Sony continues its push with big games for Playstation Plus subscribers

Following its recent trend of offering high profile games to Playstation Plus subscribers comes the August lineup for the service.Next month's starring lineup will be Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Mafia II, Spec Ops: The Line, and for Playstation Vita LEGO Lord of the Rings and When Vikings Attack.

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Nitrowolf21737d ago

Of course they are, glad to see these addition (even though spec ops is old). didn't buy NFS and was tempted the other day, glad i held out, same with lord of the rings lego for vita

Snookies121737d ago

We just got Spec Ops a few months ago. Kinda curious as to why that's back so soon.

Either way, NFS is an awesome addition to Plus!

BadboyCivic1737d ago

I'm jealous. We got Fable and AC2...

Fireseed1737d ago

Yeah but we get to keep ours, so there is that.

ApolloTheBoss1737d ago

This is for EU PS+. They never got to play Spec Ops. NA August line up hasn't been announced yet.

Snookies121737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

@ApolloTheBoss - Ah okay... They should REALLY put EU in the title of the article or something. -_- They need to put NA, EU, etc. in every title that involves a certain region's PS+ news...

Grindlefly1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Well I have no intention of not keeping plus for the next few years so I will keep my games too :)

GrandTheftZamboni1737d ago

I started deleting some of my PS Plus games as my 320GB is full. It's raining games on PS Plus.

kayoss1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Hahaha have fun keeping your two games forever, after you beat it 4 times. Because on your fifth play through of those two games I will be deleting my older games that I got from ps+ and downloading new games to play. When you finish playing through fable for the fifth time, I would have finish 5-6 different games. Lol. If you were being sarcastic I take everything I typed back.

Ausbo1737d ago

if you delete the downloads can you download them at a later time for free? or are they gone forever?

G20WLY1736d ago

^Ausbo, yes you can, as they stay in your download list. You just go to that list and select 'download' next to the game you want on HDD again. :)

AllroundGamer1736d ago

Ausbo you can download them again for free if you are still a PS+ member.

CapsuleMonkey1736d ago

Ugh, Kinda hate when Sony does this with plus...they really start rehashing the game givaways....Well for new plus members this is good, but this is stuff I've been gotten for free as a loyal plus member.

abzdine1736d ago

PS+ is the best thing that happened to gaming in so long time

kupomogli1736d ago


This is Europe's list. They're not rehashing anything. If I were you I'd still complain though. Europe gets better games. They didn't get Spec Ops the line a couple months ago, but we haven't received Dead or Alive 5, MGS HD Collection, Okami, Ico and SotC Collection, Ratchet and Clank Collection, Red Dead Redemption, Batman Arkham City, and more.

IceKoldKilla1736d ago

Spec Ops isn't back. Read more. This is for Europe! US got Spec Ops in January or February and by the way I loved the story! Graphics were cheap. I really hope NFS Most Wanted comes to US in August. I'm tired with GT5 and no money. I want NFS Most Wanted for free! Oh and Mafia II would be awesome too!

b777conehead1736d ago

apollo its not eu its Australia

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refocusedman1737d ago

Its a great subscription to have because we get such a variety of games to play. As for the hater that stated that its not worth it because we don't own the games; I have a question for you @fireseed how many times do you honestly think that your gonna play AC2 and Fable 3 after you have completed them. Would you really care if a year after your subscription lapses if you didn't have access to those titles? At the end of the day we have our consoles to play and enjoy video games. Whether we own those games or not is irrelevant. Not to mention if you really wanted that particular game (AC2), you would have purchased it when it came out 3-4 years ago.

Campy da Camper1737d ago

Totally agree. Perfect example is when the released infamous 2. I got the plat so there is literally nothing left for me to do in the game. I'm not going to just jump back on in a year and run around. Same with little big planet, spec ops, uncharted 3...once I beat the game and get the platinum trophy I'm pretty much done with them.

QuickdrawMcgraw1737d ago

Holy that was a very reasonable response.

ZodTheRipper1737d ago

I have not even the time to play through all games I've bought new let alone the games I get through PS+. Sometimes, I enjoy some PS+ games even more than those I bought by myself, so this service is great to get introduced to games you wouldn't consider buying. I'm not planning on unsubscribing as long as PS+ continues how it is.

blackblades1737d ago

A 1,000 agrees on this comment.

