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Submitted by Kamikaze8 930d ago | news

Xbox 360 users may not be able to chat with Xbox One users

Examiner: "While we're not entirely sure whether this is a surprise or not, today, Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) has confirmed that he's unsure whether or not Xbox 360 users can cross-platform chat with Xbox One users." (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

drsfinest72  +   930d ago
black0o  +   930d ago
this is what i hate about the news of X1, they use the word MayBe a lot which means 50/50

M.Cerny/youshi give a straight answer most of the time
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JokesOnYou  +   930d ago
Yeah but Mark Cerny isn't commenting on things like how cross game play with ps vita is going to work is he?...basicly its just standard hardware, ram, specs, and how great sony is talk. Thats fine but whos talking about exactly how the new features are going to work, how exactly is the touchpad being used, what kind of support for ps eye are we going to see at launch, and since they are on record about using the cloud also how and what games specfically use Gaikai/cloud cloud computing, while were at it when exactly and what games/plan for bacwards compatibility? You see dony is kind of silent or offer no details yet they arent being examined with tough questions.....neither has things 100% figured out, lol it could be worst if you remember last gen consoles launch.
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Diver  +   930d ago
Cerny does give a straight answer. Not his fault peeps not askin other questions. ms has been the king of dodge. Everybody knows this an when you defend them it makes you look dishonest or worse not too smart.

An someone has to say this but the reason x1 owners won't be able to talk to 360 owners is cause so many 360 owners will be on the PS4.
No_Limit  +   930d ago
You do know the new cross-chat system on the Xbox One will be migrating to Skype, right? So why is there a big surprise that it might not be compatible with the X360, which isn't on Skype. Think and research people, before trying to troll.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   930d ago
well don mattrick said that cross plataform chat will be available for xbox 360 and Xbox One users...

But Don it's not longer at microsoft so we wont know until november
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   930d ago
Why would MS support cross system chat between the 360 and the 1.MS will act like the 360 doesn't exist.Just like they did with the with the Xbox.
badz149  +   930d ago

"Yeah but Mark Cerny isn't commenting on things like how cross game play with ps vita is going to work is he?."

why should he even bother explaining that when it's already up and running with certain games between PS3 and Vita? The Vita was design with the PS4 in mind, so yeah...cross play will work even more flawlessly than the PS3.
Urusernamesucks  +   930d ago

No, there's a difference this gen, the 360 was actually a BIG SUCESS(80 Mill sold),where as the og-xbox wasnt near(25 mill). Why would they support a froggoten console?

Fuck, the only reason sony showed support for the ps2 was beacuse it sold over 150 mill units And was still selling, seems logical doesn't it
nukeitall  +   930d ago
@badz149 :

What about PS3 and PS4 chatting togheter?

That said this is a non-issue, as Don Mattrick already said this is going to work:

This is the sort of thing planned ahead and designed for, tested and planned release. So no worries.

@QuickdrawMcgraw & Urusernamesucks:

What happened to PSP Go support again?

All the promise of day and date release when it was still sold wasn't upheld, and then it's life was cut short!
andrewsqual  +   930d ago
@JokesOnYou Sony JUST confirmed that PS3 headsets will work on PS4 fool. Something that is useful for us all to know. Gakai isn't out until maybe Summer 2014, why would they focus on that. They have LITERALLY been talking about the console features since February 20th starting with the awesome Share functionality.
Microsoft said businesses businesses can blah blah blah and they get free gold if they sign up to blah blah blah.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   930d ago

Actually what seems logical to me is you just don't abandon 20 some million loyal customers who help put your gaming division on the map.In just a few months we will see if MS uses the same M O.
badz149  +   930d ago

what about the PSP GO support? ermmm... you can still play it with no problem! it just stop production but FW updates are still coming and more PSP games are available on PSN now then ever before. so...what's the problem? or you're just being ignorant?
kupomogli  +   929d ago

Considering the fact that PSP Go is just a different version of the PSP, one that didn't sell well, Sony has still allowed for PSP and PSP Go support.

There aren't many games that are released any longer, but there are still games being released, with every one of them being released digitally since the launch of the Go, some(although this has been quite awhile since) having a physical version as well.

As long as the PSP receives continued support, the Go is also receiving support. The Go not being sold any longer doesn't change that.
janice14pringle   930d ago | Spam
NegativeCreepWA  +   929d ago
Considering the XBOne, PS4, and PC all use Skype, I'm wondering if cross-platform chat is possible?
kreate  +   929d ago
Interesting point.
Psp and ps vita have Skype too.
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MazzingerZ  +   929d ago
Maybe I will get an X1, maybe if they drop the price or maybe if it removes the paywall or maybe if I get free games everymonth or maybe only if they do all that or maybe not...not sure
Electric-flamingo  +   930d ago
Hm. That's something I never thought of. I wonder if you run your 360 through the xbone, if them you could. Guess time will tell.
TekoIie  +   930d ago
You can plug your xbox 360 into your Xbox One... But of course with MS being MS we have no idea why we should.

