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Submitted by bggriffiths 933d ago | news

PS4 Creator Wants to Bring Mobile Gamers to Consoles

Dealspwn writes: Lead architect of the PlayStation 4 Mark Cerny, has been chatting about bridging the gap between the billions of people playing games on mobile devices and those playing on consoles. In an interview with MCV he said:

"I look at the world and I see two billion people enjoying games on a smartphone, and then a few hundred thousand on a console. Wouldn't it be nice if we could bring that larger audience into consoles?" (Industry, Mark Cerny, Mobile, PS4)

iamnsuperman  +   933d ago
The problem is with "Wouldn't it be nice if we could bring that larger audience into consoles" is they are happier to get a phone (as they will get one anyway) and pay less money per game. A console is different. It may be less money (only just) but it requires $60 games and that puts people off. The indie games may help but what they need to do is make sure these games are not overpriced.
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Colzer01  +   933d ago
from what i've read "lets bring those kids to ps4, so we can make the community even worse"
ShugaCane  +   933d ago
You'd be surprised to know how many grown-ups play on their smartphones.
ZodTheRipper  +   932d ago
@Colter01: are you trying to become the next big N4G troll?

@Iamnsuperman: Why has mobile vs. console be only about price?
Those mobile gamers might enjoy console gaming once they try it out and it could become their hobby? This is what Cerny and console manufacturers are aiming for these days.
dcj0524  +   932d ago
Most of us played consoles as kids and as a result 20-30 years later we're still buying consoles. You want the next-generation of gamers to be mobile gamers? I don't.
HammadTheBeast  +   932d ago
No that happened when all the Xbox kids started converting to PS4.
YNWA96  +   932d ago
Hammad, I think everyone is trying to ignore your attempts and starting some bullshit here.... Its working..... Loser.....
minimur12  +   932d ago
I wouldn't say 'creator', he did have a HUGE say in it all but he isn't the creator of it, I hate it when there's people that are given all the credit for it, for example the team who designed the PS4, Cerny didn't design the PS4 did he? Nor did he create the OS, he's the system architect :p :p

i'm sorry, I prefer PS but I dislike it when people get given credit for stuff they didn't actually do

For example, if you've seen that recent futurama episode
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papashango  +   932d ago
Cerny probably should have quit while he was ahead.

Guy just lost all credibility.
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360ICE  +   933d ago
I think part of the idea is that PS4 will in fact not require you to buy 60$ games.
PS3 doesn't either, really, but more free-to-play and small indie titles will further that point.
3-4-5  +   932d ago
You could play full games on handhelds with full content and actual buttons to press and an actual analog to use...


You can play glorified distraction apps /"games" that bring you right back to the good old days of the late 80's with little to now content and boring repetitive finger swiping motions.

Console on the go, or bejeweled and scrabble ?
TomShoe  +   933d ago
As long as they're not screaming 12 y/o's, than fine by me.

I always liked meeting strangers in CoD anyway :D
iamnsuperman  +   933d ago
"As long as they're not screaming 12 y/o's, than fine by me."

This is my worry with including a headset in the bundle. I know it is needed but I hate people online talking anyway. Usually they are just talking random stuff to their friends and you are just sitting there awkwardly listening in on the conversation. Luckily you can mute people, which I do regularly, as with adding the mic is going to have a lot of 12 year old saying something offensive/idiotic or blasting music through the mic
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xPhearR3dx  +   933d ago
That's exactly why I stayed in party chat on 360. I'm hoping cross platform chatting on PS4 wont be limited to one-on-one but rather an equivalent to XBL's party chat.
Anon1974  +   933d ago
It's refreshing to see someone else address the matter of headsets realistically. Giving away headsets is not a good thing. Not everyone should have them, as we learned with XBL, so simply handing them out with the console doesn't do anyone any favors.

If someone goes out of their way to buy a headset it's usually so they can actually use them in-game, and intend to use them for this purpose. You hand headsets out to the masses and they're not going to use them with any amount of respect to others. Not that the PSN and PC doesn't have their share of idiots with mics, but it pales in comparison to what we saw happen with the XBL experiment.

