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Mario Kart: Which Console Version Is The Best?

rustyshell.com: With Mario Kart 8 on the way, I played all the console Mario Karts again to decide which one is the best. (GameCube, Retro, Wii)

majiebeast  +   371d ago
abzdine  +   371d ago
Double Dash for me no doubt.
mcstorm  +   371d ago
Im on the fence between DD and 64.
Skizelli  +   371d ago
SNES version for me, too. I played the crap out of MK64, but it doesn't hold a candle to the original. Didn't really care for MKDD. That's not to say either of those games were bad. I just have fonder memories with the original. That's all that really matters. To each their own.

Mode 7 ftw!
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3-4-5  +   370d ago
Mk 64 or SMK SNES
kalkano  +   371d ago
I've had way more fun with Double Dash, than any other in the series. Sharing a kart with someone is great. I drive, you use items. Good times. I played the original a bit. But, I can't get into anything post Double Dash.

Also, in Double Dash, you could play GP with 3 people and CPU players, just not 4. Not sure why.
maniacmayhem  +   371d ago
Mario Kart 64 was the best. Followed by Double Dash.
kayoss  +   371d ago
Mario kart 64, what other kart game allows you to hop over walls to take a massive lead (wario race track).
maniacmayhem  +   370d ago
Exactly, there were other tracks that did similar tricks. From what I remember Choco Mountain had a shortcut too.
kayoss  +   370d ago
Wonder why i got a disagree for stating a fact?? Now that just ruined my day.
Auron  +   371d ago
CRAIG667  +   371d ago
BillytheBarbarian  +   371d ago
64. SNES version didn't age well like fzero did.
CRAIG667  +   371d ago
WOW, I would say the EXACT opposite... all a matter of taste.
Skizelli  +   371d ago
I have to agree. It's still a blast to play with friends. I see a lot of people saying 64 or DD is the best, which tells me that most of them are not even old enough to remember/appreciate the SNES. ;)
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BillytheBarbarian  +   371d ago
I still have the SNES version. It's very good for it's day but really tough to look at today. 64 version was really well done too and I feel it stood the test of time a lot better than the original.

You might be right about these guys growing up with the 64 but I grew up with NES and Master Systems. Sometimes our memories of games make them seem better than they really are.

The N64 version just has a better sense of speed. But I go back to fzero all the time. That game had perfect control and a great sense of speed. It's why my SNES stays hooked up. That and Contra 3.
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Skizelli  +   370d ago
That's very true. But it's just a matter of retraining your eye - e.g., If you play Atari 2600 for a few hours followed by NES, NES graphics will look amazing all over again. I get what you're saying though. There's plenty of games I love that haven't stood the test of time at all, such as GoldenEye.

While I am a sucker for 8/16-bit graphics, what I loved about the original Mario Kart isn't so much about graphics as it is about gameplay. I just loved the way it felt over the later games. MK64 felt really icey and I wasn't too fond of the courses. I did play the living hell out of it though.
CRAIG667  +   371d ago
As I say it really all comes down to a matter of taste, I was in the minority when it came to FZERO- I really didn't like it, and I will always look at super mario kart with rose tinted glasses as me and friends used to play for hours on end in the battle mode etc, Something we did on the N64 too but by then it was mainly Perfect dark or Goldeneye that was keeping us addicted so certainly that took some of the shine off mario kart 64.

Contra 3 is still epic though, I recently played it again and it's soooo much harder than I remember, Games in general were though... I was gaming back in the commodore64 days,back then games were designed NOT to be completed,some of them really felt like they were designed to break your will to live lol!
vividi  +   371d ago
jcnba28  +   371d ago
N64 and Double Dash!
killbillvolume12  +   371d ago
n64 for the fact of that wario stage where if you get the lightning you can make your family members miss that massive jump.
manman6  +   371d ago
I used to love doing that.
fffan9391  +   371d ago
Double Dash, 64, Wii, SNES
Concertoine  +   371d ago
Double dash, track design aged much better than the bland 64 and even the trick heavy wii mario kart.
Jagsrock  +   371d ago
N64 will always be the most memorable however I feel like Double dash is the best iteration overall in terms of gameplay. The tracks were awesome and the character unique power ups were great.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   371d ago
I had the most fun with double dash
SynestheticRoar  +   371d ago
The SUPER one was the best. Retro night it,s #1 of the SNES.
nevin1  +   371d ago
The original for me.

Personally I never been impressed with any of the sequels of Mario Spinoffs.
Ninja_G_Aidan  +   371d ago
Super circuit for GBA
fossilfern  +   370d ago
Snes and N64
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   370d ago
SNES version for me. Mostly bc i didnt have a N64 bc of that horrid looking controller. Altho i have played each iteration of mario kart, i will always have fond memories of kickin my bro's ass in the original. great times indeed.
emartini  +   370d ago
Can someone tell this guy that mario is a cartoon and MK is supposed to look like one! I think Double Dash was amazing. Loved MK Wii and Mk7. Not sure which gets the nod. I remember seeing Double Dash for the 1st time and being blown away on the DK Jungle track as well as Defino Beach. I love the warm rich color of mario games.
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kirbyu  +   370d ago
SNES: Original
64: Overrated
GameCube: Fun gimmick
Wii: Another fun gimmick
Wii U: We'll have to play it first.

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