@Campy da Camper
Another true comment

CommonSense1737d ago

If there situation were reversed, the sony apologists would be saying exactly the same thing about keeping the games.

The hypocrisy is so transparent, and it's really pathetic.

AbortMission1736d ago

That's why I like PS+. I get to play lots of games for free, get the trophies and then move on to more games. I don't hoard onto every single game I play, only games that I feel are masterpieces

Drabent1736d ago

He just mad cause they only got 2 games lol, and we got how many 1-2-3-4-5-dizzy^-^

MazzingerZ1736d ago

Wasn't those X360 free games stuff only running through the rest of the year? In that case why to even bother compare it with PS+? In that case it is just one temporary move to keep X360 owners half happy so they don't jump on the PS4 hype-train...

kreate1736d ago

I would of applaud Microsoft if they gave free games from at least middle of the gen up until now instead of throwing us a bone at the end of a generation.

But free game is still free which is good. Looking forward to the next cycle of games Microsoft gonna give us. Hopefully its good.

abzdine1736d ago

i hope the tons of retail games i played since 2007 were given by PS+ cause they're in the closet and i havent touched many of them since i first finished them. So better not own the game if it's like this :D
And you know the funny part, those same haters are in boner mode for the Assassin's Creed 2 and Halo 3 which are gonna be "offered for FREE" on XBOX Live.

Don't feed the trolls, it just makes them worse

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showtimefolks1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

and MS had trouble delivering halo 3 and AC2, seriously

i don't care how much of a fanboy you are there is no denying the fact PSN-Plus is a awesome service and with launch of ps4 we will get one subscription for 3 devices

keep it going sony sooner or later haters will have to realize just how valuable plus service is

Campy da Camper

110% agree

but this is internet/n4g, common sense doesn't exist

kayoss1737d ago

Actually I'm baffled by the fact that by now some people are still skeptical about how amazing ps plus is.

devwan1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

@kayoss It's the green eyed monster - it doesn't let some people think rationally at all.

Personally I think ps+ is the best thing to happen to gaming since... maybe since ps2.

TheGrimReaper00111736d ago

Well the biggest critisism (wrote that totally wrong -_-) that ive seen is that it is actually renting games, because if your subscription ends, you cant play the games anymore
But like I read on this post
When I beat a game or played it alot, Im kinda done
For instance, Rayman origins on vita
Luved the hell out of it, platinumed it (my first actually XD) but deleted and prob never playing it again
besides, if there is a game i wanna have, that shows that that game is actually worth its price
It is nice to know that with xbox live you'll get 2 games a month for free for always, but its said that Assassins creed 2 and halo 3 are some of the best games they'll offer?
Those games are like 5 or 4 years old! I can get both for 10 euro!
With infamous I saved 30€
LBP - 20€
Battlefield 3 - 40€
Wipeout 2048 - 45€
Rayman Origins - 40€
Last Virtue - 40€
Ico and shadow of the colossus - 40€
Seriously, i can go on and on!
If they'd just stop and think, theyd see the value that is to be found here

MajorLazer1736d ago

My subscription ran out last month and I am going to renew again this coming month, so my query is; I have BF3, Payday and SR3 in my cart, however I cannot add them to my download list. Can I add them to my DL list in any way or will adding them to my cart suffice so that when I renew, I can DL BF3? Inbox me, please. Thank you

The_Klank1736d ago

No, putting them in the cart will do nothing as far as I know, you need to have them on your download history list so that when they are removed from Ps+ you can still access them at a later date. You can cancel any download and it will still be on your list.

I do it with alot of Vita games, start the download then cancel it so that when I do get a Vita I will have the previous games on offer.

jimmywolf1736d ago

would see if you could get a free 2 week, 30 day trail. somewhere if their no longer available free even in your cart, the price will change.

if their in your download list it never mater, but before then it can go from free too pay.

Spontogical1736d ago

I think if you subscribe to PS+ the items should still be in your cart. And I believe those three items dont expire till the 29th July anyways.

nosferatuzodd1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Yeah but we get to keep ours, so there is that.

well i rather rent a good game than keep a old tired hand me down from from Microsoft cuz that how little they think of their fans fable and sc2 lame

1736d ago
1736d ago
XisThatKid1736d ago

@ Kayoss Ouch dude. if I actually bought live that would hurt. Ya know I just don't understand the point of that argument anyway. I mean especially since a subscription is required for these consoles anyway wouldn't you be "keeping" them anyway? Either console i have i doubt i wouldnt have either plus or gold. I've had plus since the month it debuted and almost three more years paid for. I only paid for a year and 3 months. but through promotions from Sony I've stacked years of plus onto my account. lol "we get to KEEP ours."

