Grand Theft Auto 5: Character Customization Detailed

GR - "Gamers are anxiously awaiting the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, which is currently slated to release in just under two months on September 13. This entry into the franchise has been touted as the biggest one yet, both in quality and explorable terrain. While reviews won't be hitting the web until the weeks prior to the game's release, we can still hold on what Rockstar has provided us with so far: trailers, previews and fan creations."

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Rockstar_51703d ago

bring it on Rockstar best developers in the world so can't wait to play GTA V. Goodbye CoD your sales won't be as good

SolidStoner1703d ago

tru dat.

this will be a bomb!!

GuyThatPlaysGames1703d ago

Just being honest, CoD will outsell this game. Check the stats bro

SonyKong641702d ago

the thing is, allot of COD kids are growing up, smelling the coffee and moving past the same game they've been playing for the last 8 years.

you'll be very surprised with the drop in sales for ghosts, which in turn just might force Activision to invest in change, which then might bring back the sales.

count on many COD killers this holiday next gen season = )

gtaV and bf4 will surpass COD ghosts in worldwide sales, Mark my words <3

Zachmo1821702d ago

I don't know about that. GTA 5 is one of falls biggest releases... I mean there's more talk about this game then Ghost. Yeah, COD may be a best seller but lets not foget when GTA 4 came out it smashed records. We havent had a new GTA for five years we've seen multiple Cod's since. Gta ready to takes COD'S top spot back!

Indo1702d ago

yah allot of "COD kids" are growing up and hopefully realized that they are playing the same game since CODMW 2. And the fact the are using a gaming engine from like 10years ago and calling it a new engine is just showing the fact that the doing it for the money. Showing no real effort at all and are doing a great job at too. To be honest the best COD game I played this gen is Black Ops, just Black Ops. Didn't buy just borrowed it.

Rockstar_51702d ago

LOL usually I would agree with you but not this time GTA V is good to destroy all other games sales watch and see !!!

NeoTribe1702d ago

Sonykong, as much as I wish you were right, your more than likely wrong. Cod ghost will probably smash records again. New cod kids are born every minute so theres no shortage of retards anytime soon. Bf4 won't outsell cod. Gta5 MIGHT.

showtimefolks1702d ago


we will see about that, no one can deny the staying power of COD but did you know the last COD sold a whooping 10% less than the year before?

so its slowing down, also when do the sales matter more than games?


CD-red project

all great IMO

Coltrane_C1702d ago


Nope I still get called N-words and other racist things by much older gents...

Gardenia1702d ago

"Just being honest, CoD will outsell this game. Check the stats bro"

GTA doesn't need stats or a huge advertisement campaign. It will sell itself. I expect GTA will sell more than COD and it will be GOTY

Skizelli1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

"the thing is, allot of COD kids are growing up, smelling the coffee and moving past the same game they've been playing for the last 8 years."

I was just on Black Ops 2 yesterday for the first time in months (I was really bored). The COD kids are still COD kids. GTA5 will sell millions, but GTA has never had that lasting appeal that COD has when it comes to multiplayer. Not to mention BO2 broke COD sales records, so it's not about to go anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I hope to god you're right, but OVOXO_Mike has a valid point.

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Soupaman661702d ago

can we just forget about cod. this hatred is one of the most annoying demons we have on the internet. This had nothing to do about cod so don't bring it up. If you hate it, don't bring that negative attitude to a positive subject. It only makes more arguments and side picking, which divides people and create enemies. If we just forget about cod, just maybe it wont be so overrated due to the lack of talk about it. Just maybe.

MestreRothN4G1702d ago

The problem is: people try to be hip, not even realizing they're joining the dumb hate bandwagon.

"Look, I'm cool. I'm gonna be as everyone and say cod is lame. Amidoingitrite?"

Most supernerds have a hard time trying to think by themselves.

Bubble up.

LoneWolf0191702d ago

Except you forget its fuckingg call of duty. They will ALWAYS be good -____- as much as people hate, they cant hate the fact that the game knows how to sell. Id gladly be apart of cods team and make the money they d0(not a cod fan either, just stating facts)

JustPlay41702d ago

I like COD I know a lot people don't but it has a big fan base
just like a lot game do. GTA has good fan base as well is going to do very well we all know it will. It going to be great game

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NewDilemma1703d ago

Below 2 months to launch an GTA V is hot as hell, burning up

MrChicagoWind1703d ago

Is it me, or does Trevor look like a washed up Johnny Knoxville?

TheNocturnus1703d ago

It releases on September 17th not the 13th. Just sayin. I wish it were sooner myself.

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