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The future of consoles, part 2: Sony & Microsoft – Reader’s Feature

After discussing Nintendo’s future, let’s consider Sony. This one can be summarised in fewer words. Their gamer-centred focus and nurturing of relationships with third parties tells us where they stand relative to Nintendo and Microsoft. They have considerable experience within the electronics industry. They now own a number of studios. They have a strong relationship with third party publishers. They are an established console brand in all major territories. (Culture, PS4, Xbox One)

Need4Game  +   743d ago
Enough fanboyism, let's us see the Future in the Future.

Greatness Awaits.
cootdog123  +   743d ago
There will be haters at all times and I myself am guilty of it. The system I hate on is the WII and WIIU lol.
theWB27  +   743d ago
This article...was this a satire? I mean seriously was it meant to be a joke?

Nintendo will fall out of the console business and start making games for Sony. Publishers will enter exclusive deals with Sony for no reason what so ever. Micro will pull out of the industry all together, for no reason what so ever. Their first party studios will go third party. Japan is the most important region too?

Holy crap I needed this laugh...I really don't see how anyone could remotely agree with this...I don't care what system you support.
solidworm  +   743d ago
Agreed most of the piece is blind fanboyism but never say never, stranger things have happened.
JohnCartenper  +   743d ago
Honestly it is far more realistic to predict Sony going bankrupt in the next 3 years than what the author dreamed up in that so-called "article"
jeffgoldwin  +   743d ago
"Nintendo will fall out of the console business and start making games for Sony"

It's a nice thought, but more likely they would go multiplatform to make more sales like how sega did. Here's to hoping that will happen someday.
super_cuddles  +   743d ago
Ps4, or I walk out the door
JohnCartenper  +   743d ago
Seems legit.
Benchm4rk  +   743d ago
Biggest load of crap I have read. I had to laugh when they said Japan was the most important market and had the top studios. Sorry this isn't the 90's anymore. I do see Nintendo dropping out of the home console business though. Maybe after the Wii u maybe not. I don't see any partnership with Sony though. They will just continue with the handhelds and develop games for that. Microsoft may have stumbled with the Xbox One but so did Sony with the PS3. The Xbox One will be a relative success and they will have to do something special to redeem themselves when releasing there successor to the One. Sony will dominate this coming gen hands down. I don't see how they won't. What we don't want though is a one console market. Competition is what drives company's to innovate and push boundaries.
jimmywolf  +   743d ago
i don't think Nintendo is going anywhere their releasing earthbound for $9.99 easy money for doing nothing times that across all their classics
clouds5  +   743d ago
So i think we have seen enough guys predicting the future of consoles...

Seriously we have to delay this discussion until 2014 when all the next gen consoles are on the market. No one knows how the PS4/XB1 will sell. Basically nothing about those upcoming consoles is written in stone. As Adam Sessler said recently if you preorder Xb1/PS4 now you buy a story. You buy a console based on game trailers from E3 that ran mostly on PCs.

There is a big advantage for WiiU, we know exactly what we get (and in my opinion what you get is just great) and WiiU already has an ownership base. Where the PS4/XB1 has not sold one single unit because its not on the market yet. No one knows or can predict how good the PS4/XB1 will sell in their first year. Yes there are "fanboys" "hardcore gamers" however you wanna call them, that will buy on day one (they were there for wiiU on day one as well) but that is not the big mass.
Just a small example: PS3 sold very bad in the beginning for obvious reasons but it began to sell extremly well (especially in my country) later on when the really deep price cuts came. Suddenly everyone bought a PS3 because they were cheap and offered free online play. Nobody predicted anything like that when the PS3 came out as a big black box for 800$ with no games.

If there is one constant in the console industry it has to be that things never come out the way they initially look :D

So please lets just wait and see... Thats the only thing we can do.
n4rc  +   743d ago
Well said..

Sales are only brought up to win this childish made up "console war".

Nintendo sold 100m Wii's.. Sony and Microsoft sold ~75m a piece.

Obviously proof there is room in the marketplace for all 3 to be successful.

Enjoy the one (or 3 Lol) you choose and leave the financial statements to the accountants..
SynestheticRoar  +   743d ago
Damn. This guy was smoking that new and improved crack.
GribbleGrunger  +   743d ago
We can't be expected to take this article seriously. I haven't read it all simply because I couldn't get passed the outrageous and contentious predictions. I'm sure that lots of Playstation fanboys (I'm a Sony fan) will eat this up, but I would advise them to ignore this nonsense to save face.
JackStraw  +   743d ago
passed huh
Funantic1  +   743d ago
The author of that article is stating an opinion...nothing more. X1 the last Xbox? That's crazy wishful thinking for a Sony fanboy. The X1 is already outselling the 360 at launch and will at least sell over 60 million consoles within 10 years. Microsoft is making plenty of profits. http://www.vgchartz.com/art...

Or try http://mobile.theverge.com/...

But Sony loss profits for the last 4 out of 5 years. They lost $5.7 billion ending the fiscal year in March 2012.

Sony is just now finally making some profits.

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jimmywolf  +   743d ago
lost the race, won the war. they wanted blue ray too win, versus HD DVD think was name. maybe Microsoft trying something similar

with x box one, trying too corner the tv market, so all future project will have them as a base, who knows.
jeffgoldwin  +   743d ago

I think it's consumers that won the war with the Blu-ray format.

Sony got a victory too, but they are only a minority shareholder in the Blu-ray group. MS was neutral (imo), because they neither held stock in hd dvd or Blu-ray, so either way they would be paying 3rd party royalties for next gen discs.
level 360  +   743d ago
Note to all gamers if you wish to access and get the best out of Sony's and Microsoft's future-proofing tech - make sure once you got your PS4's and XBox ONE's get a proper HDMI 1.4 cable.

A version 2.0 will also be out soon which supports 4K resolution for those who own 4K screens and Blu Ray films mastered in 4K.

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