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bothebo1737d ago

Nice finally getting some new games for my Vita. Beat Uncharted and Gravity rush months ago, never could get into Wipeout. Can't wait for When Vikings Attack, the demo got me interested.

Heisenburger1737d ago

Hey have you played Persona 4 yet?

bothebo1737d ago

Yeah couldn't get into it for some reason. I respect the series, but I'm really not into dungeonesque games like that. Although, I like how Atlus establishes and develops their characters.

Heisenburger1737d ago

Sorry to hear that. I suppose it isn't for everybody. It was worth a shot!

grassyknoll1737d ago

May I recommend Little Big Planet Vita, my favourite game of last year!

bothebo1736d ago

Yeah I have that. Definitely my first or 2nd favorite game on the system with only Sly Thieves in Time possibly beating it.

dcj05241737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Dang it. I keep on buying games that come to PS+.Human Revoloution, retro city rampage, Zero Escape:Virtue's last reward and now Need For Speed:Most Wanted, Mafia 2 What's next? Ni no kuni? Tomb Raider? Portal 2?

Skate-AK1737d ago

This is the EU update just in case you thought it was NA.

admiralvic1737d ago

Well if you live in the US, then you're in the clear because this is the European update.

Also while it sucks getting a duplicate game via Plus (some people claim a requirement for US Vita Plus games was me reviewing them, since I reviewed all except like 1 and the cross buy games), you can still make your money back completely with two or three games saved. Also a lot of these games release WELL after their prime and you were probably able to get your moneys worth back when you bought them.

wsoutlaw871737d ago

Well maybe you could try selling them even though you will still lose money.

Heisenburger1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Lol I feel you. I just purchased Ni no Kuni: Wrath if the White Witch the day before yesterday.

The way I look at it is for seventeen bucks I get three months. If I get one full game that I like throughout the entire three months then it is worth it.

I like to refer to it as: A sort of Russian roulette of what game I'd probably never buy but will ACTUALLY give a chance now.

A little wordy, yes. But my best example is Spec Ops. I never would have bought it but thanks to plus I got to experience one of my absolute favorite stories in a video game.

It definitely stinks when they give a game that you have already purchased. However you only really need ONE good game to make it worth the investment. Not to mention automatic updates, cloud saves, ect. Plus you could trade in you physical copy of a game if you were so inclined. Technically it's free money.

I actually traded in my physical BF3 towards Ni no Kuni.

Pretty sweet.

That's how I view it, at least.

*Edited for a typographical error, plus I was "ghosted" by wsoutlaw. ;)

dcj05241737d ago

Yeah. I get alot of value from ps+. It just fustarates me a little because I buy some of these games a month before their free and i'm like: dang. I never would've bought demon souls, sleeping dogs or ninja gaiden for vita. But I love them and its why I keep renewingvmy subscription every 3 months. I should just buy the year one lol.

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BLAKHOODe1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I saw this on another website earlier and just as I did there, since neither article mentioned it, I wondered what region this is for. It's a great update, so I'm hoping NA, but this looks like the kind of update Europe gets. Plus, we already got Spec Ops in NA. Seems odd they would re-release it.

EDIT: I also heard we were getting Devil May Cry next month in NA.

Skate-AK1737d ago

Yep this is EU update. NA doesn't get announced until the end of the month or beginning of next month.

admiralvic1737d ago

It's Europe. I don't see why people keep this stuff a secret, since some people might not be aware Spec Ops was offered (didn't stop Sony from giving JSR for the Vita and then PS3 months later) and really there is no excuse for including that simple bit of information.

The ORIGINAL leak was EU was getting it, but it was confirmed false. Going off how accurate the original document was, it was probably in place to be a plus title, but something changed that (something SCEA constantly claims happens). US was never part of the rumor.

jperez961737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

just how good is mafia 2?

ziggurcat1737d ago

i wouldn't say very good.

but it is good.

Campy da Camper1737d ago

Its actually pretty damn good. Great story and atmosphere and the gameplay itself is pretty solid.