From the Wreckage: A Personal Tale of Rebirth and PlayStation

"I watch the tire of the car rolling straight at my face. Instead of snapping my neck back and being done with it, the wheel miraculously hops over my head and I feel the full weight of the car bearing down on my skull. I am now trapped underneath the car. As my body is tossed and dragged with no remorse, feeling starts to slip away and I find myself embraced by total blackness.

"This story has been a very difficult one for me to write, particularly because I have had to revisit some very dark places in my past. What do I want to share? Does it involve games enough to validate an article? Perhaps the most important question of all is: Could my story help anyone else? Depression and mental instability are traditionally taboo to discuss in an open forum, but if my story gets through to even one person, then I’ve done a bit of good in the world." - Chandler Wood, PSLS

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acharlez1527d ago

Thanks for being open and sharing your story, Chandler.

Aceman181526d ago

great story glad he came through it all.

TrendyGamers1527d ago

One of the best pieces I've read all year.

clearelite1526d ago

If that's the case I'll read it now.

I'm already inspired and haven't even read it yet.

knifefight1527d ago

I like when authors keep it real like this.

majiebeast1527d ago

Must approve what a great article.

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The story is too old to be commented.