WWE 2K14 Game Coverage: New Gameplay Improvements Announced

Learn about the official rundown of gameplay changes in WWE 2K14. Here ADG talk about which gameplay improvement his is most excited about.

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roadkillers1607d ago

:/ lots of these seem like they could be easy updates to WWE'13

AntDaGamer1607d ago

you can't patch new animations if this is true.

MizTv1607d ago

Nothing will match the gameplay from wm2000 or NoMercy
And if they ever did I would be a happy dude

sovietsoldier1607d ago

i disagree, here comes the pain was a 10/10 very worthy of the likes of no mercy. plus there are other games that came way be for no mercy that were very good too.

MizTv1607d ago

nwo vs wcw world tour
Wcw nWo revenge
Wm 2000
I got everyone of them day 1
And still have them
All those ps2 wrestling game are NOT as good so sorry

sovietsoldier1607d ago

well i guess we agree to disagree, but at least we have fun playing.

MizTv1607d ago

Yes we do
Thank you for your opinion
Bubble for you