The Kingdom Hearts 3 2014 Release Date Rumor

The web is floating with rumors that a possible release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be “spring” 2014 and that an “insider” confirmed the news straight from Square Enix. Not only does this sound absurd; but there is absolutely no way Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released in 2014 due to the fact that it is in extremely early stages of development and the fact that Nomura himself said he was taking the time to promote the new Final Fantasy XV, a game he wanted to create for the longest time. Fans still believe that it will be out in 2014, despite the facts in front of them. Square Enix Origin is about to put the “2014 spring release date” rumor to a rest.

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Abash1700d ago

Way too soon, we should be getting Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix by then and only that game. I want Kingdom Hearst III to be bigger and better than any KH game before it, and it should take a while to make

Snookies121700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Yeah, it's already been said that it's really early in development. There's no way it would be out in 2014.

Need4Game1700d ago

"Kingdom Hearts Coliseum", would be more likely.

Maybe that "Kingdom Hearts" will be like Tekken Revolution Style F2P Game. The Reasons:

1. Kingdom Hearts F2P Fighting Game can be Done fairly quickly, in a year or less.

2. New Gameplay & Graphics have to be Tested, Proven and provide adequate funding for the full Game.

3. SquareEnix will do anything possible to get to recover its ailing finances

levian1699d ago

Need4Game where are you getting this? Is this all your opinion or do you have some insider source? You're saying this on every post about FFXV or KH3

gaffyh1699d ago

Yup, NEVER going to happen in 2014. FFXIV is at best late 2014, KH3 will only come after that.

FlameHawk1699d ago

@Need4Game, please stop pulling crap out your ass. I have read your other comments about FF 15 and KH3 and you said they will be MMORPG, LOL....

minimur121698d ago

I remember reading a post-translated hard to understand interview with the guy who announced KH3, (the guy on the big screen) and he admitted that they shouldnt have even announced KH3 was in development, it was so early. The average AAA game, probably about3 years?
say they started just under a year ago, enough to polish up Sora, concept art and sound effects for the trailer, So yeah, notany time soon

2015/16 - possibly?

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bicfitness1700d ago

The game is like 5-10% done. No way its hitting in 2014 or it will be a mess. Late 2015 for Japan, early 2016 for EU/ NA.

1699d ago
JunioRS1011699d ago

What's up with the fake KH3 box?

It says KH3 and then under it, almost like a subtitle, it says "The Keyblade Wars"?

Wtf? No... It's just KH3 why is that on there?

RockmanII71698d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3: The Keyblade Wars has been a thing for a very long time. The picture itself has been around since at least 2011.

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NovusTerminus1700d ago

Not a chance. KH3's gameplay was, according to Nomura the most "functional" build they had, they are still deciding worlds to go into the game.

If it was to be due out next year, gameplay would need to be mostly finalized already.

ShugaCane1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

No. The game will probably be out after FF XV, for which we don't have any release date yet. And we probably won't have one anytime soon. So we'll have to wait a lot longer to see KH III come out.

Zodiac1700d ago

2014 is when we will be reminded the game still exists.

2015 we will see a teaser trailer of Sora tying his right shoe.

2016 will be the year we hear nothing

2017. It will be pushed back from the release date that was never announced.

2018. Sora ties his left shoe trailer

2019. Demo releases

2020. Game is released and it's 9 hours long.

Omar911699d ago

"2018-Sora ties his left shoe trailer"

why is this so funny to me lmao!

M-M1700d ago

Lol yeah right. I'm thinking late 2015, early 2016 release knowing Square Enix.

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