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Dark Souls 2: New Details Emerge from SDCC

GR - "Dark Souls 2 is currently set to release early next year. While the first two entries into the series have garnered more of a cult following, this third entry is expected to make a big splash in the mainstream market. As Q1 2014 grows closer, more details come out of the veritable woodwork." (Dark Souls 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

zerocrossing  +   559d ago
I don't like this expectation of making a big splash in the "mainstream market" Dark Souls is niche, it's just what it is and I liked it for that, but in order for it to appeal to mainstream gamers it would have to change drastically...

I hope FromSoftware aren't making a huge mistake.
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ShugaCane  +   559d ago
I understand your worries. And I agree. But I think they're just trying to make the game more accessible, which doesn't mean easier. From the recent previews and hands-on, it seems like the game is still as hardcore as ever, and that the fans of the series will be pleased. I hope that's true. I trust From Software on this. Very talented studio.
Koyes  +   559d ago
The word 'accessible' is a curse to videogame franchises
BiggCMan  +   559d ago
The best idea that I've heard (I forgot where I heard it from) for how to make the game more accessible, is to simply make a tutorial mode, either optional or right in the beginning.

The openings to Demons Souls and Dark Souls are great for the fans, but they don't explain much for newcomers. As much as I love the vagueness of the tutorial messages on the ground. They could simply have it appear on the screen like many games do it today, but only for the beginning so it doesn't change the rest of the game.

Some other things they could add just for the beginning is how weapon crafting works, as it is NEVER explained in either game. Everyone hears the phrase "more accessible", and they immediately think something like Skyrim that's super easy.

All it needs to mean for Dark Souls II is simply more understanding of how the game works such as teaching how to craft weapons, how to use magic etc..

Last week I got my friend to start up Dark Souls for the first time, and after he beat a boss or 2 we finished, and he told me he really likes how the weapons feel. I told him wait till you start upgrading them, and he tell me "YOU CAN UPGRADE THEM??"

He also found a catalyst, and read that it's used for magic, so he assumed he could now shoot magic of some sort. I had to explain that you need to learn magic, and then have a catalyst equipped.

The game never tells you any of that. It can simply do that, and it's immediately more accessible without sacrificing the actual difficulty of learning enemies and bosses.
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MariaHelFutura  +   559d ago

That's a great idea.
PurpHerbison  +   559d ago
The words "Accessible" AND "Instant Gratification" are both a curse to video games.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   559d ago
They're probably just gonna hype it up...
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zerocrossing  +   559d ago
To be fair that's what they all do these days, as if hype will help sell a game to people who it was not intended for in the first place.

IDK, it just annoys me to keep seeing the same stupid decisions being made by every bloody dev/pub out there.
SlavisH2  +   559d ago
please release on next gen :(
Brucis  +   559d ago
They said if they developed for next-gen then the game would take even longer to release, as well as the fact that a lot of their fans would still be on current-gen systems.
cunnilumpkin  +   559d ago
it is next gen, on pc

always next gen, every major pc game from the last 3 years is more next gen than anything will be on xbox1/ps4

you can play it on pc in 2560x1600

a ps4 could never do that

plus with mods it will do other things ps4 or xbox1 could never do
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DeletedAcc  +   559d ago
Dont be stupid
gaelic_laoch  +   559d ago
Why pay extra on High End PC's just to see a few extra shadows and sparkly lights in higher Res when you can play the game on a cheap PS3 plus buy an XBOX 360, Xbone and a PS4 for the same price?
cpayne93  +   559d ago
Well ok but we didn't really need all the pc evangelizing. Everyone knows the best performence is on pc.

Souls games were never about the best graphics though, they are about amazing gameplay and great art design.
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Master-H  +   559d ago
And how much does a PC that could run games on 2560x1600 with a good frame rate would cost me Mr.PC Master Race ?
Also can it run Red Dead Redemption , The Last of US,Halo, Demon's Souls , Uncharted (GTA V maybe if R* wants to piss you people off lol) ?
Corpser  +   559d ago
True, Dark Souls 1 is a console port but this time DS2 PC is lead platform and will definitely be the best version, confirmed 60 FPS is the target on pc while its 30 on consoles
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PurpHerbison  +   559d ago
When Demon's Souls first dropped I thought the graphics were pretty good considering the time and the fact that it was on PS3.
darren_poolies  +   559d ago
Here comes the 'PC Super Race!'
ufo8mycat  +   559d ago
And yet PS4 gamers get to experience the same game. Whether its 30fps or 60fps, whether its 1080p or 2400p, still the same game.

