Next-Gen Outlook: Why I'm Leaning Toward Xbox One Over PS4

GR: There's a fierce battle that's going to take place in just a few months' time. A showdown that gamers have been eagerly anticipating for years. Both Sony and Microsoft will be releasing their next-generation consoles this fall, and with the competition growing more intense each passing day, the showdown between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be one for the history books.

Right now, Sony clearly has the upper hand. With a solid reveal, appealing price point, and a whole lot of love from indie developers, gamers are flocking to PlayStation's side. Meanwhile, Microsoft totally botched the Xbox One announcement with poor messaging, a higher price point, and a DRM flip flop that has everyone questioning the company's overall vision. As such, I can totally understand why Sony's camp is a bit larger than Microsoft's at the moment—but oddly enough, I'm still far more interested in the Xbox One.

Now before you bite my head off, just here me out.


*hear me out.

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wishingW3L1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

did he have to write this just to say: "because of Halo"?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31492d ago

If that's all you got from it then...what can we say?

Aery1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Enjoy your X1, but I prefer the PS4 :)

(and I have a LOT of reason to prefer the PS4 over the x1, but I don't want to bother all people around the world!)

JoGam1492d ago

Im leaning towards the PS4.............. Because of Killzone. What can you say?

Aery1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

This "article" is clearly a clickbait :

"You may be inclined to throw Infamous: Second Son or Killzone: Shadow Fall out in defense, but neither one of those games is on the triple-A order of something like a new God of War"

Infamous and Killzone are not AAA ?!!?!?

Wait, he reply :

"Not on the order of a Halo, Gears of War, God of War, or Gran Turismo.
Check out the sales numbers if you don't believe me."

Are you serious ?


Hatsune-Miku1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

might as well change the name of the article to "WHY IM LEANING TOWARDS INFERIORITY".

its fine for people to prefer inferior things but when the main purpose of a device is better elsewhere and is cheaper then its borderline insanity to choose a lesser product and pay more for it when youre knowledgeable about the history of the products.

a lot of xbox gamers said they dont care about exclusive titles but then is touting how they are choosing xbox one because it has more exclusives over ps4 even though it isnt true.

the ps4 is the best gaming system coming out this year and will be the best gaming platform for its generation judging by the history of playstation and bolstered by the amazing support of the ps3 . xbox 360 support is basically over but ps3 still has a lot of first party support in the works. ps4 is already said to have more exclusive titles being made for it than the xbox one and i can almost guarantee that ps4 will have a lot more exclusive titles than all gaming platform in its generation.

if someone prefers a lesser gaming platform then xbox one is for them

abzdine1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

i'm definitely getting PS4, not only for some exclusive launch titles awesomeness but for all unannounced future games.
Do you imagine skipping next Uncharted and Santa Monica studios games? How about the next GT or TLoU?

EDIT: I respect the writer's opinion on being a Halo fanboy, but the PlayStation gamer never buys a PS console for one game, PS DNA is all about variety.

I know we're getting good platformers, tons of good FPS, TPS, Racing, singing, social family games on PS4 so that's the reason i'm getting one.

morganfell1492d ago

*hear me out."


You are supporting a company and console that, until their arm was twisted behind their back to the point of breaking, were planning on committing the grandest infringement of gamer rights in the history of gaming itself.

So no. Just no. No clicks, no listening to your ramble on, no hits for your site. Ever.

MS placed profits above gamers and the casual above the core.

So no. Just no.

Be prepared to have your entire site written off for this absurd article. I hope the hits were worth it. Do not come back in a few days with a pro-PS4 article as no one will buy it.

And that pleading update at the end is pathetic. Reap the whirlwind. Reap it.

1492d ago
WrAiTh Sp3cTr31492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Just look at the exclusives the XB1 has that's coming out for the launch window...

Dead Rising 3


Project Spark

Killer Instinct

Forza 5

Halo 5

Quantum Break

Sunset Overdrive

Crimson Dragon

and more...

