The Problem with Knack, the PS4 Title That's Punching Above Its Weight

Push Square: "After somewhat slipping into irrelevancy throughout much of the PlayStation 3 era, Sony’s own Japan Studio is enjoying something of a renaissance at the minute. The first-party workshop – previously responsible for classics such as Ape Escape and Shadow of the Colossus – is almost unrecognisable under the leadership of Sony Santa Monica founder Allan Becker, and it’s showing in the developer’s impressive output. Not content with the surprisingly solid Monster Hunter-inspired action game Soul Sacrifice, the studio still has drizzly digital download Rain and promising platformer Puppeteer in its immediate pipeline. And that’s not all: the formerly furtive outfit is also hard at work on Orwellian-esque adventure Freedom Wars and next generation launch title Knack. But while the latter is garnering an enormous amount of publicity as a consequence of its place among the PlayStation 4’s lineup, is the outing deserving of the attention or punching above its weight?"

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iamnsuperman1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

"but shouldn’t we be expecting something a little more from a release that, alongside Killzone: Shadow Fall and DriveClub, is essentially steering the PS4’s commercial charge?"......"but it does make you question how the title expects to justify its price sticker in a launch lineup likely to be occupied by Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, and more"

I would have agreed if Knack was aimed at a similar crowd. Knack is just a "small" game to get families to buy the PS4 as there was no games for the families/young child crowd (think about when this system is going on sale: Christmas). I can see this game appealing to a young child as it looks like it has charm and simple to play. It doesn't appeal to me as I look past/deeper in games but I am not supposed to like it. I am meant to look at it and go "this seems suitable and fun for my child" as that is who the audience is. You don't get a child COD, Killzone or Watch Dogs.

It is like reviewing a child's game from the perspective of an adult. It shouldn't be done. Think about how a child would look at this game and how easy it is for them to pick up and play it and if they will find it fun to play. That is what Cerny wanted. He wanted to show the PS4 has a diverse (something for everyone) line up. That is why this game came about

get2sammyb1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

A totally fair point. However, if Knack is just a "small" game, why does it cost the same?

iamnsuperman1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I agree and we don't know. It may be small in technical capabilities but it may be larger in content. We just do not know until it comes out. If it doesn't have a lot of content that a child would enjoy and keep using it in relation to the price tag then this should come up and be criticised in reviews

fei-hung1582d ago

The game hasn't been priced yet so how does anyone know it will cost the same?!

Also, games like Skylanders are also games aimed at children and many more and they are too fully priced. Why does no one complain then?!

iceman061582d ago

I don't believe "small" is being used by Cerny in reference to the size, scope, or overall length of the game. I think he is speaking from a technical point of view. It's a simple puzzle/platformer. It's not necessarily pushing the PS4 to it's technical limit and probably didn't require a dev team of 700. That doesn't make it not worthy of a full priced game. It just makes it an alternative to the rest of the launch lineup. As many have said, it's more family oriented. It's the E for Everyone title amongst many more mature themed titles.

dudeOplenty1582d ago


the game is already priced. look it up on amazon. i got the launch day edition with knack and it was the same price as the watchdogs bundle.

small is up to interpretation. i don't see this game as small.. rather, i look at it as standing on the same level as the ratchet and clank games.

i also believe that Cerny is worth supporting.

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Colzer011582d ago

Kids today prefer COD and Mobile games than this game, No kids want to spent their precious $60 when they can bought a similar games on their ipad with less than $10.

iamnsuperman1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

What 6 or 7 year old has $60. A parent could see this as an easy Christmas present and that is the target audience. I agree they have competition with ipad stuff but I would fear my child would break an Ipad a lot easily than a PS4. A child with $60 is more likely to be a younger teenager or an 11/12 year old but then again they are not the target audience either as they are swallowed by the COD craze (even though I don't think they should be)

It is making the PS4 more mass market

Sephiroushin1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

It's not about what they prefer; if you as a parent get your kids COD, or games similar that are not targeted to kids then you just plainly sucks as a parent ...
And even if they do not prefer games targeted to their audience (Kids) and get upset about the games you get them they'll play them and have fun with such games, after all they're just that, kids... They just want to pretend they are adults most of kids behave like that!
And kids do not have money and in case they do have a bank account or something they do not administrate them and much likely can't until they turn 18!

jeffgoldwin1582d ago

"when they can bought a similar games on their ipad with less than $10."

Or free on android. Gotta love apple. /s


im getting it at launch so that i have something me and my son, who is 6, can play together. I like the oldskool platformer vibe its got and think it will be alot of fun considering the games Cerny has been a part of before are really good.

Scatpants1582d ago

I have a feeling this game will be 20 bucks like 6 weeks after launch.

Nicaragua1582d ago

90% of all games are 20 bucks 6 weeks after launch - so what's your point ?

jeffgoldwin1582d ago

More like 6 months-1 year, not 6 weeks. And that rule doesn't apply to AAA games.

Nicaragua1582d ago

No - more like 6 weeks, that's why i said it. In the UK where I live some games hit £20 after the first two weeks.

And yeah AAA games too - GOW Ascension, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Bioshock Infinite - all AAA games about 3 months old are going for around £20 in GAME.

Nicaragua1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )


Listen you don't have to pluck figures out of your ass in order to join in the conversation.

here is a list of PS3 games released in March -

Now go compare that to your local games retailer and tell me how many are around the £20 mark. Where i live its pretty much all of them -

So no its not 30%, its more like 90%.

