Every Known Level of Super Mario 3D World

All 13 levels from every Super Mario 3D World screenshot and trailer!

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1770d ago
AbortMission1770d ago

Nothing new like always. I guess Nintendo needs to make a quick cash grab and something to sell Wii us

weekev151769d ago

Yeah you're right I totally remember playing local coop on previous 3D Mario games......oh wait

Yes the atoryline is formulaic but guess what the gameplay on 3D Mario games is awesome fun. They always make minor tweaks (apart from Galaxy which changed the physics) and for me and other Mario fans, it feels fresh and fun. It'll also shift a lot of systems.

AbortMission1769d ago

Is that supposed to be enticing? Local Co-op? Wow you fanboys are so backwards sometimes...

3-4-51769d ago

How it nothing new?

The only mario game even close to this is SM3DL on the 3DS or Mario 64 on N64.

Your not saying truthful things.

Crillvirus811769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Looks so good I love how the animations look and the little puff of dust that come off there feet when they move...also I like how your able to move the camera around by moving the wii u pad it makes looking at the levels and getting around them easier and that's something 3d land needed ...I got a feeling once people actually play this game they will see why Nintendo choose to do this instead of galaxy 3