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"Isn't it funny how marketing slogans can go so wrong? Such is the case with the Ouya, a console that has been marred by a mixed reception since its recent launch. Following a massive Kickstarter campaign that touted it as a revolutionary new games console, many have felt that Ouya's mark on gaming is no where near a revolution."

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Foxgod1606d ago

It deserves better, but not as a gaming device.
This thing is awesome as an XBMC hub, and i am enjoying it every day, no more cable for me.

NioRide1606d ago

doesn't deserve better, its a tablet/smartphone without a screen and missing couple thousand apps.

Foxgod1606d ago

I take it you own one, like i do?

NioRide1606d ago

I own Identical hardware but on a tablet.

ziggurcat1606d ago

@ foxgod:

"I take it you own one, like i do?"

not everyone likes wasting money.

Wolfbiker1605d ago

I can't disagree with you more buddy, I personally own one and everything on the OUYA is designed specifically for the OUYA and its controller. Its not a tablet or even close. It doesn't have the Play store so there is little fragmentation. It is simply a TV device that happens to use the same mobile tech as tablets and phones and is running is android but is very much for the TV. The xbmc hub and emulators are great on my TV and I even have my PC connected to my TV but its still not as seem less of an experience as my OUYA for these things. And its only $99. I make that within 1 work day. Its not too much to ask for a nice piece of tech. I also love FFIII, towerfall and knightmare tower on my TV.

NioRide1605d ago

Wolf, I connect my tablet to my TV through its HDMI port, I also play emulators, along with N64 games with 4 ps3 controllers.

Again, its a device that really has no place.

Wolfbiker1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Your tablet cost $100 with a controller and everything? Your device supports a native controller layout and interface?

No it doesn't.

Look at how fast the mobile processor have caught up to everything else. What makes you think it's not a viable way to program games? The sooner you quit looking at the Ouya as a tablet the sooner you will understand its purpose. It is to bring a familiar and easy developing formula to the big screen with an open mind. It's not meant to be your PlayStation or PC or tablet. It also can fully utilize the specs of the device for having specific functions and not worry about running a whole operating system with background apps like a phone or tablet so which means the entire tegra 3 can be used for gaming.

NioRide1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Wolf, I use my tablet for gaming more than anything.

My ps3 controller synced to my tablet with less than 5 minutes of work.

The ironic part is you think that ouya is using "pure android" its actually using android with a overlay OS, it takes more to run that than pure android which is what I've installed on my nexus 7 & custom rom on my Asus memopad.

Every game that is available on the ouya is a .apk file, I can install any one of those on a tablet/smartphone, however any touch screen games can not work on the ouya, apps that are on the play store can't work on the ouya. way to be a limited device.

Tell me, what makes the ouya so special? nothing actually, its using 2 year old hardware tech, release a month before Tegra 4 which is 6 times more powerful and will only cost a bit more to purchase.

So tell me, why should anyone buy a ouya, the new madcats device is a much better idea. Uses new software and tech.

The Project shield is a even better idea, as it allows you to play on the go, has full touch support, built in controller and display out, along with memory expansion.

The ouya is a very limited device and deserves no praise what so ever.

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mastershredder1606d ago

I like my Ouya. It's a nice little box, but I don't think it's a console for those that just game.
It's great for tech-trendies, indies and hobby-devs. I can see how the average gamer would be disapointed with it, but at the same time it was not designed with them in mind.

level 3601606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

A very big note to parents/owners of OUYA -- Please check very carefully all your **micro-transactions when connected or using OUYA because if you don't you will lose a lot of money.

Wolfbiker1605d ago

No. It's very straight up when making a purchase. It requires a PIN and a few yes' to actually finish purchase.