Need for Speed Rivals – ‘Cops vs Racers’ Extended Trailer

To celebrate the recent Best of E3 awards EA created an Extended Need for Speed Rivals Announce Trailer.

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faysal1521d ago

same thing as all the other nfs this gen... they no problem making same crap over and over again but they have problem making underground 3...

badz1491521d ago

how many times do they want us to play this same cop vs racer thing this gen?? NFS is kinda dead like CoD already! Underground is what they need, not another one of this BS!

DeadlyFire1521d ago

I have only seen Hot Pursuit delivers cop vs. Racer. Saying their version of Most wanted had anything to do with cops is an absurd notion.

NFS shouldn't be in a 1 year rotation I agree. They need to alternate their racing game development like Activision does their FPS game development.

minimur121521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

'We're unbound... free, unshackled'

'we go where we want, when we want'

Provided you have an internet connection

I was under the impression it required an internet connection, atleast at the reveal he said (to the words) 'an always online expeiriance' but anyway, it is isn't constantly online then apologies

MWong1521d ago

I would love to se another Underground game. I pretty much haven't been playing too much NFS, since they feel like all other EA sports games. You know lets tweak this a little and call it a new game.

I want a NFS Underground 3. But really build a new game from the ground up no new paint job and call it a new game. Take a page from The Crew.

AbortMission1521d ago

I never understood why so many like the Underground series. Pimp my ride for speed is what it feels like to me. It makes Need for speed look... ugly and ghetto.

ONESHOTV21521d ago

i dont really want EA to remake underground 3 i have a feeling its going to be another burnout lol

faysal1521d ago

well EA took most of criterion games devolopers and made ghost studio.. i dont think burnout will be as good as it used to be.. i can only hope tho...

Dancinsolo1521d ago

Enough NFS, we need Burnout 4 already.

AbortMission1521d ago

Burnout is dead as a franchise. There's only so many resources EA can afford when making NFS clones

RedSoakedSponge1521d ago

i dont understand.... why would you say burnout is dead? i remember them saying they just dont wanna release a game that is the same as the previous versions. there has to be a worth while step up from the previous titles to consider a new version, and considering the next gen is now with us, it sounds like the perfect time to release a new burnout game with the most realistic damage models ever seen in a game ever! :D

first1NFANTRY1521d ago

Underground 3 or GTFO!

I think many will agree with me when i say we've had enough of the cop chase street racer clones.

I hope The Crew does better than this game. At least their bringing back full car customization and street racing WITH cop chases.

KUV19771521d ago

I skipped Most Wanted and The Run, so I am good for a new Need for Speed. Visually it looks pretty nice. I will check it out at GamesCom and if the driving is nice I'll probably buy it. All I really want is something like Burnout Paradise 2. Doesn't seem to far from it.

Scatpants1521d ago

The last Need for Speed game is almost exactly like Burnout Paradise 2. This one looks less like it. Also the last one was developed by Criterion

DeadlyFire1521d ago

Most Wanted is pretty much Burnout lite. It didn't even have cops. You had to run into a cop to start a chase and they were so easy to lose it wasn't even fun to be chased. In Rivals they say we don't need AI and push for it to be multiplayer gameplay everywhere. Basically they are taking the low road and running without trying to fix AI problem in the last game. I expect they are going to build off of that gameplay for Rivals like they have been doing with Battlefield. They use what's already there and actually refine it as development goes forward to be the game it should have been when it launched. Most wanted was still fun, but not exciting. Rivals could fix that.

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