Damn you Microsoft PR!!!!
iamlegend9999  +   930d ago
That would be a cool feature if they did. Because i know a lot of people are not switching right away. So i might be alone on xbox one. But what the hell. I still got ps4.
AzureskyZ  +   930d ago
is this really news worthy?
admiralvic  +   930d ago
Of course it is. I pretty much assumed they would be able to do that much, since everything goes through what I can only assume is the same network. If someone from M$ isn't 100% certain the feature will work, then it's certainly something to question / think about.
AzureskyZ  +   930d ago
I really dont think its all that important-- more than likely with the exception of few games-- i dont think there will even be much crossplay between the 2 platforms-- is cross chatting really so important between two different platforms? Also Major Nelson doesnt know shit to begin with is it really fair to judge him for not knowing?
Until MS says something official its probably best to leave assumption out the door.
mac_sparrow  +   930d ago
"is cross chatting really so important between two different platforms? "

Personally i don't care for cross-game chat, if I'm playing single player i don't want to talk to you and if I'm playing multiplayer we'll talk if we're in the same game.

But given how much of a feature many users have made this out to be, I find it interesting that the possibility of being able to chat to people on your friends list who haven't upgraded yet to be unimportant just a little hypocritical.
HugoDrax  +   929d ago
Majority of the users on Xbox live I party chat with are all upgrading to the XB1 at launch, along with my family (5x). Also it was confirmed a while back that XB1 and X360 users would be able to cross chat. Link below
AzureskyZ  +   929d ago
Definitely good news for those who gonna pick up xbone-- the only part i disagree with the statement is majority of xbox live users going to xbone on launch-- you do know that there is 77 or so million xbox 360s and their wont be even close to that number out at launch-- i also think xbox might have stung some people the wrong way after their reveal and e3. Personally the always on or the used game market didnt affect me much as i always buy my games new and have a decent internet-- but until ms takes out the kinect and sale at least the same price as ps4 its a no sale for me, a pity since 360 is my primary system and i really want titan fall-- might have to get the pc version instead.
Electric-flamingo  +   930d ago
It dosent really seem newsworthy.It kind of seems like an unfinished thought.
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Lovable  +   930d ago
It would have been a cool feature...not a big loss if there's any loss to begin with....
theWB27  +   930d ago
Why is this surprising if they don't allow it? It's a new system. Just like the PS Network is getting an upgrade, so is Live. Separate ecosystems.
badkolo  +   930d ago
yeah but if the ps3 can cross chat with ps4 then its something to discuss, if not then this isnt a issue, but we do know the vita can talk to both ps3 and ps4, does that mean they can do this, not sure.
theWB27  +   930d ago
The PS3 can't cross chat with itself between games, why would you think it will be able to between systems?

The Vita was built with PS3 & 4 cross play in mind.
admiralvic  +   930d ago
"The PS3 can't cross chat with itself between games"

What does that even mean? I can send a message to someone from my game if they're on another game and I can continue to talk to people via chat rooms, but I can't talk to other people. Either or, I can still send some sort of message if I want, so I fail to grasp your point.

"Why would you think it will be able to between systems?"

PS3 can send messages to the Vita, since they're using the same network as the PS3 (hence why you get 1 copy on both systems). Again, you can't voice chat between systems, but that has more to do with other issues.
admiralvic  +   930d ago
"Why is this surprising if they don't allow it? "

I agree. If I was someone of note working for M$, then I totally would have busted down the door to that meeting and said "People, we need to alienate that useless scum that didn't upgrade from the elite users that paid for our new system!" / s

Seriously though, it's conceptually similar to achievements crossing generations. Upgrade or not, you're using the same network, which is why your achievements come over with you. It would make no sense to implement a system to bring your achievements over, but not allow people to communicate with one another.
theWB27  +   930d ago
Sending a message isn't what cross chat is. Cross chat is being able to chat with someone else while they're playing a different game. The PS3 isn't capable of cross chat...that's what I mean.

I know the PS3 can send messages...but that isn't what this is about. Look at the title...CHAT...not messages. What point are you trying to prove? I didn't mention anything about messages.

So no, it isn't surprising to me that we may not be able to chat from the X1 to the 360.

Obviously the profiles are a different matter. Both Sony and Microsoft are allowing us to carry over our profiles. But no digital games purchased. Do you think there's a reason why they BOTH won't allow this?

Why do you think the PS3 can't cross-chat but it can transfer the profile over to the PS4? Seriously, do you have an answer for that? Also why we can transfer both our PSN and Live accounts over but NOTHING else...I have an idea why. But I'd rather leave it up to you to conceptually come up with something.
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lgn15  +   930d ago
Did you guys know it also can't make you breakfast?
SuicideKing  +   930d ago
No breakfast #mealwithit...
ApolloTheBoss  +   930d ago
Electric-flamingo  +   930d ago
Red_Devilz  +   930d ago
No, wait. They just changed their minds. Now, it can make breakfast, but the lunch just got cancelled! :|
memots  +   930d ago
SpideySpeakz  +   930d ago
The Xbots will be very upset to hear this news.
Hicken  +   930d ago
No, they won't. It'll be unimportant to them, like everything else the XB1 can't do.
JokesOnYou  +   930d ago
Such as?

