Sakurai thought about bringing Smash Bros. to Nintendo handhelds previously

Even though Super Smash Bros. has been around since the N64 era, Nintendo is just now bringing the franchise to a portable. In addition to Wii U, a unique version of the series’ next entry will be released for the 3DS.

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Smoovekid1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

It would have been nice to play the others on the DS or remastered on the 3DS.

Donnieboi1275d ago

So I wonder: If they brought Smash to the DS, would it have looked more like Smash Bros on N64, or more like the GameCube version? Or maybe in-between both, graphically?

Smoovekid1275d ago

SM 64 DS looked a little better than the N64 version so I think it would be an in between.

Donnieboi1275d ago

Yeah, probably. They should have released it back then too for DS.

RadeenC1275d ago ShowReplies(1)
kirbyu1275d ago

Smash Bros. on Game Boy Advance would've been pretty cool.