EVO 2013 smashes viewership records with 1.7 million spectators

This year's Evolution Championship Series, colloquially known as EVO 2013, was the most-watched fighting game tournament ever broadcast through, according to the streaming site's VP of marketing, Matthew DiPietro.

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majiebeast1765d ago

Nice it was extremely fun too watch cant wait for next year hope they put in Soul Calibur 2HD for MK9 but keep Injustice if they fix superman.

wishingW3L1765d ago

they must have made tons of money in subscriptions and advertisement revenue.


and to think of all the bullshit N4G articles ive read in the past: "Are Fighting Games Dying?"
well, there you go gaming "journalists". there you go.

now to get me some SF x T in the next 17 min while its still on steam sale!!!!!!!!!!! :O

Gran Touring1764d ago

I hope to see more 3D fighters next year! TTT2 showing was great but they only had SCV has a side-tourney. How about some DOA5:U and VF5:FS next EVO?

king_george1764d ago

Amazing. Just goes to show how far gaming has come. What used to be "nerdy" is now mainstream

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