Lucas and Spielberg: "Games Can't be Art"

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—This Saturday, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg hosted a panel debate at an independent film festival the two had chosen to dedicate to themselves. At the event, the two highly praised filmmakers mostly talked about problems facing the world of cinema.

However, Spielberg and Lucas also dedicated a significant chunk of the event to talk about other mediums, expressing their skepticism to non-cinematic art forms.


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ShugaCane1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

“No, I haven’t tried those games, but if they use a controller then they simply cannot be as artistic and daring as Indiana Jones IV.”


EDIT : Nevermind. Everything is acuatlly false, I fell for it lol I didn't see "[Satire]", my bad..

ArchangelMike1795d ago

Proves they are speaking from a position of ignorance, and therefore invalidates their statements. Go play The Last of Us, and come tell me that it's not better than Indiana Jones IV in every conceivable way.

ShugaCane1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

This interview didn't happen. It was all made up by the author, probably as a response to their previous statements when they said that games are not art, or something stupid like that.

The real story, few weeks ago :

Donnieboi1795d ago

Satire. Read before u post.

mattdillahunty1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

lol. for once i didn't even bother reading the blurb on this page, i just went straight to the article. so, when i started reading the justifications for why they said games can't be art, i was thinking, "really? these are the most pathetic reasons i've ever heard." lol.

good to know this is just satire. i do question why this even got approved, though. it's not news, it's not a real article, it's not even a very entertaining read. i'm not one to cry 'flame bait!' but that's pretty much what this article is; the website doesn't even deserve the hits.

LAWSON721795d ago

Maybe Indiana Jones 4, but not the first 3.

MikeyDucati11795d ago

You know there was other games before The Last Of Us. You guys are running that name into the ground...deep into it

CommonSense1795d ago

While I certainly think many many games are infinitely better than anything Lucas has done in the last 20 years, TLOU is not one of them.

Naughty Dog are the Lucas (post original trilogy) of gaming.

nosferatuzodd1795d ago

indeed they no nothing about games yet they keep opening their big mouth to talk

pixelsword1795d ago

I personally don't think games are art just because of the way developers conform to the consumer, which means they are making a product; just like how people whined about Mass Effect's ending and they changed it, or how you get nickled and dimed for DLC.

minimur121795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I'm starting to get pissed with all of these satire posts....

Is it just me?

I mean, yeah the first one I saw with Iwata punching someone in the face made me laugh, but then we had some other one whichI can't remember and it just killed it. Satire posts aren't funny anymore

TheKayle11794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

the last of us better than indiana jones?

i think u r too young or just too ignorant to understand what u r comparing

one is a myth...the other is a videogame that will be forget the next year

(this dosnt mean that a game cant be art!)...

ps. i love naugthy dog games

DragonKnight1794d ago

WTF is up with all these lame "satire" pieces lately? It's as if douchebag syndrome has been plaguing the "gaming media" lately and people think their sarcasm is funny. Newsflash, satire is usually humourous.

Does N4G need to add a new Satire category now?

blanket141794d ago

they ruined indiana jones ; ( I mean seriously that movie was terrible the end where they found out the aliens and crap killed it for me! I know Harrison is getting older but yhey really had to bring a kid in. they better not milk the series out with shia labeouf! I was a huge fan and still am but not of the 4th installment.

hankmoody1794d ago

C'mon, you really think that either Spielberg OR Lucas would choose Indiana Jones 4 from everything they've ever done as an example to compare videogames against?

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iamnsuperman1795d ago

"Nevermind. Everything is actually false, I fell for it lol I didn't see "[Satire]", my bad.."

Don't worry about it. I feel no-one in the gaming journalism world can do satire properly. If people are going to do it they need to do it properly

Tommykrem1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Not to be hateful or anything, but I think a much bigger problem is that video game communities rarely take the time, or even know how to, read something properly.

I mean
"This Saturday, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg hosted a panel debate at an independent film festival the two HAD CHOSEN TO DEDICATE TO THEMSELVES."

Who reads past that sentence AND a [Satire] tag (which really should be unnecessary to begin with) still thinking this isn't satire?

