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Submitted by Abriael 934d ago | news

Shinji Mikami Talks PS4 and Xbox One, is Interested in Kinect, Thinks One Console Will Be Enough

Tango Gameworks CEO and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is quite happy about the PS4 and the Xbox one, even if he doesn't feel gamers will necessarily need to bother buying both. (PS4, Shinji Mikami, Xbox One)

Need4Game  +   934d ago
PS3 have scarred many Japanese Videogame Developer, it'll take more than consoles to heal the bruises they inherited.

Sony have to build dozen battalion of Expert Game Engineers & Programmers to Revive Japan's Game Industries.

Then, Greatness Awaits.
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Abriael  +   934d ago
I think you managed to confuse me on what you actually mean?
Lovable  +   934d ago
"Then, Greatness Awaits."

FlameHawk  +   934d ago
@Lovable, I know right.... so fanboyish.
miyamoto  +   934d ago
Just reminding you Shinji Mikami has a not so fine and dandy past with PlayStation specially PS2.

Mikami's Head?
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   934d ago
The One and only One...I couldn't resist.
StoutBEER  +   934d ago
Agreed. I thought I was high until i realized I was high. And what he said STILL doesnt make sense.
fardan85  +   934d ago
Off topic:I think he is trying to give us a puzzle.

On Topic:
I agree with Mikami-san, one console will be enough for now unless both consoles gets lots of high quality exclusives.

For now, I'm good with ps4.
elhebbo16  +   934d ago
Godmars290  +   934d ago
And yet devs like Namco stabbed MS in the back by making "beta" versions of games which were later released on the PS3.

The one real thing the PS3/360 era did was chase away JP devs to handhelds.
CBaoth  +   934d ago
That's BS. Nintendo should be blamed far more for the deterioration of the East than the PS360. They spent the better part of the last decade monopolizing Japan with low price points on outdated tech. This essentially created a schism, forcing JP devs to chase profits over the advancement of the industry. I can't blame 3rd party devs given the climate they're operating in but I absolutely WILL blame the company whose egregious greed has retarded the entire Japanese gaming industry.
AzureskyZ  +   934d ago
I mean how did namco stab MS in the back-- i mean their games sold like cat shit in japan so naturally they had to port it to ps3.
maniacmayhem  +   934d ago

How did Namco stab MS in the back? Which game(S) did Namco release as BETA versions for 360.

Are you only referring to Tales of Vesperia? Which the Japanese version had extra content? Because I hardly call that a stab in the back, beta or game(S).
ShaunCameron  +   934d ago
@ CBaoth

Sony alienated Japan with technology too sophisticated for its own good.

<I can't blame 3rd party devs given the climate they're operating in but I absolutely WILL blame the company whose egregious greed has retarded the entire Japanese gaming industry.>

I don't think you know what the word greed means. Because Nintendo using 6th-Gen technology to make the Wii had nothing to do with it and plenty to do with addressing the pending issue of out-of-control development costs that went on to bankrupt a lot of developers and publishers especially Western ones that made games largely for the PS360 crowd.
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loulou  +   934d ago
godmars lol you just write absolute nonsense, and always have to put a negative towards m$ in it as well

you are one of the more pathetic members on here.

could you list these beta that you are talking about?
Death  +   934d ago
Godmars is entitles to his opinions the same as you and I. If you disagree with what he says, prove him wrong so he can try to validate his opinion.

Looking at Namco's releases this last gen reveals two things,
1. Namco wasn't too exciting this last gen all across the board.
2. Namco did very little on handhelds which is quite the opposite of what Godmars said.
grimmweisse  +   934d ago
Namco stabbed nobody in the back. There where no beta games, they where either timed exclusives or decided after the PS3 gathered a bigger install base it was a viable option to port some games over. It's a simple business decision.

As for the chasing away JP devs to handhelds. This is how it is in Japan and for sometime. Adults and even students hardly have to required time to sit down and play console games. Japanese working adults work more extensive hours then their Western counterparts, and students are usually busy with club activities on a daily basis until late or early evenings, after that some students go to "juku"(cram) schools. So playing portable games is a great option for their gaming fix over a console on the go.

