New Pokemon X/Y footage

New footage on pokemon X and Y

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Y_51501282d ago

Nice to see and kinda hear more of the gameplay for once.

exfatal1281d ago

Really like how they Zoom in on the ball now when u try to capture it.

CaptainYesterday1281d ago

Look's really good, it seem's like they are adding a lot of cool new things to the game :)

kirbyu1281d ago

Seeing the tall grass in 3D made me instantly think of Link going up to it and cutting it down.

Kran1281d ago

It just amazes me how "excited" they are. I mean.. it's just Pokemon... in the UK, a lot of us would just go "yeah well we think the game looks really great and I'm looking forward to it". In Japan, it's "AAAHHHH MAAAHHHH GAAAAHHHHHD HE JUST ENTERED A BATTLE, OH MY LOOK AT THAT BIRD OH GOD" *jizz"

kirbyu1281d ago

That excitement is obviously scripted.

Kran1281d ago

Yeah but it's obviously scripted enough because they believe the audience watching feels the same way... :/

TopDudeMan1281d ago

Watching their facial expressions when they catch the pokemon is awesome.

Tewi-Inaba1281d ago

I don't think you realize how popular pokemon is in japan

They have shows literally dedicated to pokemon, and I don't mean the anime.

Kran1281d ago

I know... I just think it's a little unnecessary...

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