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Submitted by Wedge19 931d ago | article

From the Wreckage: A Personal Tale of Rebirth and PlayStation

"I watch the tire of the car rolling straight at my face. Instead of snapping my neck back and being done with it, the wheel miraculously hops over my head and I feel the full weight of the car bearing down on my skull. I am now trapped underneath the car. As my body is tossed and dragged with no remorse, feeling starts to slip away and I find myself embraced by total blackness.

"This story has been a very difficult one for me to write, particularly because I have had to revisit some very dark places in my past. What do I want to share? Does it involve games enough to validate an article? Perhaps the most important question of all is: Could my story help anyone else? Depression and mental instability are traditionally taboo to discuss in an open forum, but if my story gets through to even one person, then I’ve done a bit of good in the world." - Chandler Wood, PSLS (Culture, PS Vita, PS3)

acharlez  +   931d ago
Thanks for being open and sharing your story, Chandler.
Aceman18  +   931d ago
great story glad he came through it all.
TrendyGamers  +   931d ago
One of the best pieces I've read all year.
clearelite  +   930d ago
If that's the case I'll read it now.

I'm already inspired and haven't even read it yet.
knifefight  +   931d ago
I like when authors keep it real like this.
majiebeast  +   931d ago
Must approve what a great article.
JunioRS101   931d ago | Immature | show | Replies(7)
dafegamer  +   931d ago
Great article
NioRide  +   931d ago
Maybe now he will stop playing video games and help others.
SniperControl  +   931d ago
You want him to stop doing the very thing that saved him?
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Aceman18  +   931d ago
care to explain yourself here

why the hell does he have to give up something he's just to educate people about it? he can do both.
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NioRide  +   931d ago
Exactly what I mean. Go out and provide education to people who don't watch for bikers, Help people who have been through the same thing he has gone through.

Not just be like blow it off as just "I do what I want now."

Yet he's not, and I wouldn't be surprised if what actually happened was that he was speeding, and had to come to a sudden stop and then got hit.

Pretty much all he did was go "I'm wasting my life playing games, Oh I've got a idea, I'll waste my life telling other people about the video games I play".
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Wedge19  +   931d ago
@Noride, I was not speeding. I was going the speed limit. And I do educate on motorcycle safety and watching out for motorcycles.

I was not wasting my life playing games. I'm still not. I think you missed the entire point of the story...
NioRide  +   931d ago
You mean the point that instead of just enjoy games you wanted to review them and tell others about them.

something many others already do? Why didn't you decide to use your life for something else? something different.

Yea, its about "what you enjoy" but why not develop them if you enjoy it.
Wedge19  +   931d ago
@NioRide Yes, why don't I? I'm still young, this is just a foot in the door kind of thing. Why does anyone do anything in life? Because they want to.

The point of my story was that others shouldn't listen to people like you who tell others what they should and shouldn't be doing in their life. Thank you for helping me to illustrate my point man! :)
freezola75  +   931d ago
"Maybe now he will stop playing video games and help others."

You sir.... really need a reality check.. your comment makes you appear very ignorant.

I had to think for a couple of minutes before responding to your idiotic dribble...

I started to cuss you out but N4G mods are pretty itchy with the ban hammer..

The problem with your comment is in all truth and sincerity, very unintelligent and makes ABSOLUTELY no sense! He wasn't playing games while he was on his bike.. He wasn't playing games when he had to deal with his inner demons laying on that operating table.

But I realize... there has to be people like you in the world... it's just the way..

Again Nioride, your comment makes no sense and is very tasteless without question. I just hope that others can take something from what this man had to go thru.. because you'll never know when or if you'll have an ordeal of your own that is just as detrimental. Peace
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NioRide  +   931d ago
And you read what I wrote entirely wrong, way to just "think" what ever you want.

I'm saying maybe now he will help others who have been through the same things he has, but instead it looks like he just wants to deal with video games more and more. Instead of actually helping others out.

Who's the idiot, the guy who just blows of death and then goes and deals with video games, or the guy saying he should just help others.
Wedge19  +   931d ago
@NoRide, You miss my entire point. This is a small portion of my life... I do game a lot, but I also maintain a full time job, a marriage, a healthy social life, in addition to gaming and journalism. My point is that you need to embrace life and do what you love despite what others think.
Inception  +   930d ago

" something many others already do? Why didn't you decide to use your life for something else? something different. "

Okay, i can said the same thing for you: Why you here? Why you wasting your time commenting in N4G instead of helping other people who needs help?

See, your logic is ignorant and you really miss the point of Chandler article.


Mate, thank you for sharing. I knew it's really hard to get up and pick your life after near life-death experience like that. I, too had the same experience like you, but a bit different when i almost trap in a fire accident that took all of my wealth, include all of my gaming collection. But i had people who gave their support to me, so i can stand up and keep going with my life :)
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clearelite  +   930d ago
You have to help yourself before you can help others supposedly.

If you keep your cup filled up and overflowing you will always have something good to share with others.

I thought you might be joking, but did you even read the article NoRide? He's clearly trying to help other.

Maybe try reading the story, it's actually pretty good.
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Sarobi  +   931d ago
Definitely worth reading.
Talamak  +   931d ago
Man it's funny how life gives you opportunity to pursue what makes you happy, but out of fear and intimidation most of us regress into a life of monotony and everyday slavery...all of us are engaged in this battle, and in a way sometimes a gift or blessing can only manifest and be appreciated after tragedy strikes...excellent read
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WeAreLegion  +   930d ago
That was inspiring. Thank you, *insert your real name here*. :)
Smoey  +   931d ago
A great read... Do what you love even if that means playing video games.
clearelite  +   930d ago
Heck yeah and i'm glad video games are one of the things that make me happy.

In fact, being happy is just one of your responsibilities, because you can affect others in a good way.

"I had preordered Metal Gear Solid 4 long before my accident. So on June 12th, the day that the game came out, my mom picked it up from GameStop and brought it to me. I guess somewhere in my delirium at the hospital I had mentioned that it was coming out and couldn’t wait to play it."

haha a real gamer.

BTW: My sincere congratulations and appreciation to the author.
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silvacrest  +   931d ago
i applaud his will to keep moving forward no matter what has happened

but the thing i took from this is....dont ride a motorbike, seriously, if its a motorcycle vs a car, the car wins everytime
I have lost two friends to motorcycles and cannot stress safety enough to people when they are on them. I bought a motorcycle for literally only one day and decided to give it back to the owner because I had a really bad feeling about but of coarse this was before the death of my two friends.
ghoh1  +   931d ago
great article, well done mate
christian hour  +   930d ago
I've been dealing with clinical depression my whole life and it's left me with a lot of social anxiety that I even find it hard to be around people I've known my whole life.

It's written pieces like this that get me through the worst of it sometimes.

I just wanted to say thanks for making these next few weeks completely manageable, and thanks for being so open and honest on the internet of all places, can be scary sometimes when you reveal personal information like that.
JackStraw  +   930d ago
reading through some of these comments, and just wow. it never ceases to amaze me how many idiots there are in the world.

anyway, probably the best story i've read on any gaming site in a while. especially here on n4g.
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deno  +   930d ago
Young man you survived and God bless for that. My cousin was killed on a motorcycle by a drunk leaving the bar. His girlfriend was going to tell him the next day that she is pregnant. Put God first in your life and live clean and smart, because you never know when life can change for the worst. Touching story!!

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