Gamers XTREME - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review (3DS): “A New Leaf That’s Also A New Blast To Play”

Rocknrogue0124: "Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a must have game for any 3DS owner looking for a social experience with a little more depth than the latest Facebook game or microtransaction ridden free-to-play game. Animal Crossing is fun to play, fun to listen to and just plain fun. There’s very little I don’t like about this game. If you have friends who play this game, there’s no better time to jump in."

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Fullmetalevolust1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Can I friend anyone who plays this game? I'd love to visit your towns :) (sounds a tad creepy, I know).

SonyKong641765d ago

I just started playing but pm me your friend code and I'll ad you = )