Feel free to list the PS4's , lol. What do they have? I'm getting a since of deja-vu though because just like 2006 when there wasn't anything worth playing on the PS3 and other gamers besides Sony fans were telling them that, they all got upset and were in denial. Check back in about 8 years and see if they bring up 2013, claiming they were getting picked on.

Jackstraw, give it up, lol. At least post videos and leave out "console exclusives" they're not exclusives, lol. And also, please list system sellers like I did please. You had to put "console exclusives" in there because Sony doesn't or hasn't revealed any real exclusives except 3 or 4. And if I decided to post XB1 indie games and "console exclusives" then my list would severly long. Indie games aren't what's gonna have me spending money on a new console. No...just no.

1492d ago
JackStraw1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Crimson Dragon
Dead Rising 3
Forza Motorsport 5
Halo Sequel
Killer Instinct
Kinect Sports Rivals
Powerstar Golf
Quantum Break
Project Spark
Rabbids Invasion
RYSE: Son of Rome
Sunset Overdrive
Zumba Fitness World Party

Basement Crawl
Blacklight: Retribution
Deep Down
Don't Starve
inFamous: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Mercenary Kings
Octodad: Deadliest Catch
Planetside 2
Primal Carnage: Genesis
Project Heart and Soul
Ray's The Dead
Secret Ponchos
Super Motherload
The Order: 1886
Tiny Brains
War Thunder

"console exclusives" included.
edit: don't degrade indie games, quite a few AAA indie games came out this gen. :) you can't pick and choose which games should be included in an exclusives list. just because you don't personally find the game interesting or "of quality" doesn't mean it shouldn't be included, because people on PS tend to play indie games quite a bit. do i have to remind people that journey won several GOTY awards?

MysticStrummer1492d ago

"Let's face it, the launch lineup for either platform isn't particularly spectacular, but this is to be expected, as hardware launches rarely ever have a deluge of killer games to go along with them. You may be inclined to throw Infamous: Second Son or Killzone: Shadow Fall out in defense, but neither one of those games is on the triple-A order of something like a new God of War."

All hope of credibility gone.

@beckfire - "Look at all these butthurt Sony fanboys. Sorry man you just don't post this kind of stuff on N4G, there's way too much insecure trolls to accept an opinion.

As for the fanboys, MANY people prefer Xbone over PS4. Want a reason? Exclusives 'nuff said. X1 beats PS4 by a long shot correct me if I'm wrong.

As with many gamers, we tend to narrow our decisions down to exclusives. Sorry PS fans."

Labeling someone butthurt when they have a different opinion makes you seem like the insecure one, not to mention immature.

You're right about one thing, many gamers buy a console based on exclusives, but who has the best ones is only an opinion. I'll be buying a PS4 because to me Sony has been the clear leader in exclusive content for three generations in a row. For my money, MS has better exclusives than Nintendo but that's not saying much.

Genuine-User1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Microsoft has 3 major games at launch out of which two are made by third party studios, where as Sony has 3 games made in house by first party studios. Quite frankly it shows the diversity and strength of Playstation as a gaming giant.

finbars751492d ago

Wraith some of the games you mentioned earlier are not launch titles sorry to break the news to you.Plzz do your info before posting.Plus Gamescon is next month and PS has alot of there games to announce which we havnt seen yet plus TGC is in september which more games will be announced where as MS has already blown there load at E3 which leaves them with nothing exciting to look forward to or announce to until XBO launch.Sony played it calm and collect in that department which is why alot of fanboys have something to look forward to while you continue to talk about games that where announced in june which gets old fast.

1492d ago
abzdine1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3 : half of your games or more aren't gonna be released at launch. But if you want PS4 launch window games here you go:



Drive Club



The Order

Blacklight: Retribution


Planetside 2


Oddworld: New'N'Tasty

And this list will grow even bigger after GamesCom with xDev and Supermassive Games titles at PS4 launch.

Let's not highlight the exclusive 1 hour gameplay in Watch Dogs for everyone and great indie love like the Witness and others..
What do you have to say now? Click disagree? Oh well i know that coward behavior


HammadTheBeast1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, and D4 aren't launch window GG.