...btw, this is not unimportant to me, it would actually be great if you could chat across both platforms, its just NOT the end of the world if you can't, I mean we are talking about 2 separate platforms, right? Not like you're playing the same game but again it will still be cool/useful feature to have. Also I might be wrong but I thought it was said already that this was going to happen.
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   930d ago
Couldn't chat with original xbox owners when the 360 came out. Didn't bother anyone then.

To me this sounds like a great incentive to get an XB1 if your friends have it...this way you can continue chatting with them.

Only Sony fanboys would think this is a problem, just like Kinect spying on you, 8 GB of DDR3 ram, DRM, Cable box integration, DVR capabilities etc....

Typical Sony Fanboys, making a mountain out of a mole hill for something they have no interest in anyways.
TrevorPhillips  +   930d ago
What the heck? When did I approve this :S must've clicked the wrong article loll
super_cuddles  +   930d ago
So I can't chat to my buddies n e more? I walk out the door
hkgamer  +   930d ago
probably the same for PS4 due to to size of the friends list.
Rockstar_5  +   929d ago
Fact Xbox one friends list 5000
fact ps4 list is 1000

Fact Xbox one more powerful then ps4
Fact Xbox One exclusives shame ps4 exclusives Sony even admitted to this
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hkgamer  +   928d ago

not sure what you trying to say which proves the xbone is more powerful than the PS4, but that is totally off topic.

We talking about the friends list not being compatible with older consoles. Most likely we wont be able to converse with the others.
hkgamer  +   930d ago
im not surprised... easier to segregate users especially for cross-plat games
urwifeminder  +   930d ago
Most likely text chat like on games for windows you can only voice chat with pc players.
SpideySpeakz  +   930d ago
Of course, Xbro. Of course.
Grown Folks Talk  +   930d ago
Last I saw, the fall dashboard update for 360 was supposed to tie the communication systems between the 2.
redcar121  +   930d ago
ps4 user may not be able to chat with ps3 user
Flames76  +   930d ago
The PS3 cant chat with the PS4.Hell the PS3 cant even party chat or chat with someone if they dont have the same game in on the system.The PS3 is from the stone age and even the PS4 is just now catching up to the Xbox 360 features we have had for years.
redcar121  +   929d ago
well said now watch the sony fans cry bout your post
vigilante_man  +   930d ago
Why would it? It's a new system..
Supermax  +   930d ago
I could care less i really don't want to chat with people on the ps4 to ps3 or x1 to 360.
Kayant  +   930d ago
Do it even matter?
Gamer666  +   930d ago
Feature by feature the news is picking apart the X1... Every time there is a good feature there are little to no articles on it, every time there is something they think will make X1 look bad they bring out the red carpet and trumpets.

I wish the gaming press would move on and talk about the games. I saw a video on deadrising yesterday and it looks like a real step up from previous deadrisings, Ryse looks awesome (although I want to see more to assess it), and Forza is amazing... Also, KI3 looks cool!

Gamers talk about games. Not this kind of BS.
Ayabrea123  +   930d ago
Have we heard if the PS4 can do it? If so, then what's the excuse? They can use the cloud.

If not, then why is this an issue when they are mostly going to be on the same server. Granted the PS4 and the PS3 are different architecture and also have different features, such as party chat, so that could be a reasonable cause but, not being able to cross generation gaming will be so stupid.
airgangstarr  +   930d ago
its only gonna matter for the first year anyways after that most people who use 360 will have the One.. an for all the ps people who claim 360 users are all goin to ps4 some might at first until they realize jus how bad the psn is compared to xbox live an they will all flock right back home
SilentGuard  +   930d ago
I seriously doubt most 360 owners are going to buy a One in the first year. Besides the logistical immpossibility of it, MS is losing a lot of its fan base, this 360 owner and 12 year Xbox fan included. Any shortcomings PSN has on the PS3 you can be sure Sony will fix with the PS4.
Flames76  +   930d ago
This is news?Xbox couldnt chat with Xbox 360,PS2 couldnt with PS3,PS3 cant chat with PS4.Anyone who trys to put this down is a idiot no console has done this before.So why does anyone think the Xbox One is gonna do it?
kenmid  +   929d ago
Who cares... If I'm playing cod on Xbox One why would I want to party chat with somebody playing on the 360.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   929d ago
because it's the same game? lol
kenmid  +   929d ago
It's the same game, but you wan't be able to play with Xbox one vs. people on the 360
cityboy100  +   929d ago
90% of my friends are upgrading to Xbox 1. Doesn't matter to me ,
Rockstar_5  +   929d ago
I'm getting both ;-)
Rockstar_5  +   929d ago
Nothing confirmed so story is as real playstation 4 launch date.

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