At any rate, as far as mobile games coming to console I say a good game is a good game regardless of platform. There's plenty of excellent, creative titles out there on mobile. If they want to make the option of making these available on the consoles, I won't complain. If you don't like them, it's not like they're being forced down your throat. The Mini's often had a mobile phone vibe about them, and I'd played a handful of those titles I had a good time with.
Colzer01  +   933d ago
mobile gamers mostly are 12 y/o kids, kids today are prefer playing with their hand phone than a console
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PeaSFor  +   933d ago
and i guess those peoples prefer watching an 2minute ads than a full movie.

let them their angry bird and i will keep my blatantly better and full fledged games on pc/console.
HammadTheBeast  +   932d ago
You have a 360, come on, pop in a CoD and watch the lobbies turn into screaming kids.
YNWA96  +   932d ago
There is no kids on PSN.... They seem to be here.... Noisy lil feckers...
Electric-flamingo  +   933d ago
Which is funny, because people always jump on Microsoft for catering to the casuals.
fourOeightshark  +   933d ago
Because Microsoft abandoned the hardcore for the casuals.
pyramidshead  +   933d ago
lol this ^
LogicStomper  +   932d ago
Haha that's funny, looks like you haven't seen the Xbox One game-lineup yet then.
fourOeightshark  +   932d ago
@LogicStomper Looks like you didn't see that they did the same thing at the beginning of this gen. They know the core gamers are the ones that buy consoles at launch, they will abandon you again 3 years from now.
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Nocando  +   933d ago
Sadly I have run into 12 year old kids that are far more cooperative and adult than the so called adults.
GT67  +   933d ago
few hundred thousand "would'nt it be nice to bring that audience" to consoles.

not with FPS AN MULTI-PLAYER games unlike ps3 is... to many people like RPG,RACING,PLATFORMER,SIDESCRO LLING GAMES.
for the ps4 to grow for every gamer and out shine ps3 lack of variety- VARIETY is a MUST!!!! 7 more years of COD,MASS EFFECT,UNCHARTED,KILLZONE,BATT LEFIELD,Army of 2,Last of Us,INHUMAN,GRAND THEFT AUTO is toooooooooo much.
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fattyuk  +   933d ago
You what?
GT67  +   933d ago
you say???
FITgamer  +   932d ago
I'm not sure of the point you are trying to get across.
GT67  +   932d ago
My point was for ps4 to grow and capture those casual gamers ps4 need to have more VARIETY as the ps1,ps2 was. ps3 is struggling i believe not every gamer like open world military first person shooter.
I assume they waiting on something more fun,exciting
every game dont need to be blowing away body parts and blood splattering everywhere.

dont know what the HELL fattyuk talking about.
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Agent_hitman  +   933d ago
That's not impossible as long as those mobile gamers are hardcore gamers as well..
Nocando  +   933d ago
Sorry to break this to you, but there aren't enough "hardcore" (whatever that means) gamers to make Sony's gaming division financially successful. I don't see a small group of whiners with an overwhelming sense of entitlement being a big help to their bottom line.
miyamoto  +   933d ago

So stick with the casuals is that your message?
& follow the Wii & Wii U's train wreck?

