New Menu Designs Leak For PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation Euphoria: In addition to the previous Gravity Rush/Journey stage leak, two new main menu designs have been shown by Elton Gamez, the former creative director of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

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Mr_Nuts1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I appreciate the fact that they wanted to improve the game but I think after how long it's been would of been to little too late.

I mean they should just keep the feedback for the sequel which I still believe they should get another chance at. I honestly don't know why Sony didn't give them more time on the game instead of what seemed like rushing it out last year.

Give us a health mode, give us the characters we actually want (keeping characters like Fat Princess, New Dante, Big Daddy as DLC) and make sure it's the best game before you release it and it will do great

sinncross1767d ago

The thing is that I dont believe these menu designs were going to be new changes to the game. IF you look at the bottom you will notice the initials TF.
TF was the original working title for the game: Title Fight.

Basically, these menu concepts are old and for whatever reason, they were not pursued.

Though it is too bad... they look amazingly awesome.

blitz06231767d ago

1 of the screenshots says
"You unlocked Radec R Us at 2:32pm 2/24/11"

2 years ago

abzdine1767d ago

i love this game and it's tons of fun.
if they remake the menus they should do it on vita because it took me a few weeks to figure out how to go online and invite friends.

minimur121767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

how can we tell these are not just prototype designs? this is silly...

it's from the OLD creative director - most likely the one that worked on at SuperBot

And obviously, he has nothing to do with that game anymore.

If it was a SSA employee leaking ithowever, things would be different

levian1767d ago

I got this game on release, but ended up trading it in. I'm not a fan of fighting games to begin with, the only one I can stand being smash bros.

I think for me what killed this game was having to kill people with your special attack, and how some characters had specials that were extremely easy to hit with while others were pretty difficult. Also some characters had insanely cheap ways to build their special attack up quickly, ruining any fun to be had unless you're playing only with friends who don't abuse those things.

3-4-51767d ago

If they would have just copied smash it would have been a better game. Even though you don't want them to copy, HAVING to use the specials to kill is one of the dumbest ideas in video game history.

It makes everything else just going through the motions and not as enjoyable.

That and the roster is ehhh. Only like 5-7 really good characters.

pr0t0typeknuckles1767d ago

im in the same boat you were i got the game on release,heck i pre-ordered it,i got bored in the first day,i tried and tried to give it a chance but it was just so boring and the whole supers can only kill thing made it worse,seeing the same animations over and over again gets repetetive,so yeah i traded it in,i still think if they make a sequel it can be better the combat is pretty good they just have to have more modes,a better online,and a better roster.

abzdine1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

i dont agree, my favorite character is Parappa and i'm almost unbeatable with that guy.
His super doesnn't fill up fast because his combos are difficult to produce, but i challenged myself to learn every movement and practice with him.
I think this is the case in every fighting game, in SF2 my favorite was Dhalsim and everyone knwows how slow that guy is. I like challenge, or else you always have Kratos or Dante for the online in case you want to win the easy way.

"If they would have just copied smash it would have been a better game."

maybe but apparently copying an idea from another is blasphemy nowdays. BR has its own identity and i think that's good enough. You want a game that feels like Smash Bros then play Smash Bros.

3-4-51766d ago

This would have been the exception to where I would have been cool with a copy job.

The reason:

There is only one smash brothers type game out there.

There isn't anything close out there so it's not like it's a saturated market.

It's not a normal fighting game but all they had to do with give a health meter of some kind and let us "knock people out/off" of the map and it's all good.

Too many generic "human" guy characters.

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-Alpha1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Can't believe how badly this game got managed. This menu design screams "hype". Sad to see how far the end result is from this vision.

I even remember the more finalized leaks showing more modes and stat tracking that never made it to the final game. I can understand why people thought it was such a mediocre, low budget title.

I enjoyed it through its many faults and disappointments, but it certainly is an IP that doesn't match Sony's caliber, and ironically so, since it should have been a celebration of PlayStation's legacy.

I hope they can redo the whole IP and give it to a more proven studio, with a more reliable/confident budget.

Eyeco1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

My gripe with the game is the Roster which was a complete joke, It could have been so much better I mean, Fat Princess, Parrapa, Raiden..RAIDEN ...RAIDEN, so Nintendo gets THE Solid Snake, but Playstation the unofficial home of Metal Gear get's Raiden, no Big Boss, Ocelot, Volgin, MGRex, but Raiden wtf

Wheres Cloud,Sephiroth, Crash, Spyro, Raziel, Ashley Riot ? yes these characters aren't exclusive anymore but they defined Playstation and to this day are associated with Playstation , a major selling point in these kind of games are the roster, who are you appealing to with a character as obscure as Parrapa the Rapper ?

DJ1767d ago

Wow, this is way better than the cheesy, low quality menu in the final game. Sony should hire the studio for a sequel and double the budget. PS All Stars is practically free advertising for other PlayStation franchises, and should be treated as an investment.

faysal1767d ago

i think this will be for psasbr 2 who knows? i mean i dont think it cost them a lot to make psasbr... so i think they did make a profit.

r211767d ago

Why...the wound is still not dry :'C

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