Next, "Crimson Dragon" is hardly a system seller, neither is quantum break, D4, Sunset Overdrive, or Project Spark (also on PC).

Here, if you want to include 'those' games, I will too.

PS4 has Planetside 2, Blacklight Retribution, DCUO, Warframe, War Thunder, and Primal Force coming, those are Just ports of PC.

And come on. We've seen these past 4 years how MS hasn't given a single s*** about games. GTFO PL0X.

wishingW3L1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

the guy's biased as hell, just read what he says:

Alex_Osborn: "The fact that I got nearly just as much out of TLOU by just watching it on YouTube as when I played it is one of the reasons I simply can't justify buying a console solely to play Naughty Dog's games."

He's just a fanboy in disguise and he shows that in his writing.

JackStraw1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

did you really just say "at least post videos?"
wow. that's totally great research! go to youtube and fetch some gameplay vids! woohoo.

if you care to search te games, take it upon yourself to do it. i just posted the names of all the exclusives and console exclusive games.

and since people (including me) don't like the term "console exclusive", i'll repost with just exclusives.

btw, see how quickly they got defensive? lol. i just posted a list in response to theirs, and they both got immediately defensive over it.

anyway, here is just the exclusives.

Crimson Dragon
Dead Rising 3
Forza Motorsport 5
Halo Sequel
Killer Instinct
Kinect Sports Rivals (Kinect)
Powerstar Golf
Quantum Break
Rabbids Invasion (Kinect)
RYSE: Son of Rome
Sunset Overdrive

Basement Crawl
Deep Down
inFamous: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution
Secret Ponchos
The Order: 1886

you guys make it seem like you have tons more exclusives than ps4, but you really don't lol. you have 3 more exclusives than the ps4, and 2 are kinect titles.

@wraith talk less, post more. i'd love to see what xb1 indie titles you're referring to, because i have the entire list of all announced games for both consoles right here, sorted by exclusives, console exclusives, and multiplats. :)

i'd love for you to post some more games to see if i'm missing any.

YNWA961491d ago

I prefer my games.... Do not care what system its on... A ferrari is a much superior car to a Honda civic, but on city streets its just like any car. Sure some games will look better on PS4, but thats no guarantee it will be a superior game. You know it all anal huggers go on about specs so much, yet some of the best games have been cheap 8 bit looking games. I love the Halo serious, and enjoyed Killzone, but every time it came out, it was the Halo killer.... Has not happened yet, but I do not care, I got hours of entertainment from them. Now either enjoy the games, or search for some specs..... The ladies will love hearing your stories.....

dantesparda1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

"Why I'm Leaning Toward Xbox One Over PS4"

Because im a fvcking idiot, who likes to pay more for technically inferior products, just so I can play the tired and overhyped Halo.

These fanboys need to give it up and stop trying to justify their bullsh!t

and p.s. look at all the delusional and butthurt MS Defense Force fanboys

Bimkoblerutso1491d ago

What else is there to get from it, really? You basically just prefer Halo to Killzone and the X1 controller to the PS4 one.

Personally, even if Microsoft's launch lineup was irrefutably superior I would still be going with the PS4. It's just a matter of principles and I think that's the general thinking of a LOT of gamers right now.

minimur121491d ago

Aww, somebody want some clicks??

QuickdrawMcgraw1491d ago

Why not just say I always lean to the Xbox.

Divine1491d ago

cant really argue with him . he's a fan of x box which is why he's sticking with them and the games they have. just like a lot of ps fans are sticking with ps for those same reasons.. . but i do prefer quality which is? . . . yup u guessed it.

Ju1491d ago

Everybody can post an article. How can you say something like this:

"You may be inclined to throw Infamous: Second Son or Killzone: Shadow Fall out in defense, but neither one of those games is on the triple-A"

Not AAA, huh?

Or a reason for me to get the console.

Destrania1491d ago

This is getting ridiculous. Here's links to the full list of games announced for PS4 and X1 so far. Btw, go with PS4 if you care about consumer focus, most powerful hardware at the best price, and the absolute best, most varied, creative and original games and franchises in the industry (for 3 generations). Quit being deluded naive fools and stfu.



