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Submitted by MattS 933d ago | opinion piece

Atlus might not be a good acquisition for Nintendo

Digitally Downloaded writes: "As I sit here writing this I don't see any real evidence pointing to that being a wise business decision. Atlus would make a better acquisition for a publisher in Japan that perhaps lacks in a localisation business, or one that lacks for RPGs. It would seem more logical to me for one of the mid-tier developer/ publishers in Japan to be the one to pick up Atlus." (Atlus, Industry, Nintendo)

animegamingnerd  +   934d ago
it will be interesting to see what will come out of this and of course the classic meltdowns cause a certain company didn't buy atlus while another did will be hilarious especially the death threats
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MacDonagh  +   933d ago
I thought the Bayonetta 2 thing was a little overboard. I can't wait to see what will happen if the deal actually happens.
bicfitness  +   933d ago
What will come of what, exactly? Its entirely speculation without any basis in reality. I've seen two articles that are filled with nothing but fanboy dreams. You could replace Nintendo with Sony or MS and you'd have exactly the same sort of article. Equally as vapid and baseless.
MacDonagh  +   933d ago
It's not exactly vapid or baseless. Either of the big 3 could conceivably get Atlus. The first thought that came to mind would've been Square-Enix or Namco being able to acquire Atlus and their assets but I don't think that may be feasible. Both companies in question are hemorrhaging money and I sincerely doubt that either of them will be able to justify an expenditure when they should be cost-cutting.

It's the same with the big 3 as well. All of the big 3 are losing money but they perhaps have more leeway compared to 3rd party companies who live or die by software sales. Nintendo or Sony would be a good fit for Atlus.

If Microsoft bought Atlus; the meltdown would be absolutely hilarious.

While it would suck for me as a gamer, as I'm a big fan of Atlus's output and I dislike the Xbox One because of the Kinect 2.0 attachment; I won't get too worked up about it. I'm not an entitled person who wants their games to be on everything. If Atlus's work becomes exclusive to a console; I will judge the merits of the console and decide for myself whether or not it's in my best interest to go and buy the console to play Atlus's games.
MonChiChi  +   933d ago
EA gonna buy em!!
Craigatorian  +   933d ago
Microsoft does not care about games, just the money.
*Don't think I'm a fanboy just because I hate MS, I own all three consoles and both handhelds*
Smoovekid  +   933d ago
You misspelled Sony.
ApolloTheBoss  +   933d ago
I prefer Sony buy them but if Atlus goes to Nintendo I'm buying a Wii U I don't care. There is no way in hell I'm missing out on Persona 5.
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DonFreezer  +   932d ago
I don't prefer nothing. Preferring makes you a delusional fanboy. Whatever console they release their games their fans so get it.
ApolloTheBoss  +   932d ago
Oh please. I 'prefer' Sony buy it because I already have a PS3 and a Vita and would rather not folk over +$300 for a Wii U in order to P5. But if have to, Best damn believe that I will.
mii-gamer  +   933d ago
One article on pure conjecture opens up the pandora's box.
wingman32x  +   933d ago
Tell me about it. This is crazy. It's also kind of funny and a little sad.

That's the gaming media for ya lol.
Foxgod  +   933d ago
Its more fitting for Namco Bandai imho, becaue of the style of Atlus games.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   933d ago
I think Sony should pick up Altus it would be a good grab
doogiebear  +   933d ago
I think they would be the best first party company to buy it too. The best 3rd party imo would be Namco (maybe).
Craigatorian  +   933d ago
I agree, I just wouldn't feel comfortable playing Persona on that Wii U Gamepad. I just want the normal PS3/PS4 controller or if it's on the Vita, that would be great too.
AWBrawler  +   933d ago
how is playing persona on vita any different than playing it on a wii u gamepad? what the heck kinda double standard???
Killzoner99  +   932d ago
They will #sonysaveatlus
wingman32x  +   933d ago
It really wouldn't make sense for any major publisher/console maker to purchase Atlus.

Atlus also publishes their own stuff. Major companies are pretty good on publishing, so wouldn't they just be buying empty assets? One has to think that Atlus' publishing will factor into the price. I doubt Atlus could really offer a big company anything in that regard.

