Why Games Should not be Centered Around Coop


Going all the way back to the days of Super Mario Brothers, games have always been more fun to play when you have a good friend, or not so good if you're losing, with you on the couch to share the experience. Now looking at gaming in the present day it's clear that this game type has still not lost its appeal, as games continually take advantage of the friendly functionality. Of course there was never really a dark age of cooperative play in games, but the recent popularity has come along with the high notoriety of console shooters, especially the Halo series. But while this gameplay is at its peak of popularity, can it really hold on its own as the central theme of a game?

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cain1413909d ago

Army of Two was ok... I wasn't a huge fan...

Erasmus3909d ago

I have really fond memories of Gears of War's co op, hopefully they have 4 player coop in the sequel.

Harry1903909d ago

as it's decent i'm ok with it.
Otherwise,single player is great too.

aubradley3909d ago

I like the inclusion of co-op as an added feature to a game, but I really don't like it as the focus. My wife only plays certain games, and there's no one else around who does any gaming, so local co-op is tough. Also, those who aren't on high-speed connections can't really do the online co-op games, so a good sized chunk of the gaming world misses out on these style of games.

tweaker3909d ago

When I was younger I used to love co-op. Nowadays I rather much have an awesome storyline single player game. Give me more games like Uncharted please.

Alcaponedyou3909d ago

single player awesomeness with a separate MGO for multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.