The future of consoles, part 2: Sony & Microsoft – Reader’s Feature

After discussing Nintendo’s future, let’s consider Sony. This one can be summarised in fewer words. Their gamer-centred focus and nurturing of relationships with third parties tells us where they stand relative to Nintendo and Microsoft. They have considerable experience within the electronics industry. They now own a number of studios. They have a strong relationship with third party publishers. They are an established console brand in all major territories.

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Need4Game1735d ago

Enough fanboyism, let's us see the Future in the Future.

Greatness Awaits.

cootdog1231735d ago

There will be haters at all times and I myself am guilty of it. The system I hate on is the WII and WIIU lol.

theWB271735d ago

This article...was this a satire? I mean seriously was it meant to be a joke?

Nintendo will fall out of the console business and start making games for Sony. Publishers will enter exclusive deals with Sony for no reason what so ever. Micro will pull out of the industry all together, for no reason what so ever. Their first party studios will go third party. Japan is the most important region too?

Holy crap I needed this laugh...I really don't see how anyone could remotely agree with this...I don't care what system you support.

solidworm1735d ago

Agreed most of the piece is blind fanboyism but never say never, stranger things have happened.

JohnCartenper1735d ago

Honestly it is far more realistic to predict Sony going bankrupt in the next 3 years than what the author dreamed up in that so-called "article"

jeffgoldwin1734d ago

"Nintendo will fall out of the console business and start making games for Sony"

It's a nice thought, but more likely they would go multiplatform to make more sales like how sega did. Here's to hoping that will happen someday.

super_cuddles1735d ago

Ps4, or I walk out the door

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The story is too old to be commented.