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Underrated: Sucker Punch steals your time and electrifies your living room

PSU takes a look at game developers that brought us great games this console generation, but didn't get the attention they deserved. (Culture, Industry, Infamous, inFamous 2, inFamous: Second Son, Next-Gen, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sly Cooper, Sucker Punch)

majiebeast  +   368d ago
Would not call Suckerpunch underrated Infamous is one of the best IP's of this gen and Second son looks like a very big improvement over Infamous 2 which was already a very good game.
avengers1978  +   368d ago
They make great games, sly is one of the best platform games, and each one is fun to play. InFamous is one of my favorite franchises. I can't wait to play second son.
christrules0041  +   368d ago
By calling it under rated I believe they are saying people didn't give them enough credit for Infamous 1 and 2
BiggCMan  +   368d ago
That's more like they were sort of overlooked, not underrated. They were actually rated very highly, right where they deserve to be. Lots of people mistake overlooked, for underrated, they are different.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   367d ago
Underrated=/=bad. Underrated means that people who actually pay attention appreciate the games they make but they don't get the attention from as many people as they should or are not thought of as well as they should be generally. It means they don't get the credit they deserve.
itBourne  +   368d ago
That exactly why they are underrated. For the amount of quality they have put out for multiple generations almost no one knows who they are. Infamous sales were nothing to brag about it, they really deserved more sales then they got, because the games are amazing.
majiebeast  +   368d ago
I think Second son will change that especially if Sony does a good marketing campaign.
JewyMcJew  +   368d ago
Agreed, Infamous was a difficult game to market.
The_Truth_24_7  +   368d ago
Massively overrated.
Hicken  +   367d ago
Why is it that so many people who think they've got it all figured out are really just trolls?
bjmartynhak  +   368d ago
That's what I think is the catch with Infamous SS and Killzone SF. I was a good thing that Sony haven't started showing the games with Uncharted 4.

Now these two franchises have all the lights for themselves and lots of people will give it a try and not regret.

It is a shame when a game receives good reviews but still performs poorly on sales.
JewyMcJew  +   368d ago
Anyone who loves great gameplay mechanics and "fun factor" must try out Infamous, the most criminally underrated game of this generation.

Suckerpunch, if your reading this, please tone-down the use of melay combat in Second Son! It's introduction in Infamous 2 was the only negative aspect of its beautifully built sequel.
itBourne  +   367d ago
I definitely agree with you, the addition of all the melee focus was by far the worst addition to Infamous 2.
elhebbo16  +   367d ago
By the way people are reacting to Second Son in the Media and in youtube comments, social sites, etc... I think It will be the first Infamous game to get as much attention as an Uncharted game. Hey I might be wrong but to me it certainly looks that way.
itBourne  +   367d ago
Well they do have a mo-cap stage like ND, and they have Troy Baker haha, but I still do not think the game will be very huge. I hope so, but doubt it will be a commercial success.
elhebbo16  +   367d ago
lol and the thing is sucker punch would still put out there best out there, shows how humble they are.

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