How about get every good game developer on the planet make games on all PlayStation platforms is a better goal?
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fsfsxii  +   932d ago
Sony's gaming division IS successful
Funantic1  +   933d ago
Mobile gaming will continue to dominate over home consoles more and more. EA said the next tablets will have PS3 graphics. Plus more controllers are being developed for mobile games which will really hurt consoles. I'd rather buy a tablet with PS3 graphics, controllers, and tv connectivity via HDMI over a PS4 or X1 any day. It's portable with games 10x cheaper.
fourOeightshark  +   933d ago
Go ahead and do that, while we enjoy real next gen.
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JohnCartenper  +   933d ago
And by "real next gen" you mean not even a steady 60FPS on lots of games?
With mediocre graphics?
Funantic1  +   933d ago
@408shark The numbers don't lie. Read this article for yourself. Mobile games are killing it right now and growing at an alarming rate. Almost everyone has a smartphone. It's unfair to even compare the numbers. I'm going to go ahead and do that like you said and just like the world is already doing. I'm the majority. But because I'm a hardcore gamer I will get the X1 and later on the PS4. Still that doesn't change the fact that mobile gaming is dominant over consoles. My unlocked iPhone was $850 plus tax, almost enough for both a X1 and PS4. And developers like Gameloft are kicking out some very impressive cheap games.
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fourOeightshark  +   932d ago
You're an iPhone owner, what a surprise!
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JohnCartenper  +   933d ago
So that means games even more dumbed down for the PS4?

So that the 10 y/o kid used to Angry Birds can play em or the 50 y/o housewife.


Gotta love Cerny PBUH
Prime_28  +   933d ago
So this means mobile games on PS4? I thought the PS4 was meant to a console for core gamers?
JohnCartenper  +   933d ago
We Are At War With Eurasia. We Have Always Been At War With Eurasia.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   932d ago
So is it bad to put mobile games on PS4?? you sound like when mobile games are on my console, the hardcore AAA games will disappear. Obviously small games, indie and mobile games are just some bonus. to add "Variety" to games. thats why you have disagrees because its a no brainer.
GamePeace  +   933d ago
Bring me as gamer who played games like Shadow of the Colossus and Demon's Souls back the days, your Company will Need something really strong after SotC and DS in order to get me buy a Ps4. Because even games like Pokemon X and Y will be better than most Ps4 titles and multiplats...
Dogswithguns  +   933d ago
Oh.. stop it.
DiRtY  +   933d ago
I know I will get disagrees like hell for this, because somehow this guy became gods gift to N4G users, but anyway:

This guy was also the lead design architect for the Vita and he tried to bring console gamers to a mobile platform and failed miserably with it.

Now he is trying it the other way around.
claterz  +   933d ago
The Vita is a great system though, it just lacks third party support at the moment. I don't think you could blame that on Cerny as he wouldn't have been responsible for the third party line up of games.

Vita is definitely capable of bringing console gamers to mobile but we just need more games! The PS4 almost certainly won't have this problem.
#12.1 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
CEOSteveBallmer  +   932d ago
I don't see him failing at the vita. he's job is to create an excellent mobile "gaming" device worthy of being the PSP successor and not an "iPad/tablet" device. Its just not enough marketing for sony and the exclusive tailored fit games are scattered in release dates like killzone mercenary and tearaway. the tech is excellent name me a game on android and ipad that looks much better than killzone mercenary? or even just uncharted golden abyss. none. because I have an iPad and android phone.
koolaid251  +   932d ago
Candy Crush Xbox 1 exclusive console generation won lmfao.
Wise_potato  +   932d ago
"I look at the world and I see two billion people
enjoying hamburgers in fast food joints, and then
a few hundred thousand in a restaurant. Wouldn't
it be nice if we could bring that larger audience
into restaurants?"
People out and about want fast food because it's
a convenience, not because it's the best eating
experience. People who want a higher quality
experience can take more time and get fully
rounded multi-course meals with side-dishes and
RevXM  +   932d ago
I like the idea. Games like Knack, Ratchet and Clank and small games like say Flower and Journey can help bring mobile gamers to consoles. There have got to be a smooth transition going from Templerun and angry birds to Battlefield and Gran turismo in regards to skillset and experience in order for this to work.

A lot of people find tripple A games compelling for their complexity, visuals and immersive or cinematic appearances but throw them off when they find that they cant really play them because the curve is too steep given their lack of ability to use a traditional Controller and the correct mindset for heavy input 3D games.
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cootdog123  +   932d ago
Lol I hear the mobile industry is trying to do the same thing and get REAL gamers to come over to mobile gaming. As if that would ever happen lol.

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