The rise of Gree and Mobage is also a contributing factor, because mainly those smartphone games are free to play. I see more Japanese students and adults playing free to play mobile games than nintendo and sony handhelds. I even spoke to someone who owned a local gaming shop which had to close down because they said the kids no longer go there to buy games, they all have smartphones and can download many types of free games.

It's market trends. Not the fault of the PS3/360. It up to the developers to respond, and not blame the console for the lack of interest or market shifting.
CapsuleMonkey  +   933d ago
Retrospectively, both consoles will be good. I agree with Mikami, "one" console will be enough. It all depends on what people prefer at the end of the day. I myself couldn't go wrong with the xbox1.

Third party support is already being shown heavily on XB1, exclusive Dead Rising 3, COD DLC first!? How could I not buy the new xbox. XBL is also a very good network service. I will admit, I have my gripes with it, but not as much as PSN. Only reason why PS4 isn't day one for me is because PSN is pay2play, I don't know what Sony's network has to offer besides a party chat. MS continues to be innovative in the features department.

So if one console is enough like Mikami states, I'd have to go where the gaming is; Microsoft pretty much is leading the way yet again this gen. Sony will have their must play titles here and there, but when you want to get your hardcore gaming on you just want your xbox lol.
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Majin-vegeta  +   933d ago
Hardcore and M$??Lmfao all M$ is known for treating its fanbase like prisoners.Enjoy your yearly rehashes again.
CapsuleMonkey  +   933d ago
With a very great online service, and spectacular games, I've been having fun with Xbox360. I will say MS needs to step the exclusives up a bit, but they already announced they're doing so. Nothing to worry about at all. I don't have to worry about games OR a sub-par online service out the box.
chasegarcia  +   933d ago

-wtf are you talking about
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GameCents  +   934d ago
The more devs use K2 in their games to enhance the experience the better.
The_Truth_24_7  +   934d ago
7/10 for troll attempt.
GameCents  +   934d ago
Um what?? "Shinji Mikami Talks PS4 and Xbox One, is Interested in Kinect. . ."
The guy is interested in Kinect. I support this. How is that a troll attempt?
Is mentioning Kinect in a positive light trolling now?
FITgamer  +   934d ago
0/10 for logical comment attempt.
nukeitall  +   934d ago
Ignore The_Troll_24_7, as even Japanese devs are excited about Kinect One. As more and more information comes out about Kinect One, more and more people and devs will be excited about it.

The future await:
Electric-flamingo  +   934d ago
You said the Microsoft word. That's why.
The_Truth_24_7  +   934d ago
WeMilk   934d ago | Spam
StoutBEER   934d ago | Bad language | show
BluEx610  +   934d ago
I agree the more devs the better for Kinect 2.0. I do find it weird that Indie Devs aren't getting the love and support on Xbox One. They can still develop on Kinect 2 for PC, but it's not the same if they're developing on a platform with Kinect in every box. They can do some really cool shit on it, if given the chance.

Where do I sign a petition for Indie Support on Xbox One?? I want to get Xbox One, but taking a wait and see approach as my funds are limited right now. Might get it if they sell me on Kinect 2. As of right now, I'm not sold on the pricy peripheral. But glad to see it's getting more Dev support.
WeAreLegion  +   934d ago
Kinect 2 won't work for PC, unfortunately. It's not a USB plug.
Bigpappy  +   934d ago
M$ stated that they will be a version of Kinect for PC in 2014.. But the existing X1 Kinect can not connect to a PC.

I wonder what properties that port has that is beyond USB3.

Developers actually like to try new stuff. That is what developing is by definition
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GenericNameHere  +   934d ago
Maybe people are disagreeing because no one really likes Kinect? I have a Kinect, and I don't use it. I have a decent sized room, and I played Disney Kinect, and it felt horrible. Wasn't that accurate with my movements most of the time. However, that's just my one experience, and there are a lot of people who share my experience, but also a lot of people who disagree, and have a fine time with Kinect tracking their movements.

