep my expectations relatively high. As for Nexus, well fingers crossed his successor will be as good as him (definitely not an easy task).

May he succeed in his new projects. Talented man !

OhMyGandhi1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

damn. He sounds like one of the lead writers responsible for the overall tone of the characters and everything.

Thanks for the incredibly clever and absolutely hilarious writing!

Abash1799d ago

I can't blame him really, the company must not be in the best financial situation with Fuse bombing

minimur121799d ago

damn, such a shame.

I loved his writing xD

what I hate is the 'unsung heroes'

for example no - one knew about him untill he left insomniac, 7 years and he was pretty much hidden, R&C is popular for it's funny dialogue and the likes, but no one knows about him until now, when he left :(

T.J. Fixman - Legend :D

Gimmemorebubblez1799d ago

This is my scenario (I predicted this). The writer that has left Insomniac games is also heavly involved with the film. He is the only employee tying R&C to Insomniac. Once R&C:IttN releases Sony can then hand-over the franchise to another talented developer.

first1NFANTRY1799d ago

Hope this doesn't have an impact on the new R&C. Insomniac just aren't the same anymore to be honest.

king_george1799d ago

I don't get ur 3 disagrees.. I'm a PlayStation fan but even I gotta admit that insomniac has been under performing lately... I want the old insomniac back :'(

jimbobwahey1799d ago

Yeah, I've no idea what's happening at their studio but the quality of their output has completely nosedived the past few years.

showtimefolks1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

stealth disagrees are part of N4G

all for one
their last ratchet and clank game

all mediocre at best, all 4 one was decent

i mean where has that insomniac went where all their games were fun to play and were polished now a day many of their games are rough around the edges and just doesn't feel good

what happened we may never know

oh and about the topic, hopefully R&C series can continue, i want a new game build for ps4. can't wait to get the upcoming game

minimur121799d ago


I'm hoping that when Gaikai is live, it'll stream those games like R&C Nexus, Beyond Two Souls,
and even GTA V hopefully

Trago13371799d ago

Aw man, that sucks, his writing added some real charm to those games.

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MrTrololo1799d ago

I could see that Insomaniac is going to go bankrupt soon enough

Killzoner991798d ago

Not going to happen pal. It might mean the end for R&C but Insomniac is the second most talented studio in the industry . Behind only Naughty Dog.

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The story is too old to be commented.