Skyrim Gets Even Prettier, New HD Texture Packs Released

Modders Aron and CaBaL have released some new HD texture packs for Bethesda’s open-world RPG, Skyrim.

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Dancryer1281d ago

Hmmmmm the whiterun one looks worse imho....

Yes, sharper cleaner textures but the brickwork, Tiles & woodwork have lost that certain 'rustic' aged look and are now almost to clean, straight and clinical!

3-4-51281d ago

it looks brighter without as much bloom = more realistic

The_Truth_24_71281d ago

On par with PS4 now.

Tk7311281d ago

PC looks better and always will sorry.

elhebbo161281d ago

ofc a $1000+ PC will run modded skyrim better than any console, why do we have to bring it up every time?

NioRide1280d ago

Elhebbo16, you mean any $600 pc right?

Major_FitZZ1281d ago ShowReplies(4)
Einhert1281d ago

Get a good chuckle out of reading these scurrying little insects comments.

wah my platform > yours

No mine > yours

Sorry own all the platforms then you can talk

Bolts1281d ago

If this is the PS4 version of Skyrim then the fanboys will be all over it.

HeavenlySnipes1281d ago

There is no point in loading up these huge texture patches when you can use an enb and make the game look far better than a texture pack could

Eldyraen1281d ago

That's why you use both.

HeavenlySnipes1280d ago

Makes your game run painfully slow

Logak1281d ago

Some people can't run Skyrim well with an enb mod, so this is a alright alternative for some.

HeavenlySnipes1280d ago

There are many performance oriented enbs on the skyrim nexus that reduce your frame rate by only 3-5 fps and make your game look far better than the video above.

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