My experience with the OG Kinect was something I do not like. Kinect 2.0 will have to be REALLY SPECIAL and near 1:1 accurate with all my movements before I acknowledge Kinect 2.0 as a real and usable gaming peripheral, and stop hating it.
Thomper  +   934d ago
At least K2 is an option for devs, and every xbox has one.

That can only be a good thing
The_Truth_24_7  +   934d ago
Looks like he is team Xbox.
ape007  +   934d ago
what my mind told me when i read what he said was

"xbox one is enough and more complete system thanks to new improved/fully integrated kinect"
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bsquwhere  +   934d ago got that from what he said. I'm pretty sure that he does seem interested in both Kinect and the cloud, he said he wanted to see if it was as precise as its supposed to be. What you said though is complete and utter BS. You make it sound like the man was shouting praises about X1.
ape007  +   934d ago
maybe im wrong, i can't get inside his soul but it sounded like that
bsquwhere  +   934d ago
It didn't sound like that at all...SMH. Fanboys are sad.
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Supermax  +   934d ago
I got both paid for I'm a fanboy.
Electric-flamingo  +   934d ago
Yeah all I need is the release dates and I'm set. All paid and ready.
WeMilk   934d ago | Spam
Urusernamesucks  +   934d ago
Flam i think wemilk has a secret Mancrush on you^^
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Electric-flamingo  +   934d ago
I have my popcorn ready girls. Go at it!
Agent_hitman  +   934d ago
Glad developer like Shinji mikami is not bias like Cliffy B.
lgn15  +   934d ago
They guy looks like he never got out of college
Master-H  +   934d ago
Everything Cliffy B says is "biased", minus the "ia-ed"
ape007  +   934d ago
mr shinji, now we know both systems are great but we want a worthy sequel to resi 4, that's the most important thing, u and valve(half life), make sequels to both your legendary games, 2005, resi 4 on GC and Half life 2 on original xbox, good times, good times
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WhyHate  +   934d ago
That was basically an Xbox Won endorsement...

Shinji Mikami said he likes the updating the game via the cloud concept and his hopes for a more precise Kinect. Kinect v2
FrigidDARKNESS  +   934d ago
There are msny Japanese developers tht are favoring the xb1 over ps4 because of uts technology grphics capabilies dx11:2 PRT Tile Resources. And the upcoming Dx 11.5.
majiebeast  +   934d ago
Lol you keep telling yourself that like the good little astroturfer you are, have some more M$ koolaid.
#10.1 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Urusernamesucks  +   934d ago
Mt dew aint kool aid.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   934d ago
Heres an article written from another site about japanese developers.

I was reading Japanese press impression of E3 and they are running scared, as they are far more impressed by the Xbox One than by the PS4.

And they should, because Square revealed that the FF XV and Kingdom Heart 3 were developed on DirectX11, and the lack of a translation layer on Wii U was what was preventing them from running on the Wii U(Meaning the PS4 has it); these are the most "Japanese" games by the most "Japanese" videogame company, yet even their games are Xbox One native.Here's some links and more info
The article talks about how Microsoft has brought the visual of 100,000 Yen high-end PC to mass market with stunning graphics.
Another Japanese article comparing both PS4 and Xbox One press conferences. The article praises the Ryse especially and the hardware performance of the Xbox One, while making no mention of PS4's performance.

These two articles are back to back report and analysis articles of Microsoft and Sony's E3 press conferences by Hiroshige Goto, Japan's most famous tech writer. What's striking is that he's praising Microsoft's strategy of DRM and hardware usage/sales diversification to emphasize TV/video contents and new cable company tie-ups to open up new markets, while criticizing Sony's "Status Quo" do nothing strategy.

