Over 40 Proven Ways to Get Far More Out of Firefox

Did you know that according to a recent Forrester report, Mozilla's open source Firefox browser now reaches 18 percent of corporate desktops? That's healthy news for the Internet browser market, where competition is needed.

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decapitator3909d ago

After all that good that this brings, there is still some hidden secrets ? Impressive I'd say.

jaja14343909d ago

I wish the creators of the various extensions I use would update to beta 5 a tad more quickly.

Lets-Game3909d ago

very usefull, even tho i use firefox for 3years I still didnt know few things. like deleting with scroll while i knew how to open with it. or about the URL extensions and firetunes prog.

Suki033909d ago

Wow nice! Very informative article, thanks :) I have to say that I'm still a noob after using firefox for so long as well. Customization is always A plus in my book.

LinuxGuru3909d ago

Firefox + Fasterfox (enhanced prefetching enabled) + Noscript + Adblock Plus = fastest, safest browser on the planet.

Try it out!