Saints Row IV almost ended with a Bollywood dance number

The ending to Saints Row IV is going to be a lot different from what Volition originally envisioned.

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RavageX1769d ago

All I can do is shake my head...

This is beyond sad.

3-4-51769d ago

whoever is making these games is pretty out of touch with reality or what people want.

showtimefolks1769d ago

SR3 has stupid ending, i just don't understand what the developers are doing to this once great series. Sr2 was the highest point and instead of improving on that, they just went with we will make every crazier and call it a day

play SR2 than play Sr3 you will see a lot of difference

BLAKHOODe1769d ago

I like the silliness of Saints Row. It's a nice escape from the more serious games out there like The Last Of Us, Halo, God Of War, etc.. And it's the kind of game I can kill an hour with just messing around.

awi59511768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

It must be working the games are selling more and more GTa went down the serious road and that made it less fun. I played the first 2 saints rows and they were doing what GTA did. So they had to go do their own thing to survive. You cant be successful in the long run by being a clone. Saints row has its own idenity and its not just a GTA clone anymore. NO one was going to respect saints row anyway if it stayed on the serious route. Reviewers just blasted them and rating them down for no reason and always said GTA does it better.

NarooN1769d ago

And to make it worse, I've heard that apparently SR4 is the "conclusion" to the series. Maybe that's a good thing, stop the madness before it gets even worse (if that's even remotely possible.)

SR3 took the perfect balance of SR2's mix of seriousness/silliness and decided to pretty much make it 90% silly and 10% serious. It abandoned the cool story they had going from the first two games. I recall in the Angry Joe video interview that the dev said that the core team is still the same as it was from the first two games, and the dev even said that he doesn't see a problem with the current direction. It actually pissed me off a little.

Like clearly most of the fans have made it clear that they didn't dig the garbage that happened with SR3, but they took it to the next level anyway. The novelty wore off long ago. Beating people with giant purple dildos was only amusing maybe the first time I saw it in a video, but it quickly got old just like the rest of the game's pathetic attempt at "humor".

Saints Row has suffered the same fate that Red Faction did: A game that had high points, then immediately started going downhill with huge changes in direction for no good reason. I definitely won't be buying SR4 at full price, if at all.

awi59511768d ago

Then dont play it play boring GTA thats why they went silly so they would stop being compared to GTA. Reviews just called them a GTA clone all these years untill they went totally silly and now GTA isnt brought up at all in reviews and the games have sold more as well. This game couldnt compete with GTA thats why they had to change gears and its been good for them. Saints row 3 is the highest rated.

NarooN1768d ago

I had fun with SR3, but it was a step down from SR2. SR1 was the only one that was really a GTA clone, but it was still a good game. SR2 already had its own identity at that point.

Ratings don't always mean much. I'm still down to play SR3 co-op with friends, but SR2 was just more fun and had more to do as well.

pr0t0typeknuckles1769d ago

I like bollywood movies,but I hate the ending dance numbers they just pop out of nowhere,so im glad this wasnt included.

vickers5001769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I did like Saint's Row The Third, but in my opinion they need to tone it down a little bit, at least bring it back to the silliness/seriousness ratio that Saint's Row 2 had.

SR2 wasn't too over the top, but it also wasn't too serious, it had a good balance of both.

I think we (saints row fans) have given the devs the wrong message. Yes we like silly and over the top, but only when it applies to the actual gameplay itself. When it comes to the story, I want an at least half serious story/half comedy. SR2 didn't necessarily have an amazing story, but it had a cool one, one that made you feel like you were actually part of a gang taking over the city, and it actually had a few moments that were a bit emotional *spoilers* like when Johnny Gats wife/girlfriend got killed, which lead to a really awesome vengeance mission when that gang proceeded to attack you at the funeral.

With Saints Row 4? You're the president of the united states... with super powers... and aliens are invading. It's going to be incredibly hard to take the story the slightest bit seriously, not to mention the "comedy" in SR3 wasn't even that funny. I don't mind that they do a completely over the top story every now and then, but at least give us a story on par with SR2 every once and a while as well.

RavageX1769d ago

Exactly right. I was actually a bit worried before SR3 came out cause I kept hearing them talk about crazy and silly but nothing about..well, everything else.

And next thing I know, I have a crazy, silly game in my hands that has absolutely nothing else going for it.

I personally think that not only are most of the people that worked on the first two games are no longer around, but the ones in charge of the main bits have fallen into drug use.

CrossingEden1768d ago

just because YOU don't find the new games funny doesn't meant that they aren't funny -_- people act like the characters were extremely well developed and deep, no they were not, once again, NOT EVERY STORY needs to have some element of seriousness to it, you guys must be real good company at comedy clubs

CrossingEden1769d ago

not every game needs to have some element of seriousness to it -_- sometimes i like to just laugh, and if you play saints row for the story then the problem is you not the game

RavageX1769d ago

Look, SR has a story. It has had a story since the first game. The games weren't serious and had plenty of crazy stuff in them.

SR3 does not follow the story the previous games had. It is like a (bad) alternate reality from the rest of the series.

Besides that, the game isn't funny. At all. Really all they had to do if they wanted to make some random sandbox game was to do it and call it by some other name...not try to make it part of the Saint's Row series.

TotalHitman1769d ago

It's great to see another person who shares my views. Everybody seems to love SR3. Maybe these people haven't played the first two. Also, I hope we get a decent 80s radio station like we did in SR2 with The Mix... I think it was called.

vickers5001769d ago

As I said, I DID like SR3, it's still a good game and offers something not many games have these days with the ridiculousness of gameplay options, I just feel it was a step down from SR2.

Spurg1769d ago

loool...bollywood films don't end with dance numbers...not like Slumdog Millionaire portrayed it. They do have dance number here and there but from experience of watching them...i can tell you they are pretty fun especially in a game like Saints row 4.

loool...people not wanting it in the didn't say nothing when they showed a naked man running around the street hitting people with a giant dildo. Thats acceptable but a bollywood dance number is not...All I can do is shake my beyond sad.

RavageX1769d ago

Didn't want that crap either. The only think I really liked about SR3 was the jet bike and hover jet. That is it.

Even though the customization stuff looked better, it was worse than SR2 it regards to options. The city was dead, diversions(the good ones were gone anyway) were part of the "story", the story itself was crap, and most of the humor just wasn't funny. I think I cracked a smile once during the whole game.

A dance number in SR2 would have gotten a, "WTF is this?" from me.

Actually, a dance number in most games would get this reaction, unless there is a point to it...which I'm sure there wouldn't have been in SR4.

I'm thinking they just threw in a bunch of nonsense until they ran out of ideas/money.

TotalHitman1769d ago

Lol, I imagine a dance number in SR4 like the one in Slumdog would have been amazing.

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