The reason for this is that Hiroshige recognizes that the gaming environment is rapidly changing with all the smartphone/tablet gaming and falling gaming revenues from used game sales, and Microsoft is doing what it could to protect revenue for 3rd party developers while Sony's status quo strategy does nothing to adapt to this changing environment. He actually worries that Sony's do nothing policy on used games will come back to haunt Sony in later years.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   934d ago
Your watch impress links are broke.
iMixMasTer872   934d ago | Spam
Ayabrea123  +   934d ago
So where's the criticism of the 180? In fact, why is it that they are praising something that would potentially cause the crash of the Video game industry by treating your customers like thieves. Sorry but it's not customers being cheap, it's studios being unnecessarily expensive. Why does any publisher need a $60 billion marketing budget for a game? My point exactly. Sticking with the status quo gives developers and publishers alike to find a better way not at the customers expensive. They think forcing us all to buy new will mean more money when in fact, it means less sales. The economy is not in this uber steady state that they can just charge everyone $60 games without a price drop in the near future.

The problem is the gaming industry does not want to take responsibility of their stupid business decisions and instead want to blame customers for not falling for it. No, if you want me to buy digital or new (which I always do but using an example) then your going to have to come up with a better way for me to want to prefer that way all the time. Simple.
Death  +   934d ago
"Forcing us all to buy new"...

Way to stick your head in the sand and hear nothing but what you want to hear. Nobody was forcing you to do anything. The original proposal by Microsoft was to have game trades at retailers require retailers to pay a fee to publishers to resell their games. It was optional for publishers to get the fees, but the ability to do so was bulit into the system.

It's not the thieving gamers that upset publishers/developers, it's the Gamestops of the world that push used sales that have a profit margin of 50+ percent since they pay nothing to publishers on the resale.
Ayabrea123  +   933d ago
To Death

They can already do that if they want to. It doesn't have to be system level and that's where the problem lies. It's an inconvenience to legit customers who do it because they are less fortunate. Don't insult me, I always buy new because I can't buy used. I want to support developers and publishers alike (even the ones I hate) because I want more games and money is the only way that can happen but if publishers and developers feel shafted by GameStop business model then instead of charging the customers or forcing their customers to adapt to situations that doesn't fit their lifestyle is not fair. Publishers already have deals with gamestop and retailers to sell their games, then request a piece of the pie too. Oh wait, they can't do it because it's illegal, so the best way is to pads it on to the customer. No.. That's not fair.

As I said, they need to find a better way to get the used game issue sorted out not at the expense and inconvenience to the customers. It's not our fault that they make these rules and since legally they can't instill them they force it on the customers. There's always a different way. That's what you need to get you need to understand and get your head out the sand hearing what you want to hear. There's always two sides to the story. Especially the way MS was speaking about it, was definitely not going to be the fairy land where developers magically get paid better and publishers make more money.
WeAreLegion  +   934d ago
Thanks for all the amazing games, Mr. Mikami.

That being said, I'm going to pass on future games you put out. It's more of a respect issue than anything.

Thanks again.
Electric-flamingo  +   934d ago
Because he likes micro?
WeAreLegion  +   934d ago
Oh, no. Perhaps this was the wrong article to comment on. It's just that for the past few years, every time he's interviewed, something condescending comes out of his mouth. He used to make the best games in the industry. Revolutionary, genre-defining games.

Now, he's basically Itagaki. :/
Master-H  +   934d ago
Why ? everyone has a personal preference, as long as he continue to make good games , and not give us shoddy ports on the ps4 , or get obsessed with kinect and start to only make motion controlled games then he's cool in my book lol
Looking forward to the Evil Within, Mr Shinji.
WeAreLegion  +   934d ago
Read my above statement. And as far as personal preference goes, I definitely don't agree with him. But I'm not him.