Sites like this one and do pretty good jobs. Against all odds.

admiralvic1795d ago

@ Tommykrem

A lot don't read the description posted on the site and just read the article. I doubt the article says satire, though the satire articles are stupid to begin with. Not everyone is looking to read an article, analyze what is mentioned, look into sources, verify it's completely false and largely a waste of time. There was a time (not to long ago) when NO SATIRE articles were on N4G too, so it's not like we've had countless articles to deal with either.

Tommykrem1795d ago


And who on earth has to "analyse" anything? You don't have to look into sources, the answer is right in front of you.
1. The things said in the article are ridic.
2. ...The description says satire.

If you don't have the time for satire, don't read it.

If these articles have done anything, it's demonstrate that the way N4G'ers usually jump into arguments are ridiculous. Commenting before even give the article a second's worth of thought. Or before reading.

Dee_911794d ago

how often does satire get posted on here?
And you expect people to just know this like it posted on here daily ?

Tommykrem1794d ago

I'd expect that of an elementary school educated human being, yeah.

Dee_911794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

You think a child with only an elementary level education would know this was satire?Even though we didnt learn about satire til 7th or 8th grade and probably didnt comprehend the meaning until highschool?

I think its safe to say you have unrealistic expectations.

Tommykrem1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

For some reason I wasn't expecting people on N4G to get it, but that really is their own fault.
1. There's a tag there that says satire.
2. "Hell, some mediums don’t have pictures at all"
3. "Boom Blox was intended to be a moving story about a man who suffers from the untimely death of his wife, and who has to reconcile himself with the idea of love. However, once the game controller was involved, Boom Blox turned into a game about blowing up blocks that look like farm animals."
4. When I first tried the Kinect I played in poorly lit conditions, so the device didn’t recognise all of my gestures. I got frustrated, then I started to feel upset, then angry. That camera made me feel. Now, that’s art
5. No, I haven’t tried those games, but if they use a controller then they simply cannot be as artistic and daring as Indiana Jones IV.

These quotes simply would not happen. I mean, literally, you'd have to write THIS IS SATIRE all over the page to go any further than the article already does. People should take some time (like, 8 seconds) when they first choose to read something. Otherwise there's not really any point to gaming journalism in the first place. Thankfully, a few did.

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fermcr1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Indiana Jones IV was a big pile of crap. If that's art, then no thanks.

Mikeyy1795d ago

Indiana Jones 4 started awesome, was great half way through, then ended so terribly...

DrRobotnik1795d ago

And yet Virtua Fighter sits proudly on display in the Smithsonian Museum.

blennerville1794d ago

Are those two still alive:P

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NYC_Gamer1795d ago

I don't really care long as gaming provides me with entertainment

fsfsxii1795d ago

Holy moly, i guess the infamous disagree ghost doesn't play games for entertainment.

chestnut11221795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Spielberg and Lucas take these and eat it on Your mind, Uncharted Is Way Much better and more art than Indiana Jones, The Last of Us Is better than alot of Zombie Movies, Dino Crisis was more original than Your fucking Jurassic Park Circus, Resident Evil Movies Sucks compared to Resident Evil games Story WIse. Heavy rain and La Noire is better than Sherlock Holmes these days, I prefer Read Dead Redemption better than Wild Wild West. A lot of Movies these days are based on Games and Anime.Dead Space is much better than Alien Vs Predator. I prefer BattleField, Killzone and COD rather than WOrld War Movies -_- . HALO and Mass effect is much better than mars attack . And last but not the least, Joel Will sweep the Oscar's Best Actor Award if He is Real. There is so many to mention but These is enough for me to explain.

These is my response to Both of You.
"The Problem With Movie is there is No Controller"

chestnut11221795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Oh f_ck. Satire. Bullsh_t Site. It burst out my disappointment with those mocking remarks -_-. Ignore my post.

Edit: Still they insult The Video Game Industry in these article so it serves them right -_-

Nexus381795d ago

Uncharted is great but indiana jones is on a whole other level. their classics, also this article is just more fake rubbish anyway

spaceg0st1795d ago

who approves these bullsh*t satire articles. what a waste of time. users who approve these articles should have their powers taken away

admiralvic1795d ago

This or they should have their own tag / [Satire] in the title like reviews have site names.

Half of the people on this site don't read the actual post, they just read the statement that games aren't art and go from there. On a high note, at least that means those idiots aren't getting clicks.