UTSanDiego: Comic-Con gets hands on PlayStation 4

Sony comes out swinging with new system and variety of demos

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sAVAge_bEaST1885d ago

Sounds more excited about the Ps4, than the xone.

Colzer011885d ago

They said Knack is a PS3 game lol

TongkatAli1885d ago

That's embarrassing on their part, anybody can say anything and be wrong.

JunioRS1011885d ago

He said "simply cosmetic" blue light.

C'mon man!

Dlacy13g1885d ago

Without the PS Eye it really is just a cosmetic blue light.

Becuzisaid1885d ago

The Xbox One was never mentioned in the article.

sAVAge_bEaST1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I got linked to this article, threw an UT-SD article, about the xone,.
Both articles written by, Kyle Lundberg -a local writer sent to comic-con, just for a story.

1885d ago
Becuzisaid1885d ago

Well, the light is more than just "cosmetic" and the touch pad has nothing to do with motion controls, but ok.

Glad the PS4 is getting out in the public eye. Can't wait for release.

Omar911885d ago

"The game shows the graphics potential of the PS3 with stunning water effects and stands as perhaps the closest a game has come to replicating a cartoon."

Whoops lol.

Becuzisaid1885d ago

You can tell whoever wrote this isn't much of a gamer, or doesn't follow gaming very closely.

Hicken1885d ago

Wow, somebody's uninformed...

Len1885d ago

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HammadTheBeast1885d ago

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