Honestly, I hate what Microsoft has become and how they treat their customers. That's why I refuse to buy an Xbox One. If they change, I'll gladly buy an Xbox One. Dead Rising 3 looks freakin' awesome! I just don't see them changing anytime soon. :/

That has nothing to do with why I won't buy his games though. That's just the reasoning I have for not liking the Xbox One.
StoutBEER  +   934d ago
Oh shit I forgot Evil Within! Really hopin thats freaky, in the interview they said no machine guns, just a pistol. I was like Awwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeea!
greenlantern2814  +   934d ago
First he talks about both consoles and says he would use Kinect if the precision is good enough. And Xbox fans take that as a ringing endorsement for Xbox1.
second Japanese game developers will not but all their support behind Xbox1 unless it sells in Japan. If you know how well the other 2 Xboxes sold in Japan you know that's a long shot.
StoutBEER  +   934d ago
Everyones beating around the bush. The real reason why Xbox wont sell in Japan (probably) is not a whole lot of anime art style RPG'S. I love anime so im not hating(Shingeki for the win) I just prefer games that have higher action, something that can grab my attention, Horror, shooter, GTA explosions! etc.Or at least that's how I see it, and I think Japan is heavily pro Manga, anime, fantasy genre. But thats whats so great as well. We have so many different entertainment possibilities it's ridiculous. We should be elated, not agitatted. I'll leave on that stupid ass rhyme. :D
AnteCash  +   934d ago
Only place where xbox will sell well is USA, forget about the rest of the world, not to mention only officialy supports 21 countrys, the rest will have to import.
slimeybrainboy  +   934d ago
I'm staying out of this one.
christocolus  +   934d ago
Wise choice....
Thunderhawkxbox  +   934d ago
Woow where are they hiding Sony fan boys he's saying xbox one is better omg big slap in the face for Sony fans
STARRHUNTER29  +   934d ago
Im so sick of hearing the bs over each system.,they both will have there ups and downs I like all the systems I'm a gamer I will own both..and pplay both like there meant to be ...I just want to play games ....stop being one sided people and enjoy ..
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   934d ago
PS4 is the only choice
VforVideogames  +   934d ago
X-1 is the one and only choice .... jump in to the darkside.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   934d ago
I plan to pee on a X1 just like I did to a 360, is that dark enough for ya bro?
True_Samurai  +   934d ago
^^^ nawl that's just disgusting. I bet you're like r Kelly "I wanna piss on you" Creep -_-
VforVideogames  +   933d ago
It sound like you PieceaShit 4 (PS4 get it?)
karl  +   934d ago
some ppl just dont get it...

after all that has happened u guys will still buy an xbox...

what a bunch of sheep u are... its disturbing to think someone can be so naive over fanboyish..
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   934d ago
I for one will never own an xbox, 360, or X1. I know idiots if I want to check out a xbox game which hasn't happened in years.
LogicStomper  +   933d ago
"after all that has happened u guys will still buy an xbox..."

"its disturbing to think someone can be so naive over fanboyish.. "

Sure is disturbing how some can be naive and fanboyish isn't it?
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   934d ago
Stupid and ignorant comparison
ape007  +   933d ago
you'll never own xbox, you're so bad@ss man, i want to be just like u xD
christocolus  +   934d ago
Kinect 2 will bring about very cool ideas ,its not a surprise many japanese devs like suda 51, shinji mikami, hideo kojima and even square enix are all interested in kinect 2...good things will come..most people will welcome the inclusion of kinect in the end.
Hicken  +   934d ago
Seems to me like they're hoping it lives up to the promises Microsoft has made of it, rather than being fully onboard.
Sadist3  +   934d ago
Always had two consoles, ever since the Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis days. Any real person that likes gaming will get both consoles, since good games will come out for both
VforVideogames  +   934d ago
MuchoHombre   933d ago | Spam
CEOSteveBallmer  +   934d ago
Whatever console he favors must not matter to gamers. What matters is the game he provides and Im anticipating the evil within which would teach capcom how to do a proper survival horror game like in the past.
kingmushroom  +   933d ago
True that man.
PurpHerbison  +   933d ago
In this current day and age, unless you are just an absolute game fanatic that still has that childhood joy.. One console is indeed enough. Especially with multi-plat games becoming more and more common. I really do miss when each console would have its own vast unique library, and not to imply that each console doesn't have its own unique games or perks.. It's just way less than before and the trend continues.

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