Commandar_Shepard1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

If you're a Halo fan, you should be very skeptical about paying $560 for a Halo game. Do you really trust 343 with Halo enough to make such a big investment? After all, this is the company that gave us:

1) A super linear, as opposed to open level Halo Campaign.
2) A campaign that lasted 5 hours on normal 2 player co-op.
3) A Single QTE Final Boss fight with an enemy hyped up to be this great ancient evil.
4) An awful Spartan Ops Mode filled with areas recycled from the campaign, no challenge (since you instantly respawn when you die there's no need to play tactically), and no replay value (no scoring or skulls).
5) Ordinance/Killstreaks that broke the multiplayer.
6) An insta-kill pistol that you're able to spawn with.
7) Another pistol that makes vehicle usage obsolete when combined with sticky grenades (WHICH YOU ALSO SPAWN WITH NOW)
8) A 3 month wait for a file browser and popular playlists like Doubles and Grifball
9) The addition of CoD perks that also broke the gameplay.
10) The removal of basic game modes like 1 Flag, Assault, Territories, and Juggernaut, as well as great additions to Reach like Invasion.
11) Fewer Custom Games options than Halo 3

I'll stop there, I think you get the point. With 343 in charge, they have a lot to prove before their Halo can be considered something to spend over $500 on.

Irishguy951491d ago

Haha. It's funny Commander Shep, most of the things you mention also apply to Killzone Shadowfall with it's codification. But I agree wither way, I don't trust either company, GG got lucky with KZ2 and 343 cannot match Bungie's greatness

Gekko361491d ago

@Hatsune-Miku This is an opinion piece, it's not spouting truths it's one authors opinion.

I understand that you have a staunch view of console gaming and see the PS4 as the only choice for enlightened gamers, however I must point out that just like you and the author of this piece, 'opinions are like arse holes... everybody has one'.

My opinion on this topic is simple. Both consoles have strengths and weaknesses.

If you ask the question what does one console have that the other doesn't, it looks a little like this..


PSeye (Optional - maybe 20% uptake)
Touchpad on DS4
Gaikai Game Streaming
Free games with PSN+
Play as you download


Kinect 2.0 (100% uptake)
Computations in the cloud for online gaming
Server hosted online games (instead of p2p hosted)
Play as you download

As you can see they both have some different but equally similar features.

We all know that PS3 had an advantage over 360 in terms of specs this gen but it didn't stop people buying either console in equal measure.

So this coming gen, I personally don't see any reason why this behaviour will not perpetuate.

So really it comes down to what games you want to play and what features you want in your living room.

So from one arse hole to all the others out there, it's up to you.

AngryTypingGuy1491d ago

Microsoft is coming out with all of these exclusives for the Xbox One, but I feel like they're doing so at the expense of the Xbox 360. First party support for the 360 has really waned these past couple of years, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened. When the first batch of Xbox One exclusives is released, will they go back to releasing very few per year? And how many will be Kinect games that I have to interest in playing?

Meanwhile Sony is still showing great support to the PS3 even though PS4 is on the horizon, and no doubt the PS4 will have the same excellent volume of first party support. If Microsoft releases first party games more often that Sony does this upcoming gen, I'll be very surprised.

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CapsuleMonkey1492d ago

I have to agree, I'm more on the Xbox side of town. Like I said before, MS is already trying to win 3rd party favoritism. They're launching with a 3rd party exclusive for crying out loud. MS still has activision love for COD DLC, and much more. Right now MS has been showing a lot of new innovating features on their momentous service. Unlike the other company I dearly love as well, I can't say the same for them.

Me, personally I'm getting both, but the one is more appealing since I have to pay for both networks now. We already know the powerhouse XBL is compared to PSN so it's really hard for me to just give sony my cash without knowing anything new. Right now xbox seems like the best way to go at the moment.

Dno1492d ago

Sony has just as many content DLC as M$. they have AC4 content and watch dogs.

b3ast1492d ago

lol MS fanboys keep me laugh every day

bjmartynhak1492d ago

early DLC is really so important?