Contrast Dev On PS4's 8 GB GDDR5 RAM: "Still Scratching Our Heads As To What To Do With It All"

"We recently spoke to Compulsions Games' Sam Abbott - currently developing Contrast for the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC - as to the benefits of Sony's next generation hardware and how it brings the game to life."

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Donnieboi1494d ago

Well that's a good kind of "worry". It's like worrying which sports car to drive today. It's like the 1st world problems--of videogame development.

US8F1494d ago

Haha, so true!.

Sony would probably respond like this:

"Scratch your heads today, but you still have atleast 8 years to figure out something, so take your time. If you need help, our first party studios would set some examples for you in the coming years, we are with you all the way"

iamnsuperman1494d ago

I agree. It is more about future proofing the system. We are going to have to wait for year 2 to see what developers are doing with the extra RAM as they have time with the system

BadboyCivic1494d ago

Wow. PS4 future looking good

irepbtown1494d ago

You look at the first few PS3 games (Resistence Fall of Man etc) and then compare them to The Last of Us and GTA V, you can't help but get excited for what will happen near the end of the PS4's life.

Sony... you're doing it right!

FATAL1TY1493d ago

PS4 is a beas†

PS4, the new PS2

4 > 1


sincitysir11493d ago

@FATAL1TY haha your comment was too funny! In a good way =]

abzdine1493d ago

one more good news for those last ones who had a doubt.

1493d ago
Lvl_up_gamer1493d ago

Like I said before. 8GB of GDDR5 ram is serious overkill that will NEVER be used this gen. Meanwhile, the consumers will be paying for the extra resources that will never be used....


Watch Sony drop the amount of RAM with the new PS4 slim in order to reduce production costs.....Not like Sony hasn't removed features before in order to reduce costs.

Heartnet1493d ago

Its more to do with Time deadlines and stuff... in 8 years from now the same 2 year for AAA titles will still exsist so they wil be still scratching their heads

dantesparda1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

@lv up gamer

Wow, that was quite possibly one of the stupidest things I have ever heard on N4G, you sir take the cake. Take out RAM to reduce cost? Wow, just wow! and 8GB's will be eaten up in no time you'll see

Murad1493d ago

That quote really makes me want to pre-order a PS4, but in all honest, I'm going to wait until all the glitches and bugs are out of the system for good.

Persistantthug1491d ago

8 Gigs of ram is definitely alot for a console....a ton, really.

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pyramidshead1494d ago

Good analogy actually. Plus we don't want devs using it up all at once now, it's for developer freedom and longevity for when games start to get even bigger.

Rendermonk1493d ago

@ Lvl_up_gamer

Ya, the fact of the matter is, just like the PC, some games will use the MAXIMUM RAM available to build the game. Others will only need a Gig or 2. But, having 8GB in there, will ensure that the games that DO need it, or CAN use it, will have it available to them. Smaller games like Contrast, or other indie projects, will most likely not come close to using 8GM of GDDR5 RAM. Think with your head, not your ASS.

avengers19781494d ago

Seems like a good problem to have.
I see a lot more freedom in games in the coming gen,
Large open worlds with insane amounts of crap you can do.

Redrum0591493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

yes, ive been dying for a true open world free to do anything game. like a mgs/skyrim/gta/sim city/age of empires/command and conquer, all rolled into one game.
a game where you start as a single customized character able to 'create/upgrade/customize/ evolve' any 'objects/structures/ideas of any 'size/form/matter' such as 'essentials/weapons/buildi ngs/armies/nations/empires' ; by means of 'tools/technology/alchemy/ magic/energy/GOD like will' all for the purpose of beating the game. What ever plot/story/campaign there may be to incorporate this freedom and idea into a game is completely up to a developer.

perhaps a game too big... maybe next next gen lol.

3-4-51494d ago

Everyone is used to 512 MB

Wii U had 4x that.

There is also a difference between using 5GB of RAM and using 5GB of RAM efficiently.

5GB of RAM in a game now, will look different than 5GB RAM in a game 4-5 years from now.

They will once again figure out how to do more with less and 5GB will seem like 7-8 to them.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1493d ago

PS4 gives devs 7 gigs of RAM to work with

PSVita1493d ago

It's 7GB for the PS4. That's 14x the amount of of the ps3s just going towards the games!!

Red dead
The last of us
Demon souls
And many more have blown me away this generation I can't wait for what's next!

3-4-51493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I know that. I'm just saying even with 5, it's a lot more than we think it is.

So with 7 it's even more than that.

Also throwing out 5gb just because I think that is the most any game announced has used so far.

Funantic11493d ago

Some people don't realize that with the X1's hypervisor that 1 of the 3 operating systems is allowed to shutdown or suspend itself and give games more gigs if necessary. X1 games are given at least a dedicated 5 gigs of RAM, but if developers really want to use up 7 gigs they can but the X1 just won't allow you to use the snap feature at the same time. So you won't be able to watch tv, or Skype at the same time while playing a game that uses 7 gigs which is fine with me. I've even heard that in extreme cases that a game could push 7.5 gigs of RAM in a game. But both the PS4 and X1 won't see too many games going over 5 gigs anyway.

More about the hypervisor

or watch video

AbortMission1493d ago

Wii U used twice that amount for games. 1 GB for games is pretty much last gen. When was the last game I played on PC that only required 1 GB? Most often require 2.

imt5581493d ago


OK. I think it's impossible for X1 to get 7 gigs of RAM in extreme cases. Look, many players when won't play game anymore and they want just watch basketball game, they will pause the game, watch basketball game, talk with some people trough Skype at the same time and the Bing search is on and snapping between music, game, an TV.... And 7 GIGS for game on XO?? NO! Maybe 6 Gigs, but 7... Hell no!

DragonKnight1493d ago

@Funatic: What you don't realize is that the hypervisor shutting down an OS = Features that can't be used. One way or another, the Xbox One is technically inferior to the PS4.

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thetruthx11493d ago

Where is that unified memory in Driveclub? Forza looks way better. Or Killzone it looks like Crysis 3 lol

Nekroo911493d ago

Drive Club is a free to play game, you have the choice to buy new tracks , cars, etc so pretty sure it doesent have the same budget. and it was in alpha...killzone loking like crysis 3 is a bad thing?! its one of the best liking games

thechosenone1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Forza sacrificed a lot to achieve that level of quality like real-time weather effects day/night cycles and a limited amount of cars.

Also there's a new demo coming out for DC soon so we'll see how much it's improved since the last E3 demo.

dragon821493d ago


Drive Club is not a "Free to Play" game. It is a full retail release that is getting a stripped down version on PS+ that uses the "Free to Play" model by allowing you to purchase the parts that are missing. It is still a full budget retail game.

imt5581493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

No, Forza 5 does not look better. Driveclub in many area has the better engine. Fully global illumination, real-time reflections, change weather and day/night cicle, big draw distance, shadows are moving when clouds moving and block sunrays.... Everything is top notch. Yeah, for now is 30 fps. But maybe Evolution will push to 60 fps until launch. But i will not be sad if game will be 30 fps. Look the Forza Forizon for example.

thechosenone1492d ago

I forgot about the lighting..most of it is baked in from what I heard and I think only the sun's light will be dynamic. The Xb1 is very weak in power if it can't even do all of the things that GT5&6 are already doing on the PS3.