If that doesn't prove that people who game on PC are the most stupid consumers ever, nothing does.
piffyd  +   559d ago
let's be honest, pc games from 2007 look better than anything so far shown for xbox1 or ps4

look at this, pc, 2007-


vs ps4 2013


the pc game from 2007 owns killzone
DeletedAcc  +   559d ago

gaelic_laoch  +   559d ago
PC's cannot handle the extreme graphic quality of Shadow Fall so always end up defaulting to low res photos like the one you have linked!

Try again next PC upgrade!

piffyd  +   559d ago
please, you guys think the last of us looks good, to me it looks like a game from 2004


lol- if that looks good to you?? I feel sorry for you, look at those freaking trees, and that ground cover just looks like green blobs, and on top of all that terrible sub-hd texturing and lack of anti aliasing, its still only 30 frames or less

seriously, and that beginning scene when they're driving with uncle tommy, those low res trees still popping in two feet in front of you like its 1999,,,,lol,,,

you guys don't even know what good graphics are

the last of us looks like absolute sh!t!

it looks worse than this;


it came out in 2004 and its NOT covered in artifacts and jaggies like the last of us and every console game
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SirBradders  +   559d ago
who cares in my eyes every platform has pros and no cons because they all provide me with my favorite form of entertainment GAMES.

I don't care what anyone says a true gamer will own every platform if they truly support the organisations business sense and quality of exclusives and support.
Reverent  +   559d ago
If I'm being honest, Shadowfall still looks better than Crysis 1, 2, and 3.
piffyd  +   559d ago
shadowfall doesn't look better than far cry 2 on pc

get real

crysis 1 smashes it

crysis3, please, no ps4 game will ever look like that, EVER!
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ufo8mycat  +   559d ago
Shadow Fall does look better then Crysis 1 and Crysi 2 on PC, but not Crysis 3.

But you are focusing on the wrong thing. Gameplay is whats important and to be honest, I bet ShadowFall will be just as crap as Crysis 3 was.

KZ is garbage sorry.
darren_poolies  +   559d ago
Too bad Crysis isn't that great of a game. And that screen from KZ is from an unfinished build of the game.
teraflops  +   558d ago
Really? The last of us looks like a game from 2004?
I saw that screenshot and it really looks like it was taken from and old build (Pre-launch) or when the textures weren't completely loaded after a cutscene or the level just loaded.

I've played the last of us and it looks far better than that (thousands of other screenshots across the web will prove it)

here's a few (all in game, no cutscene stuff)





It looks like you really searched hard to find a bad one(I couldn't myself).
Master-H  +   559d ago
yesss, i want the demo !
jamz4  +   559d ago
hopefully they put in more than 5 minutes of effort for the pc version this time
Brucis  +   559d ago
It's the base version this time, so they are.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   559d ago
Pc may have awesome graphics but since when does graphics> everything else?????

Pc misses out on a lot of first party exclusives
SirBradders  +   559d ago
So do consoles (pretty much 95% of the whole RTS genre)
sorane  +   559d ago
All I hear is that we're missing out on these crazy exclusives but all I see is generic shooters and third person action games. Both of which we have plenty on PC. Where's the innovative exclusives like the civ series, starbound, the real minecraft, arma, dcs-10, etc, etc, etc.....
cpayne93  +   559d ago
Demon's Souls, MGS 4, Last of Us, lbp 1 and 2, Valkyria Chronicles, The Uncharted series, God of War series, and the first two ratchet and clank games that came to ps3 are all must haves in my opinion.

But those are just the absolute must haves, there's also infamous 1 and 2, the killzone series, the resistance series, warhawk, the motorstorm games, and plenty others.

I dunno what you've been looking at, but I don't think you've been looking in the right places. Out of all those games I mentioned though, I think the ABSOLUTE must plays would be mgs 4(the whole series, honestly) Last of Us, and Demon's Souls. Those are three games that absolutely nobody should miss out on.
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darren_poolies  +   559d ago

I see Infamous 1&2, Killzone 2 and Resisance 1&3 as must haves.
ufo8mycat  +   559d ago
Well done sorane, you just mentioned a whole heap of garbage games. Those type of games are for nerds who have no lives.

REAL games only please. Oh wait there are none on PC.
cpayne93  +   558d ago
Why all the disagrees?
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   559d ago
Pc fanboys are just as bad as Sony and Microsoft smh
PurpHerbison  +   559d ago
Usually though... PC Fanboys get bad because there is a Sony/Microsoft fanboy being completely illogical. So they feel the need to correct them.
feraldrgn  +   559d ago
I really can't wait for this now, especially reading this:

"Enemy artificial intelligence has been drastically improved."

The only negative I could take from that list is the locking on system being tweaked.
It depends on how responsive it is, or it could become a nuisance.

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