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A Closer Look At The Walking Dead: 400 Days (MasonicGamer)

MasonicGamer.com: The Walking Dead: 400 Days is the bridging episode between Season One and Season Two of Telltale Games’ critically acclaimed adventure series. Rather than do a full review for 400 Days, I’ll just do this taster. It’s too short to warrant a full review to itself, but it’s definitely worth talking about. Don’t panic. I won’t be dropping any spoliers, I won’t say anything about the characters than Telltale do on their site.

I finally got round to finishing The Walking Dead. I bought it when the price was dropped on the PSN store a while back and paced myself through it, much like I do with the graphic novel series. I thought it was brilliant. It contained some of the best writing and characterisation that I’ve experienced in a while and I feel that Telltale really managed to capture the tension between the characters and the tough calls that survivors have to make that Robert Kirkman & Co. created via the books. I highly recommend that anyone that hasn’t picked one or the other to change that. (PC, PS3, The Walking Dead - 400 Days, Xbox 360)

TXIDarkAvenger  +   651d ago
Left me wanting even more because it was so short but eh it was $5. Looking forward to Season 2.

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