Scatpants1582d ago

Pretty sure Watchdogs, BF4, COD and Fifa won't be.

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LaChance1582d ago

"The problem with the game is that it feels a little dated"

Straight out of the lions den. Nothing shown so far on PS4 feels remotely next gen. Even Kojima thinks Killzone is just some FPS rehash

I want some next gen looking games like Ryse, a top quality racer like Forza 5 running at 60 fps/1080p like a next gen racer should. Or a game like Dead Rising 3 showing off physics and scope unseen last gen for instance.

Sorry Sony but you aint get a single dollar from me until you show us the games. TALK IS CHEAP AND CERNY KNOWS DAT.

iamnsuperman1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

If I was going to go with an argument like that I would personally avoid:

Dead Rising 3. It is having issues at the moment ( ). Could improve by launch but these a big frame rate issues

Ryse: Good looking but is next gen a QTE galore thing because that is all they have shown of it. Seems more bang than substance. It may be just a bad demoing though

LaChance1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Dead Rising 3 is no next gen racer and is still months away from launch. Frame rate issues are the kind of thing you can smooth out.

"Regardless, killing zombies is a helluva lot of fun, no matter how you slice it. The open-ended nature of the town lends itself well to massacring zed. Nick has more cars at his disposal, allowing him to plow through huge hordes of zombies. I was admittedly pretty impressed by the hundreds of zombies on screen at once. There were times that the framerate dipped quite a bit, which is a shame, though I hope this will be ironed out by release"

When you are aiming for such things you can understand that the framerate may dip. But what I cant understand is why a game that looks as "nothing special" as Driveclub cant reach 30fps. And nobody cars about dynamic lightning, people care about how the cars and track feel, how the game feels and 30fps is just bad for a racer man ... a next gen racer at that.

Cupid_Viper_31582d ago

@ LaChance

It's such a disappointment to find out that you still exist.

Let me get this straight, So Killzone Shadow Fall, the game MS themselves used to promote the Xbox 1 on their Facebook page, doesn't feel next gen?

I think yourself, and JokesOnYou and GreenGeorge are the holly trinity of all things idiotic. I really believe that idiots from around the world get on their knees every night and pray to you guys to protect them from anything logical or smart.

"Sorry Sony but you aint get a single dollar from me until you show us the games. TALK IS CHEAP AND CERNY KNOWS DAT."

That's the equivalent of someone being stranded in the Sahara desert yet bath mouthing water and shade.

LaChance1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

@Cupid Viper.

Enjoy playing Knack dude. Here's where I'll be come November

While you'll be on this forum foaming in a Mark Cerny thread. 2m:46s, I dedicate that to you :)

Cupid_Viper_31582d ago

Dude, it's exactly 7:13 am where I am (west coast)and I should have gone to sleep some 6 hours ago, but I had a major problem and couldn't. Wanna know what it is.

I have this HUGE backlog of games that I have yet to finish, and I've made it a goal of mine to beat these games before the PS4 launch. So I've just 6 hours straight of The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite is still sealed, I have yet to start Sleeping Dogs (Free with PS Plus) I have yet to beat Golden Abyss on the Vita, Ragnarok Odyssey and Soul Sacrifice are still sealed, yet Killzone Mercenary and TearAway are incoming.

Gran Turismo 6 is almost here, yet I'm only halfway through 5. Beyond 2 Souls is coming up. And then I hear that my pre ordered PS4 is coming with games like KZ ShadowFall, Knack, Driveclub (free) Planetside 2 (free) Warframe (free) Infamous Second Son, and a bunch of other games.

So I'm highly stressed and don't know where the heck I'm going to find time to play all these games.

But the real sad part about all this is that I just checked on N4g before going to bed, and I find out that YOU still exist.

Rockstar_51582d ago

Lmao how fake is your post hmmmm I would say 100% butt hurt

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wishingW3L1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

You're just prejudiced. You're such a blind fanboy that for you everything MS is good and everything Sony is bad. MS could show a golden turd and you'd be all over it saying that it is the best looking game ever no matter what.

Just read your own comment history.

AnteCash1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Yea gimme forza 5b with removed features, prebaked shadow and lightning no wheater/time of day change, DR3 with brown color , zombies, screen tearing and 18fps, an oh my lord that Ryse is AMAZING with uber grafix ala this:

No jaggies , muddy ,blury or washed out colors.Its screaming NEXTGEN.

LaChance1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

The worst screen you could find of Ryse looks way better than all the gameplay they've shown for Knack all together.

AnteCash1582d ago

So lets compare killzone and ryse then.
Nothing on xbox can compete with killzone.

InTheLab1582d ago

Move along folks. Nothing to see here. This guy clearly works for MS, as all his comments are nothing buf ads for Forza and Ryse.

Smoovekid1582d ago

You will make fun of games before launch, but if I tell you that DR3 and Ryse had framerate problems then you will tell me that they are months from release.

nosferatuzodd1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

deep down let rise look like a 8bit game you Microsoft fan are hilarious lol and the dark sorcerer look way better than anything on Xbox one Microsoft uses Nvidia graphics card to boost there game with a pc and you guys jumping up and down is just sad come launch day ill will be laughing at a lot of you clowns same thing they did with gears of war i know i have all the gears of war from 1 to 3 to judgement

nosferatuzodd1582d ago

Contrast Dev On PS4's 8 GB GDDR5 RAM: "Still Scratching Our Heads As To What To Do With It All"can you say the same about you're precious xbox 1

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