Atlus should go to a mid-tier developer/publisher that could use Atlus' publishing and localization aspects.
MattS  +   933d ago
Haha, you didn't read the article, did you?

Because you just repeated the broad thesis of the article.
wingman32x  +   933d ago
Wow, I didn't realize how similar my post was to the summary at the top. I apologize.

Your assumption was correct. I admit I just came here to see the comments, which I like to do at times. My post was more of a general comment on the subject rather than a specific reply to the article.

So yeah, I guess I was just agreeing with the author lol.
MattS  +   933d ago
@wingman32x great minds think alike etc etc :-)
Kevlar009  +   933d ago
The biggest concern would be if there's enough room for Persona, Fire Emblem, and Shin Megami on one handheld device. Atlus has been such a great partner for Nintendo they won't just let them go without some sort of fight. If Atlus can stay profitable under Nintendo then all the better to acquire them

Also I don't think Nintendo will "destroy Persona" if they get it. THe series would still be in good hands
Brucis  +   933d ago
Fire Emblem is an IS game, not an Atlus game. But yes, 3rd party independent is best. I also don't get why so many people hate the idea of them going Nintendo like they'll be ruined.
NYC_Gamer  +   933d ago
I don't believe any publisher is running after paying off that huge debt
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fsfsxii  +   933d ago
2.45 billion yen, how much is that in US $
Donnieboi  +   933d ago
About $150 million give or take

Actually i'm not sure if u gave the right amount in Yen, but from what i've read online, the dollar equivalent of whatever they owe is around $150 million.
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Elem187  +   932d ago
Technically Nintendo already owns quite a bit of Atlus' debt... so they're bidding could come in under other bidders and they still walk away with the company.
CaptainSheep  +   933d ago
Sony is the best choice. Really hope ATLUS goes to them.
Elem187  +   932d ago
financially probably impossible at this moment. With having to sell buildings to keep their head above water this year, with a dead handheld losing them money and preparing to launch the PS4 (which Sony always takes losses on their consoles), it would be insane to shell out 150m at this time, when they need as much extra cash on hand in case the PS4 follow the sales trajectory of the PS3... at least that would be the most prudent thing to do.

Nintendo financially would be in the best situation to snatch up Atlus... The Wii U maybe a disaster for them, but they are still able to profit in this environment, and anyone thinking the Wii U will be this terrible after this holiday season really doesn't have any idea what they are talking about.. even selling gamecube numbers for the Wii U will still make Nintendo a buttload of cash because they don't lose very much money if any at all when they sell the console.
Killzoner99  +   932d ago
Yes and I think Sony will get them too. Sony can get very aggressive in buying situations like this. Nintendo will get intimidated and stand down.
worldwidegaming  +   933d ago
Drop two 0 and do the math.
BlaqMagiq24  +   933d ago
I have to agree with this article. While it may seem like Atlus and Nintendo are on good relations, there is no indication that Nintendo will buy them or Atlus favors Nintendo over Sony. It's like Insomniac developing Sunset Overdrive on XB One. They're not disrespecting the PS4 by doing this they are just branching out. What I'm trying to say is a third party developer developing for a specific console does NOT always mean its favors that console or dislikes the other.

Also from the article:

"Nintendo needs a mass market hit to move Wii Us. Atlus games are never mass market hits. They're resounding critical successes, and they're profitable because they're produced on tight budgets, but they are not enough to shift consoles, and they're not AAA-grade commercial sales successes."

I think this is the most important piece right here. Atlus makes stellar games and I love Persona 3 and 4, but at the end of the day you have to admit they are not exactly system movers. JRPGs are niche in the West and Nintendo are looking for system selling hits especially for Wii U.

To be honest I really think it's best Atlus goes to a Japanese third-party publisher if Sony doesn't pick them up
Elem187  +   932d ago
Sony is no position financially to take any risks... look at their exclusives for the PS4, all of them are playing it close to the vest, playing it very safe..

Nintendo is probably the only company that can absorb Atlus without even flinching... heck they already own alot of Atlus' debt.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   933d ago
Nintendo is one of the creditors in which index corp owes money to they can leverage that into buying Atlus which im sure they will do. Im 100% sure the will buy them based on that fact alone.

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